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TMZ is reporting that TLC is thinking about goign foreword with 19 kids and counting but just removing josh.

Say what you will about TMZ, but they have been spot on with the reporting on this.

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Maliki who was refusing to step aside despite the world thinking it best , has stepped down and will back the new Prime Minister

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short diary, good news

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reuturs is reporting that the CDC is having an american aid worker infected with ebola flown back to the US

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This is going to be short and just a bit of basic math that I wish the MSM would point out and laugh at the crazy people

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adding an update here MSNBC is saying 2012 Virginia turnout is higher than 2008 = good news
Ok, just voted in Northern Virginia area & the same place/area that Ive voted at for years and can report that turnout is up in general and far more Latinos than Ive ever seen jump below the fold
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Good morning on this Saturday 9/15/12

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who most probably is involved with the movie that sparked outrage and protests across the middle east has been taken in for questioning

jump below the squigly for details

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With more violence breaking out over the controversial movie "Innocence of Muslims".... with a German embassy accosted and Palestinians protesting in Jerusalem Israel...Nakoula had originally made a claim of having Jewish backers for his crap which has been proven to not just have been a complete lie but was intended to stoke antisemitism

I was curious to find out more info about the guy and noticed that his wiki page has been expanded since yesterday, so please jump below the orange squiggly

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They went there , jump below the orange squiggly

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former wonder kid Jonathan krohn who at 13 was the toast of CPAC giving a speach and wrote a book called "Defining Conservatism"  ...well now at 17 isn't conservative anymore and is embarrassed about his 13 yr old views and speach

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Was watching MSNBC when they cited a new funny poll and a quick google took me to Politico citing a USA Today report on a poll done by National geographic Channel here you go.....jump below the orange squiggly

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repubs are all in a tizzy

Clutch your pearls and grab the smelling salts tizzy

But all it takes is 1 competent reporter to ask 1 question to make the kerfuffle go away

Jump below the orange squiggly

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