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“The intensity is definitely ramping up,” he said, comparing the efforts to reach the uninsured to candidates’ efforts to reach voters. “They are going to hear from us multiple times between now and the end of March until they tell us they have insurance. It’s just like a campaign.”
Nicholas Duran, Enroll America’s Florida director - (NYT)

When did you/will you do your taxes this year?

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15%18 votes
18%21 votes
16%19 votes
0%1 votes
9%11 votes
17%20 votes
13%16 votes

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Thu Jan 16, 2014 at 09:22 PM PST

RecListing Sketchy Sources

by Daxton16

I'm sorry that I'm no expert on the terminology and procedures, but how does one go about letting DK folks know that they are just RecListed a diary with quite sketchy sources?

A very recent diary cites The Examiner (not verified news) in reporting a supposed safe level of 4-MCHM in drinking water.  Cursory searches online show it and another site (BeforeItsNews) as the only sources reporting that the Navy has given more stringent safety guidelins.

Accuracy in this is important to me. I'm in the bullseye of the water debacle.  I live about a mile from the water intake plant.


Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 02:55 PM PST

A click to help change Arkansas

by Daxton16

Arkansas has ZERO LGBT legislators. None. Nada. Zilch.

I want to change that.  I don't know how to personally run for office, but I might be able to learn or help someone.  That's where you come in.  Will you VOTE for me?

I have a simple, but potentially huge favor to ask of you.  I am competing in a mock election to receive candidate training from the Victory Institute and I want your vote.  It’s for LGBT folks who are thinking of becoming candidates for local office. I originally came to the Obama campaign in 2008 because he was a candidate who spoke to my community.  And I think sometime soon I may have to run to help my community.  After all, Arkansas has ZERO LGBT legislators.  Can I count on your vote?

I am currently in 2nd place!! Voting ends tomorrow, Thursday at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific.

Voting is easy, it connects through your Facebook profile, but I hear that smartphones don’t work that well for some reason.

There are many great folks competing for this, but I can tell you we need it worse in Arkansas. I am in the right place in Arkansas (Fayetteville) to help make a change, but I need some training on how local elections can be won. I interrupted my life to go fight in Florida for President Obama and being jobless immediately after the campaign is the thing that is keeping me from going.  Unless you help!

My story below the fold:

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Cross posted at NWA Center for Equality

What do you get when you combine the courage of one woman, the utility of social media, and a lot of average people willing to speak up?  Change for Equality…that’s what.  Right here in Arkansas.

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Wed Jan 05, 2011 at 03:09 PM PST

Did Sen. Lincoln know gay people?

by Daxton16

(cross posted at NWA Center for Equality)

If you weren’t looking for it, you would have missed it.  One year ago today, a special person passed away.  A gay person…from Fayetteville…who had an impact on the world.  Henry Lee Woods Jr. was once editor of the University of Arkansas yearbook before making a career in politics in Washington, D.C.  His impact at the University of Arkansas is most visible through a decade old award in his name for outstanding student leaders.  His impact on the LGBTQ movement is far more subtle.

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It's not the best source, but most of America uses Wikipedia to get a sense of an idea.  It's not ground breaking and it won't win elections or equality, but it's something.  Are you burned from the shellacking?  Want to help do a little something different?  From the comfort of your home?  

I wrote this for just Arkansas, but every state needs your help.

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Today Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Chris Piazza ruled AR Initiated Act 1 unconstitutional.  Act 1 had been passed by a majority of Arkansas voters in 2008.

Act 1 banned any adult who was cohabiting in a sexual relationship outside of legally recognized marriages from adopting or fostering a minor child.  The obvious target was LGBT parents, though straight couples were included as well.  

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This is the letter I am sending one of the campus ministers who helps run the campus Catholic parish that I attend in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I started attending this church when I was in grade school and returned to it when I became a college student. I am a core member of their wonderful little choir. The campus minister is NOT a priest...just a "helper" I guess. This campus minister has been there for much of my college experience and I greatly respect and appreciate her. I have talked many times with her about my doubts regarding the moral authority of the Church. Here, I tell her my journey with the Catholic Church is over.

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So many people have worked so hard to see this day come.  Some are not happy with the limited scope of this bill.  Some are not happy that there is not stronger wording on abortion coverage.  But Democrats are victorious today!!!

Where should we should our appreciation?  Where do we send our contributions to make it known that they have done OUR WILL?  How do we teach our Democrats that good policy is good campaigning?  



Where should we show our appreciation (contributions)?

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19%19 votes
3%3 votes
15%15 votes
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9%9 votes

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I called Lincoln's DC office this morning and urged her to HONOR Sen. Kennedy by supporting the health care bill with a public option.  Her staffer told me "I think she is going to support it."  I told him I was excited and he said he was too.

Has anyone else heard anything new from Sen. Lincoln?

What does that bring the whip count to?

Open Left's Whip Count


Where is your Senator on the public option whip count?

65%72 votes
15%17 votes
19%21 votes

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Not just because they endorsed McCain.  Their reasoning is a complete denial of the truth.  It show's how disconnected from reality they are, just like McCain, and just like so many voters who are believing their line of reasoning.

Wow.  I just puked a little bit in my mouth. Read the most offensive part below the break.

Press release on Pam's House Blend


What was the most important issue for LGBT Americans in the last decade?

7%3 votes
34%13 votes
28%11 votes
2%1 votes
5%2 votes
7%3 votes
13%5 votes

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Last week the St. Petersburg Times, well regarded as probably the best newspaper in the state of Florida, ran an article on the increasing price of food around the world. Frong page and above the fold, the article tried to discuss some of the underlying causes of the increase BESIDES the increase in demand for grains caused by biofuels. It was a decent article until the last section when the author totally blew a crucial fact.

I suggest you read, and then read my follow up email to the journalist. I may have been a tad harsh on him, but it seems like a journalist for a major newspaper should do a little more complete research rather than just draw conclusions from his assumptions.

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