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Sun Nov 04, 2012 at 12:20 PM PST

Fake Obama Documentary on Amazon

by Digital Auteur

I am an Amazon Prime member, which allows me to watch thousands of documentaries, movies, TV, BBC and such. I came across Barack Obama's book cover "The Dream's of my father"  and it said it was a documentary starring Barack Obama - well it's not. It's a nasty piece of racist crap which is using copyrighted images and is misleading as hell.

The Link to it is Here>>

I looked everywhere to report it - but all I could do is write a review, rate "it" and the "seller" so I did and I'm asking everyone willing and able to do the same. and make sure to use the tags at the bottom.

It's free to watch for Prime Members and there are tons of people already who have been fooled into thinking they are getting ready to be treated to a documentary about Barack Obama and within seconds you know it's some deep crazy hateful stuff.

It just showed up on the free list within the past couple of days, I check it regularly.

I"m totally outraged right now!


Thu Nov 01, 2012 at 04:51 PM PDT

A Question of Character

by Digital Auteur

The concept of character is vital in so many aspects of our lives. When it comes to very important decisions like; Our choice in spouses or significant others, deciding who cares for our children or other family and friends when we are not able to. An individual's character informs us who we consider trusted friends, An employer's or company's character influences our job choices and career decisions. Character comes strongly into play when we elect people to political office, it is many times, the first and most important thing we look at when making a judgement about who will have a lasting impact on our lives, the lives of those we love and the lives of others in our communities. One's character plays such a key role in many of the most important decisions we will ever make. Let's look at the definition of "Character".


1.) the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.

2.) one such feature or trait; characteristic.

3.) moral or ethical quality: a man of fine, honorable character.

4.) qualities of honesty, courage, or the like; integrity, compassion

5.) reputation: a stain on one's character.

It has been said that the 2012 Presidential Election is the most important one of our times. I believe this to be true. The outcome of this election will effect the lives of millions of people worldwide for decades to come. We are a global community, we are a nation of immigrants and our actions ripple around the world. The whole world is watching this election.

With the election only days away, I think it's important that we discuss with friends, family, neighbors and co-workers the nature of both Presidential Candidates "character".   At this stage, I believe that a Presidential candidates character is something everyone can easily identify with and understand, it strikes at the core, the heart and soul of each man, it throws a stark contrast between these two very different men.

Photos and More Below swirls >>

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When it comes to women who would vote against their better interests by voting for Romney, besides his wife and kids, there are only a couple of groups I can think of that would do this. First - The religious right and the use of the 3 ( I's ) Indoctrinate, Isolate, Intimidate as well as a few other little tricks of the trade.

For a woman raised in an extreme religious environment, It starts when they are just children and highly impressionable and then continues through adolescence and into young adulthood by suppressing and controlling virtually every aspect of their lives; what they read, watch, where they go, who they are friends with and what they do. This type of treatment is not unlike how the Taliban control their women. In my opinion, it shows a deep hatred of women and a great fear of them. If you want to control a group or a society, you start by controlling the women. Many extreme religious society's view women as property, as objects that can be bartered with and used like slave labor. They see women as lesser beings and in such, they are treated like cattle.

The extreme religious use the 3 I's ; Indoctrination, Isolation and Intimidation. Most of these women have been denied access to any real form of education, just have a gander at the rising number of religious based home schools here in the US. They do this so their children will not be exposed to differing views, ideas and facts like; evolution, climate change, human sexuality, psychology and the many other sciences that would threaten their belief systems and world view. Of course many of them site things like violence and quality of education, but I feel that is just code for the real reasons. Of course if we invested in Public education like we should, we would have a very well educated generation. But, instead of investing in all of our children, the right wing wants to de-fund or under fund public education and they have attempted to villianize public school teachers. They cut their budgets, tell them to do more with less, deal with exploding class sizes, impose hiring freezes and pay cuts and force many teachers to teach to the test so they can get the little funding they are offerd.

These religious girls/women never get the opportunity to be exposed to anything different from cradle to grave. Their community is the church where they are indoctrinated, many are schooled at home where they are isolated, and if they show even the smallest amount of curiosity or question authority, they are intimidated, punished and shunned severely. They are made dependent and ignorant, taught to hate themselves and especially to hate anyone or anything that differs from their faith based beliefs. It's a herculean effort in cognitive dissonance and it's a shrinking population.

More below the fold >>

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Wed Oct 17, 2012 at 10:38 AM PDT

Obama Slams Romney the Plutocrat

by Digital Auteur

Last night's debate was a clear win for President Obama. He was on his game and slammed Romney at each turn. But my favorite part was his brutally effective finish, bringing up the now infamous 47% comment made behind closed doors.

