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Reposted from Angry Gays by Horace Boothroyd III

I am a mess at the moment, but this is vitally important to me. I have been getting very little sleep, and too much exercise and rain while without shelter. I'm in Salem today after biking down yesterday.

Hopefully I will be able to share at least part of what I wrote to the hearing.

A state House panel heard testimony on the measure, which is being promoted by Basic Rights Oregon, a nonprofit gay and transgender advocacy group from Portland.

The measure is part of a national push to prevent mental health care providers from practicing so-called conversion therapy. Laws banning the practice have passed in New Jersey, California and Washington, D.C., and a dozen other states, including New York and Florida, are pushing for similar legislation.

Under the bill, social workers and licensed medical health care professionals, such as psychologists or psychiatrists, would be barred from practicing conversion therapy on children under age 18.

My two cents below:
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Reposted from occupystephanie ~ Stephanie Hampton by BlueJessamine

After Jackson County banned the open cultivation of genetically engineered crops and three other counties moved forward on similar bans, the Oregon legislature passed 863 which preempted local decisions about agriculture, reserving that privilege to the state. Governor Kitzhaber appointed a stellar taskforce at a cost of more than $100,000 over six months to study the matter, presumably to formulate a state plan to deal with the problems.

News out of Salem indicates that the legislature is prepared to do nothing with the authority they granted to themselves. Two House bills, which grew out of the work of the taskforce, have received an “icy reception” from the House Committee on Rural Communities, Land Use and Water.

Currently, there is no way for Oregon farmers to know if their neighboring farmers are planting genetically engineered crops. These two bills would rectify that situation, carve out GE free areas, and bring the transparency necessary for all farmers to protect their respective market share.

House Bill 2674 would require the State Department of Agriculture to “establish control areas for growing commodities that are genetically engineered agricultural or horticultural plant products.” House Bill 2675 would require “certain merchants to provide State Department of Agriculture with copies of royalty agreements signed by purchasers of propagants of proprietary genetically engineered crops".

Both of these bills are sponsored by Rep. Peter Buckley, D-Eugene. HB 2674 addresses the current problem of the significant risk run by conventional and organic farmers of contamination via genetically engineered pollen or rogue plants which can ruin their respective markets. HB 2675 addresses the secrecy surrounding GE crop cultivation which hampers non-GE farmers in planning for the crops they grow.

Corn is a high value crop and one prized here locally. Corn is wind pollinated and the pollen is small and travels far. Farmers with non-GE markets have to literally “bet their farm” on a guess as to what their neighbors are growing. The 2013 discovery of GMO wheat in a Pacific Northwest wheat field resulted in the collapse of the Asian wheat market for which Monsanto made a $2.4 million settlement--a prime example of the harm just one single GE contamination incident can cause. The damage to trust in the Oregon Brand, as far as wheat goes, is incalculable.

The opposition to these two bills is from both sides of the aisle.

But committee chairman Brian Clem, D-Salem, said he thinks the real problem is with “the illogic of Europe.”

“This is probably mostly about the consumers’ buying behavior and conditions of the European Union and Asia,” Clem said.

Rep. Clem does not address how he plans to change the Asian and EU importation regulations or affect consumer choice which currently ban GE crop importation or why he seems unable to grasp simple marketplace realities.  
Another Democrat on the committee, Rep. Brad Witt, D-Clatskanie, said neighboring farmers should be able to work out conflicts among themselves.

“As a general overall policy, I am extremely concerned when we start down the pathway to what crops does the state of Oregon determine are OK for farmers to grow,” Witt said.

Rep. Witt seems to forget that the legislature took this issue out of the hands of local farmers who wanted to "work something out" on the county level. It should be noted that 863 (coined "Oregon's Monsanto Protection Act") was not passed during the regular session due to public outcry but was attached to an appropriations bill as a bribe to get Republicans to vote for it. (See Daily KOS diary Oregon GMO Sellout for an in depth account of how this played out.)

The response from a Republican committee member offers this clueless gem.

