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Reposted from Community Quilt Project by Sara R

Cedwyn's quilt at her memorial celebration this past Saturday, in Portland, OR

Gordon20024 has a cancerous mass on his neck.  It will be removed this Thursday -- so let us keep him in our thoughts.  This is from a comment he made in the Monday Night Cancer Club diary last night:

Thursday will be my day for removal of 'neck mass, limited neck dissection and removal of overlying skin'.

Seven weeks ago I noticed a small lump on the side of my throat about the size of a 00 buckshot pellet or 3/16" diameter. I'm not one to waste a lot of time sitting in an ER but was curious. Was it safe, normal or something to be addressed. The more the ER Dr probed it the more angry it became. Biopsies have tested positive for malignancy.

PET and CT scans have been conducted so the medics should have a good road map to work from.

I really appreciate the outpouring of support and well wishes from the DKos community. I means a lot to have so many wonderful friends from the far reaches of the compass who send healing energies and thoughts.

Bless you all.

Put your good thoughts for him on his quilt!  Just leave a message of love and support in the messages and I will transcribe it in archival ink onto muslin -- and my sister and I will sew it in.

We are short 9 messages and $67 for this quilt.  I will keep these numbers updated.

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DK Quilt Guild: A place for quilters to gather, share ideas, projects, and to make the world a better place, one quilt at a time. Join us and share your thoughts, projects, questions, and tips. Quilters here are at many different levels of skill. Beginners and non-quilters are welcome, too.
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Tue May 19, 2015 at 05:22 PM PDT

Community Quilt for Gordon20024

by Sara R

Reposted from Community Quilt Project by Sara R

CelticLassie's quilt.  Please keep her and her family in your thoughts...

It is a shock when you learn that a friend has cancer.  Gordon20024 recently learned that he does.  He is a person who is always there for others, as many Kossacks in several groups know well.  So now it is time for us to be there for him...  We can do this with a community quilt, full of words of love and support, that he can take with him to treatment or use anytime at home as he heals.

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Reposted from Community Quilt Project by Sara R

At NN13, a number of our quilt recipients were kind enough to give video interviews about their community quilts and what they meant to them.  Among them was someone who has become a good friend, peregrine kate. At the time we made her quilt, she was undergoing a rigorous treatment for cancer. Today, she is thankfully NED ("no evidence of disease"), and still facilitating the Monday Night Cancer Club which she founded here on Daily Kos, a group for people who have or have had cancer or are caring for someone who has it.  Given the prevalence of this terrible disease, it is a very important and most helpful group, a wonderful place to get information and advice.  We belong to it because a fair number of community quilts are made for Kossacks who have had cancer, as you can see from the listing of our work, below the orange doodle.

Here she is, peregrine kate, in her own words, as interviewed by linkage (who also filmed, edited and produced the video).

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Sun May 17, 2015 at 04:00 PM PDT

DK Quilt Guild: Open Thread

by Pam from Calif

2015 Opportunity Quilt by the Carquinez Strait Stitchers
2015 Opportunity Quilt by the Carquinez Strait Stitchers

DK Quilt Guild: A place for quilters to gather, share ideas, projects, and to make the world a better place, one quilt at a time. Join us and share your thoughts, projects, questions, and tips. Quilters here are at many different levels of skill. Beginners and non-quilters are welcome, too.
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Fri May 15, 2015 at 10:14 AM PDT

DKos Asheville: Celtic Lassie's Quilt

by randallt

Reposted from DKos Asheville by Sara R
DKos Ashevillians traveled to Tennesee Wednesday to present Sara and Ann's amazing community quilt to Celtic Lassie with Otteray Scribe. A worthy dose of love from Kossacks. Gordon20024 drove down from Roanoke to meet us for the presentation and Joy of Fishes flew in on Tuesday and is there now. She is being the most loving mother hen in the whole world. When she tells you to "shoo" with that wonderful little smile and the twinkle in her eye, you know she means it. I'm sure all of us being there for OS meant the world to him. That's what families are for right? Additional help around the house would always be appreciated if anyone is able to help. Just let me know.

