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A road rager pulled a gun and fired two shots at my car this afternoon--one went through the back of my trunk, the other missed.  The other driver then pulled up next to me in the right lane (all while we were doing 70 mph), held the gun out the window, and pointed the gun at my face through my passenger side window.  I do not know if I was saved because he hesitated, or because he couldn't see me through the window.... I'm fairly certain, because he'd already fired two shots, that he intended to kill me.

Before he finished aiming a collision ensued, and my car ran theirs off the road.  I also ran off the road, drove down a steep embankment, and ended up in a ditch, but no other cars were hit (though there were some very near misses).  I immediately got out of my car, saw four people exiting the other vehicle, and then ran for my life up the embankment into traffic, where several motorists had stopped and provided aid.  The other driver/passengers then got back into their vehicle and attempted to flee the scene, but their car caught fire and they were unsuccessful.  One of the occupants fled the scene (and took the gun) before the police arrived, after which I learned that several witnesses saw everything that occurred, including the gun being held out the window and fired.

The police have one of the people (presumably the driver and gunman) in custody, but released the other two passengers.  Attempted murder charges are being filed against the man they have in custody, but at my last notice, no charges are being directed at either of the remaining passengers who denied the existences of both the fourth passenger and of the gun, even when they were faced with witness testimony of both and the physical evidence of the fresh, large-caliber bullethole in the back of my car.

I am lucky today, and I am physically unharmed, as were all the occupants of the other vehicle.  I am terrified that I will face retaliation, either from the two passengers who were released, or from the man who fled the scene with the weapon that was already used to try to take my life, or from the man in custody if he manages to make bail, or if the DA is somehow unable to successfully prosecute.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I am now very afraid of the city I live in.

I can attest that when a person has a gun pointed at your face, you cannot be sure to be able to identify their face later:  I only saw the weapon, and even now I do not know if the man they have in custody is the man who tried to kill me today.  I am grateful that other witnesses saw, but I know enough about the faults of eyewitness testimony to know that any identification they make may be questionable.

That's all I can write tonight.  I now hope to collapse into that sleep which can follow extreme stress.  Sleep well, my orange brethren, and drive safe.


Just saw this headline.  We have another set of kids to mourn.
Authorities release victims' names in South Valley shooting
Queue the usual suspects to start telling us what constitutes an assault rifle in 3... 2... 1...


Sat Jan 12, 2013 at 09:43 PM PST

Bump Firing Stock

by CriticallyDamped

Long time lurker, here, posting my first diary in several years.  I haven't felt the need to add anything to the conversation here for such a long time, you guys do such an amazing job.  However, recently, a few diaries were posted linking to a youtube video on "bump firing", and though this concept really makes the case against high capacity clips by itself, there is a new development that isn't getting much attention:  the fact that simply adding a (legal) modified stock to any semi-automatic rifle can effectively turn it into a machine gun.

The link is here...
Bump Fire Black Rifle vs Machine Gun
The description of the (very simple) principle is at 3:05, and the demonstration starts at about 8:40.

I hope we start talking about this again.

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