Rep. Mike McLane, R-Powell Butte, said he is confused by cross-contamination fears.

“If (cross-contamination) occurred prior to genetically engineered plants, then how did the state survive 156 years of being one of the best agricultural states in the country?” he asked. “What’s broke that needs fixing?”

McLane's answer to "what's broke that needs fixing?" is contained in his previous sentence "prior to genetically engineered plants".  Asian markets readily import BT cotton and animal feed; however, the consumer markets reject any GMO product meant to go directly into their food.

The dog and pony show of Oregon's Monsanto Protection Act with the state "taking charge" of the problem was greeted with dismay by those farmer's daily affected by this conflict. However, it was barely a speed bump to efforts in the counties which were working on local solutions:

Jackson County's GMO cultivation ban passed by 66%.

Josephine placed their initiative on the ballot and won by 57%.

Lane County is persevering with their own local food system ordinance.

Benton County's Local Food Ordinance is on the May ballot, and backers are expecting an even higher percentage of yes votes. See the Yes on 2-89 website for more information or to donate to this grassroots campaign.

See below the orange legislative run around for the summary of both bills.

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Sun Feb 01, 2015 at 04:22 PM PST

1/30/15 Koscadia Meet Up Photos

by Sara R

Reposted from Koscadia by Sara R
Event banner for Koscadia Kossacks
Clockwise from front, War4Sale (back of head), Sheila, slampros, watercarrier4diogenes, llbear, ozsea1, loggersbrat, quill, pdxteacher

We had a lovely meal together yesterday.  The mood was a bit somber as we thought of our absent friend, Cedwyn.  The news of Cedwyn's death did not come until afterwards.

At our lunch, I received a special gift from ericlewis0 intended for both me and Ann, wrapped and framed by llbear.  It was the original artwork for the Animal Nuz cartoon of Catwyn receiving her quilt.  You can see it in the background of this picture, of me, watercarrier4diogenes (framed art is right by his shoulder), and llbear. (The photo is by quill.)



Is Saturday or Sunday afternoon better for the February Meet Up?

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13%2 votes
60%9 votes

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Tue Jan 20, 2015 at 05:33 PM PST

Koscadia 1/31 meet up

by Sara R

Reposted from Koscadia by Sara R
Event banner for Koscadia Kossacks
WHEN: Saturday, 1/31, 1pm
WHERE: Siri Thai, 5234 SE Powell Blvd., Portland, OR 97206
WHO:  We hope you!  Please let me know in the comments if you can come -- or send me a Kos Mail.
1.  Sara R
2.  also mom of 5
3.  llbear
4.   loggersbrat
5.  Angie in WA State
6.  ozsea1
7.  pdxteacher
8.  quill
9.  Kit RMP
10.  Ozawa
11. slampros
12. slampros' spouse
13. War4Sale


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Reposted from Koscadia by Sara R
Event banner for Koscadia Kossacks
 photo IMG_0194.jpg

We are meeting betwixt holidays at my house in Portland on Sunday, December 28.  Come at 2pm for mingling before a pipe ceremony, conducted by Ojibwa, around 3pm.  Quilts shall be blessed!  Afterwards, we'll enjoy a pot luck buffet.  Those who want to linger are welcome to!

Kos Mail me for the address if you have not been to Catnip Manor before.  RSVP in the comments or Kos Mail me.  We look forward to seeing you!

Please also let me know what you plan on bringing, food or drink wise.  As there will be a ceremony at this meeting, no alcohol, please.  Peek at the developing menu below the orange squiggly thing...

1. navajo
2. Ojibwa
3. Sara R
4. winglion
5. Angie in WA State
6. loggersbrat
7. llbear
8. Drewid
9. also mom of 5
10. watercarrier4diogenes
11. ozsea1
12. Damnit Janet
13. exlrrp
14. Ozawa
15. rsmpdx

Sapere aude

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Reposted from word. by llbear

I did not plan on coming to the dailykos community, pockets out turned and hat in hand to ask for your help. With a little planning, I thought, I could easily navigate this situation with the right resources. That was true until a couple of days ago. But when I exacerbated an existing injury while on the job a few weeks ago, I didn't really know what I was going to do. I certainly didn't think that I would be writing this diary currently, but there comes a time in every adult's life when they must look in the mirror and admit that they cannot handle some things on their own. Unfortunately, I have reached a point where I can no longer handle this situation without help.