After we drove back to Asheville, we met up with DawnN and SteelerGrrl and Guy and had a nice meal at Rosetta's kitchen, Asheville's premier hippy vegetarian food and love cafe. I am hoping that some of us can get together again today. SteelerGrrl is attending a conference in Asheville this week so I was able to pick up a pair of tie dye sox from her for Celtic Lassie on the way to Tennessee Wednesday.

Please join us below the fold for a few photos. Thanks for being part of this community and please keep Chuck and Brandi and their family in your thoughts and prayers.

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Reposted from Itzl Alert Network by Pam from Calif

This is a 1975 Kenmore sewing machine.  It is the only machine I owned until recently.  I bought it new at Sears in 1975 for almost nothing and I have made everything from maternity clothes for me and prom dresses for the resulting baby to baby dolls and quilts.  It is almost completely metal, weighs about a ton, and is a workhorse if there ever was one.


Itzl Alerting

As you can see by Itzl's concerned look, this group gives Kossacks a safe place to check in, a daily diary where we can let people know we are alive, doing OK, and not affected by such things as heat, blizzards, floods, wild fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages, earthquakes, or other such things that could keep us off DKos. It also allows us to find other Kossacks nearby for in-person checks when other methods of communication fail - a buddy system. If you're not here, or anywhere else on DKos, and there are adverse conditions in your area (floods, heatwaves, hurricanes, earthquakes etc.), we and your buddy are going to check up on you. If you are going to be away from your computer for a day or a week, let us know here.  We care!
IAN is a great group to join, and a good place to learn to write diaries.  Drop one of us a Kosmail and ask to be added to the Itzl Alert Network anytime! We all share the publishing duties, and we welcome everyone who reads IAN to write diaries for the group!  Every member is an editor, so anyone can take a turn when they have something to say, photos and music to share, a cause to promote or news!  
We do have a diary schedule. But, when you are ready to write that diary, either post in thread or send FloridaSNMOM a Kosmail with the date. If you need someone to fill in, ditto. FloridaSNMOM is here on and off through the day usually from around 9:30 or 10 am eastern to around 11 pm eastern.
Monday: BadKitties
Tuesday: ejoanna
Wednesday: Caedy
Thursday: art ah zen
Friday: FloridaSNMOM
Saturday: Most Awesome Nana
Sunday: loggersbrat

But what I have found out since joining the quilt guild last year is that one sewing machine is never enough.  I am stunned at the number of machines the average guild member owns, probably 3 or 4.  The long arm quilters are even worse considering their machines cost an arm and a leg and are gigantic.  Who needs more than one of them?  But our ladies have a few.  Come on in for more info and a look at my "new" machines.

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Reposted from Onomastic by Pam from Calif

   photo Celtic Lassies quilt for diary_zpsg2vjrawh.jpg

The quilt is done. In spite of Sara and Ann both being hit with illness, they have bent time to make it so. The messages of love and support from all of you are there to be read, surrounded by Otteray's family tartan and Celtic Lassie's favorite yellows.

The comfort your messages give are so badly needed. The only thing left to do is get the quilt to Celtic Lassie and Otteray as quickly as possible. There is no time to spare, for either of their sakes. So here is what needs to be done.

With all of your help they will have the quilt tomorrow, if we raise $200 for overnight shipping. We don't want any one person paying for it all. If twenty of you can give ten dollars each or whatever you can give, Celtic Lassie and Otteray will have the quilt's beautiful manifestation of your love, strength, and comfort on Tuesday.  

If you would like to donate whatever you can afford towards the shipping costs, the link for donations is here.

If the link does not work, go to Pay Pal and enter Sara and Ann's business email.
That should take you to their donation page. My deepest apologies for any difficulties.
Each donation ensures that Celtic Lassie and Otteray will have the comfort and support they so badly need within hours instead of days.

I can not stress enough how important that is to both of them.
Otteray needs us with him, needs to know that we are there with him and his dying child. He has lost so much already. Surely we can do this for him, for them both. How could we not?  

