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Tue Sep 16, 2014 at 08:45 AM PDT

Twitter fail from Sea World (Photos)

by DisNoir36

So what happens when a corporation which is synonymous with dolphin and whale captivity goes to Twitter to speak out against dolphin hunts happening in Taiji, Japan?

Well, the results are not what Sea World probably expected.  

Head below the crashing orange wave for some karmic retribution and some bonus pics of dolphins and whales living in the wild, where they belong.

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Looks like another fail in the long line of GOP fails when trying to reach out to women.

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC), not known for being the brightest crayon in the box had this to say about women recently

   “Men do tend to talk about things on a much higher level,” Ellmers said. “Many of my male colleagues, when they go to the House floor, you know, they’ve got some pie chart or graph behind them and they’re talking about trillions of dollars and how, you know, the debt is awful and, you know, we all agree with that.” […]

    As for connecting to women specifically, Ellmers drove it home with a line that, had there been liberals in the audience, would have made the news.

    “We need our male colleagues to understand that if you can bring it down to a woman’s level and what everything that she is balancing in her life – that’s the way to go,” Ellmers said.

Basically womenfolk don't understand all that gibberish about money and debt and the only pie womenfolk understand is the pies they bake at home.  Men need to talk down to womenfolk so they can understand what men are saying.  

I don't really know if she was just being inarticulate in trying to say that men need to connect with women on things they understand by speaking their language (the whole Women are from Venus men are from Mars thing) or if she was really saying that women just don't understand this stuff and men need to dumb it down for women.  Either way it's insulting and condescending.  Even more ironic that it's coming from a woman.  But as we have seen in Michigan and in the presidential race in 08, the GOP seem to thing that because someone has a vagina that it somehow makes them more qualified to represent women.  Maybe Renee Ellmers needs a man to talk down to her and tell her to STFU, go home and go look for that unsecured gun she seems to have misplaced.  I seem to recall a certain man who is up for that challenge.  Clay Aiken is challenging this moran for this seat and he really needs our support.  


Sat May 10, 2014 at 06:30 AM PDT

Newtown Truthers strike again

by DisNoir36

This is utterly contemptible and despicable.

Thief claiming Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax steals playground sign

Someone stole the "centerpiece" of the playground built in honor of a Sandy Hook victim, then called the grieving family to taunt them.

A sign at the entrance of a new playground for Sandy Hook victim Grace McDonnell was stolen in Mystic Tuesday.

After the sign was taken, police said someone called the McDonnell family and claimed to have taken the sign because the Newtown shooting was a hoax.

Newtown truthers are those idiots running around who think the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax.  It's been fueled by web sites like Infowars online claiming it was a conspiracy and certain idiots like Alex Jones, some professor at FSU and various politicians like Martha Dean who WAS running for governor in CT up until yesterday.  

The sign was set up by an organization that builds playgrounds across the country to honor the victims of the shooting.  In this case it was for Sandy Hook victim Grace McConnell and the sign was one she herself drew while she was alive.  It was a peace sign.  It's the second such incident and comes just days after vandals painted graffiti at a playground in Hartford dedicated to Newtown victim Anna Grace Marquez-Greene.  But this one went a step or two thousand beyond indecency because the asshole who stole it called the parents and taunted them claiming that the shooting was a hoax.  Seems some gun nut truther is running around defacing these memorials to the children who died in Sandy Hook.  There are 26 planned around communities throughout the area in honor of the people who died and they'll all be personalized with art and things from the victims.  What these nuts don't realize is that the the communities as a whole and CT in general really doesn't take this lightly.  They're a very tiny minority in CT and the more they do these types of despicable acts the more vehement opposition will be to them.  If you watch the clip at the link above you'll see even the news guy was put off by this incident.

I don't even have words for these people.  That's how much contempt I have for them.  Anyone who claims to know the 'real truth' of Sandy Hook is someone who should be ridiculed and scolded as far as I'm concerned.  To do this to a beautiful memorial set up in honor of a 6 year old whose life was cut short is beyond words.  This scumsucker needs to be taken down hard and used as a example to other would be truther nuts that THIS CRAP WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! There aren't many of these nuts in CT, but enough of them to make noise, stir shit and expose barely healed wounds.  They need to be beaten down like whack a moles every time they pop their filthy heads up.

Some additional comments and an update on Martha Deans gubernatorial campaign below...

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Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 10:23 PM PDT

Congrats to UCONN

by DisNoir36

Congrats to both the Boys and Girls NCAA Division I 2014 Champions.  Only the second time EVER that both championships were won by same school.  The first time?  UCONN in 2004.

 photo 1016962_725342194179206_3109397338237868536_n_zps84cb1208.jpg

That is all.


Let the fun begin and OH BOY is it going to be fun.  

Martha Dean launched her campaign in front of a throng of thousands  hundreds a few dozen people including reporters
 photo IMG_0620-771x578_zps08d17414.jpg

with grand visions of God's blessing her to run and Ronald Reagan passing the mantle of something along with a canary in a cage which is supposed to warn of danger.  I think the danger the canary is warning us of is Martha Dean.

What a freaking loon.

Be careful of the orange canary cage while stepping over to the other side for more fun.