In June, I graduated from Western Oregon University with a Bachelors degree in Sociology (I wrote about it here). A little before that, right before finals week (a week that took its toll on me, as I was taking finals for 23 credits worth of classes) my little car finally crapped out on me and my fiancee. I decided to take an emergency loan (a service my school offers just for emergencies like this) to fix our car and finish out Spring term and graduate. Luckily, our car was repaired just in time and we finished and graduated.

The loan, however, has ballooned out of control. I took out 700 dollars to fix our car. The loan's balance is now well over 1000 dollars.

This normally wouldn't be a problem. I was slowly saving up with my Wal-Mart job to pay it off this month. I nearly had all of the balance saved with my and my fiancee's job. I have been paying about 50 dollars a month to keep the dang thing current and saving the rest to pay it off in one shot. In six months, I have saved about 800 dollars.

Thing is, I recently lost that very same job at Wal-Mart, due to circumstances far out of my control (I wrote a diary about the situation a few days ago) That money now has to go to survival. Not only is my injury just a pull, my doctors now suspect a hernia, which inevitably means surgery. And also means that I can no longer work menial jobs just like the one I had at Wal-Mart. Thankfully we had that money in savings because now we can survive the month with all of our bills paid, but now I am at a loss of what to do about the loan.

It goes further than just paying off a loan though. See, I want to get my masters of education from the very same school - WOU and become a high school teacher. After a year or two of wavering back and forth from career choice to career choice, I have finally decided to put myself entirely behind teaching and get my teaching license. Its the perfect way to give back, to better myself, and to have a relatively stable job that wont fire me because I happened to get a hernia...

The deadline to apply for the program is February 15th, which means I have precious little time to save up the extra 1000 bucks to apply. If I can't get in this year I have to wait an entire year and a half to reapply for the class of 2017. I could probably just wait, get another low paying job and try to survive, but with my student loans coming due in the next two months I don't think we will be able to. We can barely pay our day to day bills, let alone student loans and what I owe to Western.

To be clear: my situation is not urgent, nor is it life threatening. If there are others in more dire situations please help them first. Don't let me get in the way of someone who is really in need. But if there is absolutely no one else, I am asking for your help. I have not had good luck in the job market since I graduated (for those who recall, before I got this job at Wal-Mart, I was laid off via text message from another job with a metroPCS authorized dealer who went under within three months of opening. Again, I diaried the whole thing. I kinda take the whole "diary" thing seriously. Sometimes I blog about my life), and I am beginning to realize that my only hope of financial stability is becoming a professional. But its not just about my financial needs, it is also about fulfilling a calling, giving back, and dedicating myself to something bigger than passing out cell phones to giant materialistic throngs on black Friday. I want to pass on my passion to the next generation of would-be sociologists and critical thinkers. And with your help, I can begin that journey.

Again, if there is some other kossack in greater need, focus on them. But if you do get the chance, some help, even just a little, would be greatly appreciated.

If you can help, I started a GoFundMe page here. If you can't, I'll also take a tip and rec or a kind word :)

Thank you again for your support.


Update: Holy crap I am floored by the outpouring of support. Wow. Seriously guys, thank you. I don't know what to say.

Update 2: GOAL REACHED. OMG I am stunned.

I am paying the school back and applying for the school of education on monday. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think this was possible. I will be posting an update and thank you diary on monday, when the loan is paid off. All I will say right now is I am fucking floored. Still processing this.


Wed Dec 03, 2014 at 10:58 AM PST

Gift Wrapper or Gift Bagger?

by BlueJessamine

Reposted from Street Prophets by BlueJessamine

Nov-Dec 2014 Pics 156

Are you a wrapping paper person or a gift bag type person?

