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Fri Oct 08, 2010 at 10:00 PM PDT

Update: Mom

by DJShay

I haven't been around lately, but I lost my Mom today and I need to talk. She went in the hospital on Sept 1, 2010 to get a breathing treatment, she had COPD, and ended up having a massive heart attack. She was in intensive care for about a month and seemed to be doing much better. She was transferred to a different hospital which specializes in weaning patients off ventilators. There, they had her sitting up on the side of the bed, sitting in a chair and were even going to start getting her to try and walk today. She was incredibly anxious to get home.

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Sun May 30, 2010 at 05:54 PM PDT

Cut Emo Crap. I Didn't Elect A Daddy

by DJShay

Charles Blow has a piece up now on The New York Times website that bemoaning the fact that Obama isn't showing enough "emotion" concerning the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf.

Thursday, in the opening remarks of his press conference, the president said: "Every day I see this leak continue I am angry and frustrated."

I wasn’t feeling it.

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Readers of a certain age here will remember sitting in fron of the TV on the floor on Saturday morning with a big bowl of cereal watching cartoons. Among them, Captain Caveman, The Groovie Ghoulies, Hong Kong Fooey, Laffalympics, etc. But in between these mindless cartoons, if you were watching ABC, you got a sneaky dose of education in the form of Schoolhouse Rock!



What was your favorite Schoolhouse Rock song?

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I awoke to the the following teaser on my RSS feed from none other than Mark Halperin this morning.

Mark Halperin's new "One Nation" column: The President (with help from BidenEmanuel-et al) is getting stuff done.

And that matters.

Just because it is blog bait doesn't mean it isn't true.

Having just woken up after a scant 3 hours of sleep, I thought my eyes must be playing tricks on me. So I took the dare and clicked on the link. Join me below the fold for an article that made my morning.

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Charlie Crist just got an endorsement that is probably making him and the GOP cringe right about now.Medal of Honor winner Bud Day has publicly endorsed Crist for the Senate, but in doing so, peeled back the curtain on the Republican's race problem. And Adam Serwer gets to the heart what that tiresome teleprompter joke really means. More below the fold.

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Hari Sevugan tweeted a link to this post over at Hotline on Call. For some reason Hotline has taken down the post, but a Google Cache page still exists. It shows another GOP Power Point Presentation with the following bullet point:

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A new Washington Post/ABC poll Has good news both on Healthcare and Bipartisanship. Most people want Congress to keep trying on Healthcare reform and a plurality of people blame the Republicans for the lack of bipartisanship, or let's face it, completely stonewalling of ANYTHING President Obama proposes. Join me below the fold for some surprising outtakes.

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As you all know the first annual national Tea Party Convention started today. And it kicked off with a bang with Tom Tancredo, the resident brown people hater of the Tea Bagger movement. As Raw Story notes, he didn't disappoint.

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Fri Jan 15, 2010 at 06:30 AM PST

Haiti - FOX Fails While CNN Shines

by DJShay

The disaster in Haiti has been riveting to watch on both CNN and MSNBC. Even the networks are providing excellent coverage of this unfolding humanitarian nightmare. But who's coverage is minimal to non-existent? FOX "News" of course. And the LA Times media critic James Rainey calls them out on it

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I can't believe no one has diaried this yet, but FINALLY, someone in the MSM calls out Politico for their allowing Dick Cheney to spew his talking points through them without any follow up what so ever. Join me below the fold as Chris Matthews leaves Jonathan Martin of Politico speechless.

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During the past couple of days, I noticed that CNN, and now apparently PBS have used Larry "Whitey Tape" Johnson as a terrorism expert to pontificate on the Christmas Thunderwear Bomber. Now, historically, he does have the credentials. He's a former CIA analyst, so he knows of which he speaks. My problem, and indeed much of the Netroots problem, with Larry, stems from his pushing a false story about an alleged video tape of Michelle Obama screaming with Louis Farakhan about "whitey"

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Ever since the Christmas Day Thunderwear attempt the Republicans have been attacking Obama on National Security. And no one from the House Intelligence Committee or the House Homeland Security Committee has spoken a word in defense of this Administration's National Security policies.

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