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Maureen Down wrote a column for the New York Tomes today that begins "Al Gore must want to punch Hillary Clinton right through the hole in the ozone layer."

Funny, because that is exactly what I would like to do to Ms. Dowd.

Like million of Americans, I sincerely hope to have Al Gore as my next president, and I will not take kindly to Ms. Dowd savaging him on a regular basis from her bully pulpit at the Times.

What the hell did Al Gore ever do to Ms. Dowd anyway?

Wear "earth tones?"

Grow a beard with Her Royal Highness's permission?

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Tue Jun 14, 2005 at 08:14 AM PDT

The Scoop- is this new?

by Cuttlefish

The Scoop of NZ has on its front page an article about a 56-page report byUSAF Colonel (Ret.) Sam Gardiner... Well, check it out. Is this new evidence against the Bush&Co. criminals?

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