This is my first diary, so be gentle with me. It is short and to the point. I hope some will agree with me and help me to inform. I apologize for cross posting it but I wrote it as a comment before I realized that I should try creating a short diary.

This term 'believe in global warming' requires some discussion. The implication that there is a belief, as in a religious belief is misleading and incorrect.

The evidence for climate changing is very persusasive. Oceans are warming up and the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere is very high. These are scientific facts, reliably measurable and verifyable. There is no belief system associated with this condition. Scientific inquiry does not involve faith, dieties, word-of-mouth assertion, idolatry, assotred zealots, or any other thiestic characteristics.

It's just measurement, inductive and deductive reasoning, hypothesis testing, and the applied human intellect.

Let's stop calling the science of climate change...a 'belief'.