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Fri May 09, 2014 at 10:17 AM PDT

Benghazi Is the GOP Kamikaze

by DrChill


Sat Mar 15, 2014 at 11:41 AM PDT

Obamacare Illiteracy

by DrChill

Even among liberal pundits, Obamacare illiteracy is still a problem.
Are you Obamacare illiterate?

Take this quick quiz and find out!
You must sign up for an Obamacare plan by March 31 2014.

False. Obamacare isn’t a plan, and you can’t qualify or sign up for it.
Obamacare / the ACA is a set of regulations on the prices, practices and profits of - private health insurance companies. It is the expansion and reform of Medicaid and Medicare. And it provides for a competitive health insurance market called the exchange.  And it has other provisions.

The mandate under the ACA requires that you - have or buy health insurance.

A Google search of the phrase "sign up for Obamacare" has over 7 Million results.
 There's a lot of misunderstanding about this, and the rebranding of the ACA as - "Obamacare" has tricked people into thinking Obamacare is a plan being forced on them, and that the problems with insurance companies is the fault of 'Obamacare.'

Obamacare rolled out last fall, and had some major problems.

False. The ACA has been rolling out its provisions since the summer of 2010.
 The software problems were on the internet –part- of the federal –part- of the exchanges –part- of the ACA.
 The phone exchanges worked well, and some states had their own exchanges.
 These exchanges create a competitive market place for new standardized - private health insurance plans  (Bronze, silver, gold, platinum) to sell to new customers.
Most people affected by the ACA do not need to use exchanges.

  Some Obamacare plans don’t let you go to the doctor of your choice.

 False. You are free to see any doctor you like, and there are no Obamacare plans.
 Doctors are free to participate ("par" or "in network") in a plan or not ( "non-par" or "out-of-network". )  
 Patients who see a non-par doctor can get reimbursement directly from their insurance company, or credit their deductible.
The payments may or may not be 100% of the visit, and the patient may need to provide proof of payment to the insurance company for the non-par doctor.

“Under Obamacare my plan is more expensive, not less.”

False. Most people are paying less than their previous plans did, or would have charged.
The ACA requires: Limits on insurance plan profits, and it requires expanded coverage and no limits on benefits.
And, it’s not your old plan. So what the heck are you comparing it to?
Under the ACA plans require more coverage, but the ACA limits insurance plan profits. It’s a better deal.
 While limiting company profits, it does expand the insurance company's customer base.

Obamacare cancelled my plan and I lost my insurance.
False. Insurance companies canceled your plan.
The ACA NEVER requires anyone to quit a plan or to get dropped from a plan.
If you had a catastrophic medical plan, and your insurance company canceled your plan, you can file for an extension, or sign up for a comprehensive plan that covers almost everything affordably.

My deductible is so high I won’t be able to see my doctor.

False. Most testing, screening and preventive care is covered. You’ll be able to see doctors at no cost, for these services.

I hate Obamacare it stinks!

True ! If you mean the system we have, then Yes! True!
 The system of payments we have, and the private insurance company plans are terrible, because they are basically the same ones we have had.
We still pay twice as much as we should!
 The ACA didn’t abolish the entire for-profit-system, it identified the worst and most egregious problems with it, and it Eliminated:
-Limits on annual and lifetime coverage
-Unlimited profits for insurance companies
-Marketing just to the healthiest portion of the population
-Canceling polities of sick members
-Denying coverage for pre-existing conditions
-Exceptions and Limits on covered medical conditions, and not covering mental health service (This made it hard to do an apples to apples comparison of plans.)
-Charging for prevention, screening and testing…

 To name a few…


Fri Jan 10, 2014 at 04:37 AM PST

The Bridge of Death

by DrChill

The Bridge of (Political) Death:
Quoting the Daily News, "In the best possible light, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie built a top staff of lying thugs who threatened lives and safety to serve his political ends. If not, Christie is a lying thug himself."
 And on the homorous side:
 He who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see.
 WHAT did you know about Bridge Gate?
 WHEN did you lie about it?
 WHAT private sector job would you like in 2016?


Some people got letters saying their health insurance plans were canceled because of the ACA. That's probably just a lie. The people who sold you cheap junk insurance for profit, the people who cancel your plan when you get sick, without mental health coverage, the people who are in it for the money, are not being perfectly honest.
The ACA allows existing plans to remain in force.
Here's an article that explains how that works.

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Wed Oct 17, 2012 at 07:04 PM PDT

Romney Tax Miscalculation

by DrChill

Business genius Mitt Romney reveals his lack of understanding of taxes and incentives to hire new workers.

Romney says cutting the upper income tax rate will create jobs.
But, small businessmen whose profits are taxed as personal income have -already- chosen to take their profit out of the business and not invest it in jobs. The idea that they'll take the money, pay tax on it and then invest it back in the business is preposterous.
Business income reinvested in new jobs and other expenses, don't get taxed at all...
His bs was heard last night, and begins at minute 8:00 of this recording...
Tax Ideas


Wed Sep 19, 2012 at 08:17 AM PDT

Explaining Romney's Healthcare plan

by DrChill

Making sense of - repealing Obamacare and having healthcare reform at the same time seems like a contradiction. After all Romney is like Obamacare.
But there are parts of Obamacare that relate directly to funding, cost cutting, and especially profit, personal and corporate that particularly offend the GOP.

Obamacare - Increases the capital gains tax on Investments.
It modifies the tax code to allow the IRS to reject deductions that are just contrived to avoid tax.
It reduces profits of Pharmaceutical companies by lowering drug payments.
The Affordable Care act Limits salaries of top execs. in Healthcare Companies,
It Limits profits of healthcare companies by requiring them to either spend 80%-85% of premiums on Healthcare, or rebate the difference back to customers...
And if "Medicare Advantage" companies ( private companies trying to profit by creating plans to replace Medicare ) fail to pay 80%-85% of premiums toward healthcare, they will go out-of-business.

The GOP plan is to convert all of Medicare to for-profit private insurance- the opposite of what Obamacare will do.

  So when Romney sounds like he's contradicting himself, just know what he might be singling out the parts of healthcare that allow people to profit and avoid taxes...


Sat Jul 21, 2012 at 12:50 PM PDT

Simplify our Laws

by DrChill

This is too too funny.
So there are resolutions before congress to simplify laws. So far so good...

H.Res. 67: To amend the Rules of the House of Representatives to prohibit bills and joint resolutions from containing more than one subject.
Sponsor: Rep. Doug Lamborn [R-CO5]  Introduced: Jan 26, 2011

H.R. 3806: One Subject at a Time Act
Sponsor: Rep. Thomas Marino [R-PA10] Introduced: Jan 23, 2012

S. 3359: One Subject at a Time Act
Sponsor: Sen. Rand Paul [R-KY] Introduced: Jun 28, 2012

H.Res. 70: Amending the Rules of the House of Representatives to prohibit the consideration of any bill or joint resolution carrying more than one subject.
Sponsor: Rep. David Schweikert [R-AZ5]  Introduced: Jan 26, 2011

Okay, fair enough.

So here's a summary-
112th CONGRESS   2d Session
S. 3359

To end the practice of including more than one subject in a single bill by requiring that each bill enacted by Congress be limited to only one subject, and for other purposes

"and for other purposes."
It says that!

Rand Paul isn't the only one.
A couple of them are like this.

The jokes write themselves.


Thu Jul 19, 2012 at 10:36 AM PDT

You didn't do that.

by DrChill

Ha ! Ya mean Bill Gates didn't create Microsoft by creating DOS!?
>Well actually he just repackaged CPM.
Well He created Windows!
> No, He Copied Apple's Operating system.
So Jobs Created that !
> No, Jobs copied that from the Xerox Alto
But he Built the Apple computer!
> That was Steve Wozniak
So Steve Wozniak invented the first PC !
> That was based on work at the Home Computer Club and the Altair
Marconi invented the Radio !?


I've been posting about the anti-Obamacare meme that it’s a huge tax / tax increase.

and Here:

The Anti-Obamacare claims are based on a one sided accounting, counting any change in any tax or tax deduction as a tax , or tax increase, and ignoring any offsetting changes, including tax credits.

Tax credits are much more potent than tax deductions. Tax deductions reduce the taxable income, so a deduction of $100 might be worth $1-$35. But a tax credit of $100 is worth $100!

Obamacare gives substantial tax credits for those who purchase healthcare insurance.

Thinkprogress has crunched the numbers and concluded:

That for the middle class, Obamacare is a 'tax cut.'


This may be the simplified meme to counteract the simplified meme.
But in my opinion, it’s not primarily about TAXES ! ! ! , it is about healthcare, bending the cost curve, covering the un-covered, and saving lives.


In my previous diary I showed the new Obama tax lie.
Obamacare 'HUGE TAX INCREASE' lie
People are still taking the bait.

The claim is its Obamacare IS A TAX, The supreme court says so.
Another variation: It's lots of HUGE NEW TAXES, and here's a list of them.


The counter claim is, well, they're not so bad, and they're mostly on rich people.
as in this graphic:


These arguments inadvertently affirm the premise of the phony one sided accounting of the originqal claims.

These lists count as new taxes - closing loopholes, and reducing tax deductions.
Missing in the HUGE NEW TAX LISTs are the mention of the HUGE NEW TAX CREDITS that totally undermine the numbers they throw around.

This is a trojan horse argument that needs to be cut off at the start.

Is there any merit to the NEW TAX claim?
Well 10% on salon tanning.
Poor Snookie.


Tue Jul 03, 2012 at 08:59 AM PDT

Obamacare 'HUGE TAX INCREASE' lie

by DrChill

CHART - Huge Tax! (Graphics Don't lie !)

I came across two new lies, one built on the other.
The first is
"Obamacare is full 20 HUGE tax increases"

the 2nd is from the Washington Post. It's an "Answer" to the 1st:

It says in effect 'sure its HUGE, but its not the biggest tax increase ever in the world, look at the graphic!'

Obamcare was passed as a budget reconciliation.
It includes changes in biofuel tax, tanning salon tax and other adjustments. It closes loopholes or reduces tax deductions for uncovered out-of-pocket medical expense (Boob Jobs?) and 'flexible spending' accounts for school tuition, and they're including a change in capital gains tax in this list.

 They're counting any tax / loophole change as "an Obamacare tax increase."
Even corporate tax. They're counting an insurance company - salary cap and profit cap, as a TAX.

This is a trap.
They're setting up the following talking point:
"See the 20 Obama care tax increases aren't the biggest ever in the history of the world, ITS ONLY ONE OF THE BIGGEST TAX INCREASES IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!

We're going to hear lots more about the Obamacare tax increases.

Others will hear that the supreme court says 'its a tax' and believe its 'another huge tax increase.'

You've been warned.


Fri Jun 22, 2012 at 05:01 AM PDT

Saving Capitalism

by DrChill

Corporate law is the birthplace of corporations.
Here is where legal abortions can be performed, and reforms can restructure corporations to suit their natural purpose.

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