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The policy prohibiting patriotic Americans from serving in uniform based solely on sexual orientation is shameful and discriminatory.  I support the amendment to repeal ‘Don’t Ask--Don’t Tell’ currently before Congress and urge swift passage as a part of the Defense Appropriations Bill.  The men and women of our Armed Forces are one of our country’s greatest resources.  At a time when the policies of the previous Administration have stretched our military between two foreign wars, the exclusion of patriotic young Americans from uniformed service based on sexual orientation is indefensible.

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Hello DailyKos, my name is Justin Coussoule. On Feb. 18, I formally filed paperwork to become a candidate for Congress in Ohio's 8th Congressional District against Congressman John Boehner. I chose to run in this race because, like many of you, I am concerned about where our country is headed, and I am frustrated with the lack of progress in Washington.

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