I personally enjoy wrapping each gift. There are times when a bag is handy. Say for a nice bottle of French wine?

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Reposted from Street Prophets by BlueJessamine

(All photos ©BlueJessamine.)

The world's pretty crazy out there.  Holidays can be stressful, so a few photos.


Just A Poll

25%6 votes
20%5 votes
0%0 votes
8%2 votes
16%4 votes
4%1 votes
25%6 votes

| 24 votes | Vote | Results

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Reposted from llbear by llbear
Sara R and winglion (l to r), Community Quilt sisters extraordinaire!
peregrine kate is hosting a virtual party and everybody is invited tomorrow Sunday afternoon - 5:00 PM Eastern time (so 4:00 Midwestern, 3:00 Mountain, and 2:00 Catnip Manor Time). Don't run out and get her a card. BUT the purrr-fect gift is green and folds. Both she and Ann really, really need your help. Kate has all of the details.

Between now and tomorrow afternoon you can help kate make sure her diary is seen by everyone on Daily Kos. E-mail everyone who is a member and use KosMail, too. If you do facebook, promote Kate's diary.

The title of the diary will be,

"Wish Sara R Happy Birthday!
 And Help Keep the Quilt Sisters in Their Home".

One last request: please don't call them. Neither Ann nor Sara are feeling very well [stress is only a part of their problems].  

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Reposted from Laurence Lewis by Laurence Lewis
Sunset at Cannon Beach
Oregon has mail-in voting, no serious efforts at voter disenfranchisement, and an engaged populace. Here's the big one:
Out of the 2.2 million registered voters in Oregon, 69.5 percent, or 1,519,804, returned ballots.
Which is actually a point and a half down from the 2010 midterm.

And the result?

  • Despite a huge Koch cash dump, liberal Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley re-elected in a landslide.
  • Despite a relentless smear campaign by the state's largest (but shrinking) newspaper, Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber re-elected to an unprecedented fourth term.
  • The Democrats' state House majority expanded.
  • The Democrats' state Senate majority expanded by the critical seat that will neutralize a conservadem who had been gumming up the works, with a second possible pickup still too close to call.
  • Marijuana easily legalized.
  • An equal rights amendment resoundingly passed.
  • Top two primaries resoundingly rejected.

A couple of other good ballot measures failed, but overall this was a wide and deep sweep for Oregon Democrats, who continue to hold all statewide offices, and four of five Congressional seats.

It's easy to point to Oregon's overall liberal population, but that liberal population's political success also could be used as an excuse for many not to vote. But 69.5 percent did vote, which may be pathetic by international standards, but is astonishing by American standards. Voting is made easy, voting is encouraged, people vote, and Democrats won big. There's a lesson or two in there.

Reposted from Street Prophets by BlueJessamine

Corvallis Art Day of the Dead
(All photos ©BlueJessamine.)
An Ofrenda.

Ofendas are an essential part of the Day of the Dead celebrations. The word ofrenda means offering in Spanish.
Corvallis Art Day of the Dead

The Corvallis Art Center's latest exhibit Ofrendas, Marigolds and Sugar Skulls offered heartfelt and colorful pieces of art. Join me over the Daily Kos croissant for a few photos and welcome....

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Wed Oct 29, 2014 at 12:04 PM PDT

Mosaic Art: Street Prophets

by BlueJessamine

Reposted from Street Prophets by BlueJessamine

Corvallis Mosaics
(All photos ©BlueJessamine.)

Yesterday while strolling downtown Corvallis I took the time to appreciate the Mosaic Art on the garbage receptacles.

Corvallis Mosaics

The mosaics are a creation of local Artist Ella Rhoades of Sacred Shard Mosaics.

Rhoades’ vision is to install one brightly colored mosaic— created with help from the community — on 18 of those garbage receptacles in downtown Corvallis.
Join me over the squiggle for a few more examples of her art work.

When I look at these mosaics, I see

60%9 votes
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6%1 votes

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