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Google Fiber has recently announced expansion into four new markets: Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham.  Congrats to Kossacks in these cities!

The good news: if you live in these cities, you don't even need to sign up for GF to reap the benefit of higher internet speeds - they'll be just handed out like candy.  When your cable company no longer enjoys a monopoly, it's astonishing what these pirates will simply give you.

My experience with Google Fiber and Time Warner Cable in Kansas City below the squiggle.

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I read an article this morning that annoyed me when I read it and the longer I think about it the more it pisses me off.

I was an airline employee for many years and I follow the National Airline History Museum on twitter.  They posted an article this morning titled 5 Most Beloved US Airlines of All Time (Pan Am was first, a good choice) and a passage from it caught my eye.  See below for offending paragraph.

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Jay Nixon's office has just released a youtube video in which Nixon addresses the death of Michael Brown and the ongoing situation in Ferguson.  Some of it is boilerplate and he's clearly reading the speech, some of it is clueless but some of it is surprising.

Nixon knows he's in trouble politically, and he's clearly trying to make a recovery attempt here in a controlled studio setting where he isn't fumbling and bumbling like he's done in his live pressers.

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This has probably been in several diaries but it's important enough to pass around again.

This happened last year in some cities (Houston, Seattle, Philadelphia) but it's now being rolled out elsewhere (San Francisco).  If you're leasing your modem from Comcast, you are not only a cash cow for their expensive, slow, throttled internet service.  They've now found a way to further milk their cash cow by turning your home into a public Wi-Fi hotspot without compensating you for offering this paid 'service' to the public.

If you're with TWC, expect this to happen with you should the merger go through.

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She's been shilling for the Keystone Pipeline for months on Twitter and it's time for a bit of pushback, don't you think?

She's a Big Oil Democrat so we won't change her mind.  But at some point she has to know that the rest of the country finds her shilling objectionable and unconscionable.

A sample of her #KXL #Keystone #KeystoneXL hysteria below the squiggle.

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On March 27th of this year World Airways  - a company that was originally founded in 1948 - shut down for good, putting their employees out on the street.

How the end came was personal for me - I worked for them in their scheduled service days and it was without a doubt the most fun airline job I've ever had. The employees were incredibly tightly-knit and despite obstacles we got the job done.  

The sad end beneath the orange squiggle of pain.

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My late father was an Air Force pilot and after he left the service worked as an engineer. He loved gadgets and technology and when the first consumer microwave ovens were offered - I'm pretty sure it was Montgomery Ward that sold it - he was first in line to get one.  I was still a child so it must have been in the late 1960's or early 1970's.

The thing was, simply, a massive hulk.  There were no special settings, just a dial that you turned that timed whatever you were cooking.  It was probably underpowered.  He was fascinated with it.  My mother, who was expected to cook with this pricey new gadget, despised it.  I'm not sure I ever saw her use it.

That microwave oven lasted for decades.  When my father finally upgraded after many years to a new model he gave it to one of my sisters who used it for years. I don't know where it is now but if it isn't in a landfill somewhere it probably still works.

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I live on the far east side of Kansas City in one of the few completely desegregated neighborhoods in the city - it's probably around 50% white, 40% black, 10% hispanic. Everyone gets along fine and in fact, our neighborhood has one of the lowest crime rates in the city.

And no one freaks out about black teenagers.  Not so on the predominately white west side of town, where they're going through one of the most public bed-wettings I've ever witnessed.

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Well, if this doesn't take the ol' cake!

Last week, two workers at the Golden Eagle Refinery in an unincorporated part of Pacheco, CA were burned in the face by sulfuric acid when a pipe carrying the caustic chemical burst.

What followed next tells you how American corporations have decided that they're now in the driver's seat and need not follow even the pretense of adhering to Federal law.

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Mon Nov 11, 2013 at 08:54 PM PST

Roger Stone, JFK conspiracy theorist

by Dem Beans

Isn't it odd how Republican hacks are so determined to 'prove' that Lyndon B. Johnson was behind the hit on JFK?

First we had Barr McClellan (father of Scott McClellan, Bush's White House spokesman) writing a book that claims to be "An insider’s look at America’s greatest unsolved mystery" and yep, it's called Blood, Money, & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK.  If I remember correctly, it was this tripe that got the History Channel in so much hot water when they presented programming based on this silliness.

Now we have yet another entry into the 'I'm an insider, and LBJ did it" sweepstakes: Roger Stone.

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A couple of years ago voters in two counties in the Kansas City metro (Jackson, Clay) voted for a sales tax increase of 1/8-cent in order to provide new funding for the already terrific Kansas City Zoo.

I voted to increase my sales tax because unlike teabaggers, I think that if you want to live in a vibrant, interesting city you have to pay for it.  Today our investment paid off with the opening of the zoo's new $15M Helzberg Penguin Plaza.  

I visited our zoo today to see our tax dollars at work and I wasn't disappointed.  I noted with interest as I strolled through the parking lot how many Johnson County, KS license plates there were - as usual, Kansans benefiting from Missouri taxpayers (although they do pay a higher admission, so I suppose it's a wash).

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Missouri politics can often seem a jumble to outsiders - a red state with two large pockets of Democrats in St Louis and Kansas City (and a smaller pocket in Columbia, home of the University of Missouri).

While we are able to elect Democrats statewide, the rural districts overwhelm our legislature and Congressional delegation with Republicans.  One man is looking to change this - a party activist from Excelsior Springs, MO.

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