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DK Quilt Guild: A place for quilters to gather, share ideas, projects, and to make the world a better place, one quilt at a time. Join us and share your thoughts, projects, questions, and tips. Quilters here are at many different levels of skill. Beginners and non-quilters are welcome, too.
For me, one of the highlights of QuiltWeek in Paducah is the Rotary‚Äôs Antique quilt show.  This year it was curated by Mary Kerr and featured hexies.  Follow me beyond the orange cheese doodle to see some of the quilts.  
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Sun May 03, 2015 at 04:06 PM PDT

DK Quilt Guild: Photo Diary

by winifred3

DK Quilt Guild: A place for quilters to gather, share ideas, projects, and to make the world a better place, one quilt at a time. Join us and share your thoughts, projects, questions, and tips. Quilters here are at many different levels of skill. Beginners and non-quilters are welcome, too.
These photos are from the Sinnissippi Quilters Guild's biannual quilt show.  I have been a member of this quilt guild for the last 1.5 years.  It is a fairly large guild with about 230 members.  The theme for this year's show was the Art of Collaboration.

Also at this quilt show was the Wicked Quilts Challenge, which you are not allowed to take pictures. All the quilts are done in black and green and should focus on the play Wicked.  There were some interesting quilts there.

The main problem with this diary is that I had to make choices of which to show here.  There were over 100 quilts.  This is just a sampling.

I hope you enjoy this photo journey as much as I enjoyed the quilt show.

It begins below the orange squiggle.

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Reposted from Community Quilt Project by Sara R

TrueBlueMajority's quilt

It breaks my heart that this quilt is needed -- yet it is needed, urgently.

UPDATE: The situation is dire.  CelticLassie's brother and sister-in-law are on their way.  When they arrive and all the tests are back, hospice will be consulted and decisions made.  We will pull out all the stops to get this quilt done and will need the messages ASAP.
A little backstory: CelticLassie survived cancer as an infant.  Otteray Scribe and his wife (a nurse) adopted her from St. Jude's, determined to save her life.  They lovingly nursed her to health with great success.  Up until now, she's had a very active and happy life.  But the monster (cancer) appears to be back.  Since Christmas, CelticLassie has had some trouble walking and has been in pain.  A few days ago, she fell and broke her hip.   When the hip was imaged, a huge pelvic mass was found.  The doctors think the mass has weakened her bones, thus the fracture.  It is also pressing on other parts.  Long story short, CelticLassie is in agony and is likely to be in the hospital for an extended period.  We are going to make a community quilt to support her spirit through this ordeal and would welcome loving messages from you for her.

Clinic 1989
CelticLassie with her new big sister and mama

1st day B&W
CelticLassie's first day home, here with her father

As you will see below, she grew into a strong and lovely young woman with an infectious smile, a spirit for adventure, and a deep love of her family's Scottish heritage.  She is an accomplished piper, too -- not easy!  Some more photos below the orange cloud...

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Reposted from Community Fundraisers by JekyllnHyde

I am joining Most Awesome Nana and several others in the Community Fundraisers group in strongly supporting this community effort for elenacarlena.  Ever since she joined Daily Kos, Elena has been a strong and regular presence while participating very widely and quickly becoming a valued community member.  As an example of this commitment, we have worked closely together (along with JoanMar, 2thanks, Tortmaster, and others) behind the scenes for the past year in helping to finalize and post weekly diaries on police brutality and Medicaid expansion through the Support the Dream Defenders group.  As you know, she is also a regular diarist for the War on Women diary series.

Please help Elena through this difficult time for her as well as her beloved pooties and woozle.  On behalf of the entire CFs group, thank you.  JekyllnHyde

Welcome everyone to our Derby Day Party!

We are going to have a horse race (also known as the "most exciting two minutes in sports"), a few mint juleps, and a good time raising funds for our fellow Kossack, elenacarlena. Everyone is invited to join us to make a comment, tip, rec, republish, share on Facebook, promote on Twitter, send good vibes, or donate.

Elena is always ready to help others with information, good wishes and when possible, money. But now she is the one who needs help. Many of you read her previous diary and responded with great kindness. Unfortunately, the situation has not yet resolved itself. She still lacks enough funds for her special needs cats.

Please follow me below the bourbon fudge swirl for a few words from Elena.

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