(First Diary...try to be kind...unless you're one of those who believes that sometimes you must be cruel to be kind...Really, you don't.  That's just a cliche.)

     Finally, Mitt Romney has provided some DETAILS about his Budget Plan.  (Those Tax Returns should be coming along any time now...)

     In Wednesday's debate, Romney cleverly avoided accusations of avoiding the details by voluntarily PROVIDING some details about WHERE he wants to make cuts to balance the budget.  Well, actually, only ONE DETAIL.  But it's a start!  So now we know that Romney intends to cut funding for Public Broadcasting.  Romney admitted that he LIKES Big Bird, but he realized that children, and Muppets, don't vote, and even fewer than 53% of them pay income taxes, so his job is not to worry about those people.  And Muppets.  

     Of course, not everyone was happy to see Romney getting real about making tough choices.  For example:  

     But I mean really, consider the source!  If Romney gets his way, this guy, like Big Bird, is out of a job!  (Well, one of his jobs.  He's probably still got the gigs at the Hayden Planetarium and the American Museum of Natural History...for now.) True, Romney likes to fire people (and Muppets), but this isn't personal, this is business, which is what government should be run like, right?

     Yes, Neil, 0.012% doesn't seem like much, but this is the ONLY specific item that Romney identified for budget cuts, and we've got to start somewhere!

     Assuming that NdGT is correct in that 0.012% figure, and assuming that Romney intends to cut 100% of PBS funding, the deficit reduction would be a whopping 0.04%

     But I don't have time to go into all of the math, so to get a better sense of the budgetary impact of Romney's plan, please refer to the handy chart on the other side of the Orange Squiggly Shock of Beaker's Hair: