This is my first attempt to write a diary so keep in mind I am not a professional writer  or experienced diarist.
Since the last election in 2012 something has really bothered me about the way the Conservative movement has chosen to portray those of us on Social Security and SSDI.
Not only has it been disingenuous, but it has been downright insulting.
I began Paying my social security taxes and medicare premiums in 1969 when I was 14 years old. I'll admit they weren't much but I only made 40 or 50 dollars a week.
Over the years as I received training and experience my wages increased as did my contribution to social security, also the taxes I paid. That's the cost of living in a country that provides the infrastructure that allows us to provide for ourselves.
I was happy to pay my share to keep our country improving. My family was growing up, my son and daughter were both attending a good public school. I had finished my schooling and had a good paying job with excellent health insurance, my wife was able to stay home to take care of the kids and our very nice home.
Then the thing we all fear happened. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor after having several seizures I had an operation which was successful.
That was only the beginning of my problems though. As I recovered I looked forward to returning to work, but when the doctors cleared me to return my company took an adversarial position and chose to lock me out.
Fortunately with the help of the Americans With Disabilities Act I was able to return to work and spend the next 15 years gainfully working at the craft I spent most of my youth training for, unfortunately my health went down hill as I reached my mid fifties, my doctor started bringing up disability more and more often.  Most people don't realize what a gut wrenching decision it is  to make the call to give up a trade you put your heart and life into learning. I am proud I was good at my job. It broke my heart to realize and admit I couldn't do it anymore, I am Tool and Die Maker not a taker and I paid 40 years of premiums for the benefits I receive. Thanks to those benefits my wife and I can continue to have a roof over our heads and food to eat
Don't insult me with ignorant generalizations when the real takers are the politicians that suck off the government tit they claim to despise so much, the multinational corporations that bleed the country for subsidies on profits they never pay taxes for, billionaires like the Koch Brothers who destroy the environment with impunity, huge banks that steal our pensions and are let off with slaps on the wrist and petty fines.
I don't expect sympathy for my situation but I refuse to apologise to those who feel they are put upon by the fact I collect the insurance I paid for in case things didn't work out as well as I would have liked.