It's very important that this genuine statement made by Romney be continually brought up and never allowed to fade. It shows Mitt for what he truly is - A Plutocrat. I truly believe on this occasion Romney was being himself, saying exactly what he thinks and feels about Americans and not just half of us, but the majority of us. How can a man that feels this way about any American even be considered as our leader?

Of course there are many issues and polices that Romney supports that would harm us all, but not everyone can or wants to understand them. This statement however, delivered at a private fund raiser by Mitt Romney is indefensible. And anyone trying to double down on it or worm away from it only looks a fool.

Mitt the Plutocrat, When the wealthy rule our country suffers.


I've been a liberal activist since I was a kid. My parents were politically active, tho it was mostly my mother, She was an activist in the 60's for women's rights and racial equality and she took me everywhere she went. I've grown up seeing this and participating in demonstrations and going to rallies. I've witnessed this frustration first hand, feeling it time and again. I could never really understand why "they" couldn't see what was true, what are undisputed facts. Even when I was younger, I would debate and argue with my opponents. I would consed points when I felt it was right and fair and talk myself blue on points I absolutely knew were fact and true. But, still they would not budge, not on anything. Ever.

I have noted these past several weeks/months/years mounting frustration in the liberal/progressive arena towards the President, the Republicans, the media. It's been going on a very long time. Every election cycle we see this frustration and the ideological divide grows even deeper and the frustration at times, becomes almost unbearable and so many of us are left scratching our heads in awe and wonder at the sheer stubbornness and lack of thoughtful consideration of facts on topics from evolution, global warming, women's rights, racial hatred to Republican tax plans that don't make mathematical sense.

I'm a grown woman now with 3 boys, one getting ready to turn 21 in a few days, I've been married for 22 years and I feel I've matured a great deal. I don't argue anymore with the opposition. It's like talking to a wall. Now that's not to say that all Republicans are stupid, far from it. But let's face facts here, the Republican party is not what it once was. There was a time before the NeoCons and this new severe conservatism that Republicans were a viable party with ideas and some great leaders.

 A study came out a few months back on a topic of "Low Effort Thinking".  It's something I've suspected for quite sometime now. It links conservative ideology and lower IQ's. It seems a significant group of people engage in low effort thinking. The study was conducted by University of Arkansas professor Scott Eidelman and his colleagues, and published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.  

Boiled down, thinking about stuff is hard. Jesus take the wheel! It's just plain easier for these folks to think and live this way, even though the people they put their lives and way of life in the hands of, will harm them. You have basically two groups within the conservative party. The 1% types with money, education and a hunger for power and their constituents, who in many cases are uneducated and poor, working poor and rural. The masters of the party use simple little catch phrases, invoke religious buzz words and tap into these people's fears and stereotypes. Then it all gets shored up by peer pressure, work environment and the constant effort of the right to dumb down the population at large. We see evidence of this all the time. Part of the conservative agenda is to cut funding to education and the arts, remember Mitt Romney's comment about cutting the funding to PBS, cutting PELL grants and slashing the budgets on Art programs during the debate. We've also seen past attempts to create school voucher programs and home schooling for religious reasons is at an all time high.

We've also seen the demonetization of being educated, progressive and liberal. It's no coincidence that democrats are usually better educated and politically informed. We care about social justice, we don't mind paying our fair share, we want to look after the most vulnerable among us. We care deeply about education and the arts, we care about our environment and we feel these things on a global scale. We are a diverse lot of all creeds and colors.

I think the best thing we can do is reach out to one another, make sure more dems make it to office, by more dems turning out to vote. Trying to change closed minds is just akin to swinging at windmills. It takes effort and thought, but that my friends we have on our side. It's our greatest strength. It won't be easy, but nothing worth achieving ever is.  


David Siegel, CEO of Westgate Resorts openly threatens his employees if they vote for President Obama.

During my daily morning ritual of reading the news, checking email and deciding what art piece I'm going to work on today I cam across this article in CNN Business.  and it inspired me to create this piece called True Faces - based on the 7 deadly sins. More below the fold.

7 Deadly Sins - True Face of Sin, The true face of political figures.
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Today I want to focus directly on Mitt Romney, namely his odd and baffling behavior from bullying in Prep school to his never ending flip flops on some of the most important issues of our times. And most importantly what it is he lacks not just as a Presidential candidate but as a human being. Much more below the fold.

The Real Mitt Romney
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