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Things took an interesting turn on the Republican side of the 2014 Connecticut Governor's race with a pair of announcements.  One was expected another was a bit of a surprise.  Republican State Senator Toni Boucher of Wilton CT decided to abort her non official campaign and instead focus on holding her state senate seat.  In her place, it seems Martha Dean who was the GOP candidate for State Attorney General in 2010 will run instead.  Martha Dean for those who don't know is a Newtown Truther who agrees with the conspiracy that Newtown was staged by actors put up by the gov't so that they could confiscate guns.

Head below the cheese flavored popcorn for more fun.    

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Just now Rachel Maddow had a very explosive revelation.  The lane closures of the George Washington Bridge in Ft Lee had NOTHING to do with the mayor.  Rather it was an attack against the Democratic Senate Minority leader Loretta Weinberg who represents Ft Lee.  The same Loretta Weinberg who Chris Christie said a month ago was 'fixated' on this and obviously had 'nothing better to do.'

The reasons and ramifications below the swamp squiggle.  

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Anyone see this latest bullshit?

Study: Welfare pays more than minimum wage in most states

Read more:

Yeah well it's a total and complete LIE!!!!

More below the squiggle

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Fri Feb 22, 2013 at 05:50 AM PST

The Connecticut Effect is GROWING!

by DisNoir36

This was posted on my Facebook this morning.  As some may know, VP Joe Biden came to my hometown Danbury, CT for a conference on guns with our state and local politicians.

 A Tale of Two Meetings

Last night, my daughter and I attended Congresswoman Esty's Town Hall Meeting in Waterbury. The pro gun extremists showed up en masse, compelling me to stand up and speak (actually my daughter made me). And, while Congresswoman Esty was excellent, I left the meeting discouraged. I began to question whether our efforts would be undermined by the minority of gun owners who hide behind the Second Amendment and ignore the Supreme Court's decision in Heller making it clear that the Second Amendment is not without limitations. But, I also knew that no matter how hard the fight, I had an obligation to my daughters, to my Town and to all of our children to persevere. We all must share that obligation, and, together, we must overcome.

Today, all doubt was obliterated, as I had the privilege of attending the Gun Violence Forum in Danbury. We will succeed because of the strong leadership of the people in that room: Governor Malloy, Senator Blumenthal, Senator Murphy, Congresswoman Esty, Congressman Himes, Vice President Biden, all of the Mayors, all of the 1st Selectmen, all of the Chiefs of Police, and the multitude of grassroots leaders uniting people from all over the country. The real Connecticut Effect was on display in full force.

Senator Blumenthal, Senator Murphy and Congresswoman Esty all led interesting panel discussions. They and others, including Governor Malloy, spoke passionately about their resolve to put all of their political capital on the table to press for meaningful gun safety legislation. The Vice President proclaimed that there is a "moral price to be paid for inaction. If you're concerned about your political survival you should be concerned about the survival of our children. I believe the price will be paid politically by those who refuse to act, who refuse to step forward."

Despite the incredible political firepower in the room, the stars of the day were Newtown's Pat Llodra, and Chris and Lynn McDonnell. They garnered the most respect and received the longest and most frequent standing ovations, and deservedly so. When our world went dark, Pat led us with poise and courage. And, now she is leading us again in this quest to make our world safe for our children: "Never again will we accept the ideological posturing that the changes needed are too complex and too difficult to achieve. Never again will we look the other way. It is time to act." Chris McDonnell talked about moral responsibility. Lynn McDonnell spoke about her promise to Grace: "After that day I made a promise to her that I would be the voice. We promised Grace that we would be fearless in our efforts."

I am so proud to be from Newtown, to be able to not only have Chris, Lynn and Pat as my neighbors and leaders, but to count them as my friends. As Vice President Biden said to Chris and Lynn and the families of the victims: "You have a hell of a lot more courage than I do." He's right. And, because of their courage, this time will be different.


Hop below the orange squiggly for some comments and more news on Connecticut and guns.
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For those who have not been following the Tesla Model S saga here's a primer.  A week or so ago NY Times writer John M. Broder wrote a pretty scathing review called "Stalled Out on Tesla’s Electric Highway" with a devastating photo of the Tesla on a flat bed truck.  The news hit like a brick and Tesla's stock price dropped over 3%.

Within hours Elon Musk CEO of Tesla Motors responded.  He went on TV and made his case. In particular on CNBC where he went into some detail his concerns over the review and Mr. Broder.

A he said/he said ensued.  Even here on Daily Kos.  

Well since then other reporters have taken it upon themselves to recreate the DC to Boston trip including CNN Money and CNBC.  Results are below

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The US Navy is looking to increase the use of underwater high frequency sonar which could be responsible for harming and/or killing thousands of whales and dolphins.  That is from their website BTW.  Fortunately they're required to listen to us complain.

The Navy is required to include comments on their Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) re: the use of high frequency underwater sound for testing in Hawaii, the California and Atlantic Coasts, and the Gulf of Mexico. According to their estimates it will deafen more than 15,900 whales and dolphins and kill 1,800 more over the next 5 years. Whales and dolphins depend on sound to navigate and live. Your signature and comment will have to be included in the EIS and could stop this Naval program, potentially saving the lives of these ocean creatures. The comments must be in by July 10, 2012.
Time is running out to let them know what you think so it's now or never.  Just avoid the orange jellyfish and hop over to the other side to find out how.
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Wed Jul 04, 2012 at 07:14 AM PDT

This is what a DREAM looks like

by DisNoir36

And these are the DREAMERS

I'd like to introduce you to two of those DREAMERS below the cloud.

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