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Three Sonorans released a blockbuster of a story... one of the top donors Kyrsten Sinema's congressional campaign is none other than Russell Pearce's campaign manager.

Gretchen Jacobs is a republican lobbyist who did everything she could to protect Pearce from the recall.  She gave Sinema's campaign $2,000.

That explains why Sinema said, "I love Russell Pearce."

...why Sinema said Pearce is her "boss."

...why Pearce used Sinema's praise of his leadership to defend himself in the recall.

...why Sinema stayed quiet when he did.

Sinema faked being latina and took scholarships meant for Hispanics.  She justified it by saying she has a "Latina heart."  She is a sell-out who has a rotten heart, and a soul that can apparently be bought off by Pearce and his henchmen.


As her lies about Latino-gate deepens, Kyrsten Sinema is trying to throw NALEO under the bus. After using them to advance her political career, and taking thousands of dollars of minority scholarships from the,, she is trying to push the blame for her long fabrications on them. Her campaign said that her lies are "NALEO's mistake" but the facts prove that Sinema lied about her ethnicity and is now trying to cover it up.

At first she defended herself by saying that she has a "latina heart" and now they are asking for NALEO and people who actually have latino hearts to shut up and offer their support to "determined non-Latino allies."

That's funny because I don't remember Sinema being an ally of Latinos during the Russell Pearce recall. She told Latinos and Progressives that Russell Pearce was her boss and she teamed up with racists like Al Melvin and Ron Gould to get her anti-immigrant bill passed. Some ally.

Sinema is just lying about her record of lies. She accuses NALEO but her 'smoking tweet' shows that she was lying; she knew that she was being presented as Latino but decided to keep the lie going because it was good for her fundraising.

The newsletters put out by NALEO for years show that Sinema was always listed as a Latino. That doesn't happen by accident; Sinema lied about it to advance her political career.

She is accusing NALEO of lying but they already said that they have records that Sinema or her staff said that she was Latino. They can't release the records because of privacy concerns.

Why doesn't Sinema let them release the records?
Why doesn't Sinema release her membership forms if she put down 'Anglo'?
What is she trying to hide?

The answer is clear: Sinema is lying and she is trying to throw NALEO under the bus. This is the same move she tried with Latinos in 2011 when she piggybacked on SB1070 with anti-immigrant bills.

This may get her nice compliments from Russell Pearce, but she can never say that she is an ally of the Latino community.

She is lying and she is trying to throw NALEO under the bus just like she already did with Hispanics in Arizona. Now it's got us all wondering, what else is Sinema lying about?


While Kyrsten Sinema was talking about her "love" for Russell Pearce, Sinema was also pretending to be latina.

Sinema lied to the National Association of Latino Elected Officials and said that she was Latina. In 2010 and 2011, Sinema went to NALEO conferences on scholarships that only Latinos received.

Last month, at the NALEO conference- where President Obama and Mitt Romney spoke- she was presented to thousands of national latinos as a Latino candidate and "one to watch."

Sinema, who is white, has changed her story in order to cover up her lies. At first she said that this was NALEO's mistake but they made it clear that they "rely heavily on self-identification."

NALEO's records are clear that Sinema was the liar- "records indicated NALEO contacted Sinema's legislative staff in advance of the 2011 entry and a staff member said Sinema was Hispanic."

Then Sinema tried to defend herself with the classic 'some of my best friends are Latino' response. Without any friends in the Latino community in Arizona, Sinema pushed a friend in Texas to say that Sinema had a "latina heart."

Kyrsten Sinema's heart is not Latina- it's rotten.

Sinema lost support amongst Hispanics in Arizona by teaming up with Russell Pearce but she thought she could get away with fooling other Latinos into thinking she was one of them- shame on her.

Meanwhile, some Democrats- who aren't pretending to be Latino- are really reaching out to the community.

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