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Wed Jul 03, 2013 at 07:10 PM PDT

Brian is in!

by Desmo

I'm just back from a Draft Brian Schweitzer rally.  The goal of the gathering was to somehow entice the reluctant Brian Schweitzer into running for the seat left open by Max Baucus' (forced) retirement.

Like, we have to form a group of young volunteers to travel the state and hold rallies, to somehow pry Brian out of his sequestered rehabilitation from being Governor of Montana, which finds him mending fence and doctoring calves' screw-worm issues on his remote ranch.

Anyway, I think this evening pretty much made it official, Brian is about to announce.  I mean when you get an email that reads "Free food, Free beer, grassroots effort to Draft Brian Schweitzer for Senate" and then you arrive at the gathering and there is a band playing (tasty band, "Jesse Ahmann and Fresh Off the Vine") and indeed it is free food and beer (and wine too) and you corner one of the organizers and ask questions like, "Who paid for the food?" and he says, "Oh, just our grassroots organization!"

And he lets it be known that he's an operative who last worked on the Tester campaign, and I ask, "Are you paid?"  And he's stumbling a bit, "Only paid by Draft Brian Schweitzer, the grassroots organization we represent!"

Look, I'm a big fan of Brian, I don't mean to sound cynical here...but it's pretty clear what's going on.  

Brian Schweitzer is running for US Senate.

The ground game has begun.  Names are being taken (you would think that after three consecutive campaigns Brian would already have the name of every possible supporter, and the colors of their cats, plus how many cattle they run on their acreage, maybe they grow arugula.)

The rally this evening was simply political theater, but joyous to attend, since we Purple State Populists now have a candidate who will solidly put the boots to anyone the Repugs put up against him.  

There's no show in the political realm quite as entertaining as Brian Schweitzer in full swing.  And the prospect of Brian Schweitzer as Senator allows one to dream a bit.

Like, imagine Brian Schweitzer and Elizabeth Warren working together, chomping down on some Repug bone of idiocy.

Savor that image.  It's politics as entertainment, and Brian Schweitzer totally gets it.

So...let's GO!  

Draft Brian Schweitzer!

Ok, I know it's theater...but they got me, I'm juiced!


Mon Mar 03, 2008 at 04:10 PM PST

The times are changing (in Montana).

by Desmo

I suppose most of those colored maps that show political leanings of a given state still color Montana purple.  Our governor and both our senators are Democrats, but the argument can be made that this is true because they are strong, unique personalities (Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Sen. Jon Tester) or simply Old Guard (Sen. Max Baucus), rather than because Democrats rule the state, politically.

But there's fresh evidence of real change. Details follow:

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Thu Nov 02, 2006 at 07:30 PM PST

Tester, Schweitzer, and Baucus

by Desmo

At almost precisely the same time King George appeared in Billings, MT to try to save Conrad Burns from the harsh reality of having to feed himself (instead of being fed by Jack Abramoff) Jon Tester, Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Sen. Max Baucus and Jag the Dog were in Kalispell (and later, Missoula, though I can't report about that event, I'll bet Matt Singer will).

Anyway, the turnout in the Flathead Valley was fabulous.  A packed room, and serious enthusiasm.  Two excellent public speakers (Tester and Schweitzer) and one adequate (Baucus) and the Mayor of Kalispell, (Pam Kennedy, who is pretty much a live wire herself) as the vibrant Master of Ceremonies.

Observations after the jump.

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Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is offering a special prize for ActBlue donors. If you head to this page on Brian's website, you'll see a way to donate AND perhaps win a float trip with Brian and his incomparable dog Jag! Or maybe it's the other way around, a float trip with Jag and his incomparable owner? In either case, this experience would be a hoot and a great way to contribute to your ActBlue favorites.
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Sat Aug 26, 2006 at 10:40 AM PDT

An Evening with Jon Tester

by Desmo

"My wife Sharla generally travels with me.  I'm sorry she couldn't be here tonight, but she's back home, on the tractor."

This is not the way most Senate candidates would open a campaign speech. But this candidate is Jon Tester, and he farms for a living.

Nor would most Senate candidates respond to a well-structured question about the health care system with a thoughtful response, rather than blurting out a focus-group tested "plan".  "We need to get the best minds together from the entire spectrum of healthcare.  Insurance executives, consumers, government, academics.  There must be change, the current situation is unacceptable.  We need to get folks together who know what they're doing, and we need to develop a healthcare plan for the future."

More of An "Evening With Jon Tester" on the jump."

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