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Another highly creative web-ad from Frank Eaton and the NC Democrats.  In the continuing story of "Puppet" Pat McCrory, our intrepid Republican Gubernatorial fiberfill-based life form and his plutocrat handlers pay a visit to a Romney tax haven.  Hilarity ensues.

Pay close attention to the kid.

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A major development in the North Carolina Governor's race occurred today with the release of an unauthorized video from the McCrory campaign.  Campaign staffers, advising the candidate, refer to a "condition" that McCrory has, one which the candidate states he "cannot help," because he was "born this way."

Coming as it does on the heels of recent polling showing Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton closing the gap, this revelation could spell trouble for the Pat McCrory campaign in North Carolina, where men are men and puppets are, well, children's toys.

For more on Puppet Pat and his very real opponent Walter Dalton, join me below the Nifty Orange Knot.


How would you feel about a puppet running for Governor?

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If you find yourself agreeing with Professor Roberto Unger in this video and the accompanying piece from the Huffington Post:

Please find another system and go live under it.  Elsewhere. Get out of my way, and quit cluttering up our political discourse with self-defeating crap that fails to understand basic principles of the American political system.

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You would think we would have learned.  You would think we would have learned from all sorts of things, even in recent years: the election of George W. Bush; the sucking morass that resulted from the initial triumph in Iraq; the economic catastrophe that followed at least in part from the unleashing of financial institutions from Glass-Steagall.  We never look around the corner far enough to see what may come from our actions today.  So why are North Carolina's radical conservatives rushing headlong into a ban civil unions and remove all recognition of anything other than heterosexual church-sanctioned marriage?

It's a good thing for the citizens of North Carolina that Frank Eaton, a documentary filmmaker, can see around the corner better than others.  His new ad against the anti-gay Amendment One is devastating:

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Sometimes, life sucks so bad you just have to laugh at it to get through it.  Here's my part in that effort.  And if you start to think that yesterday and the months to come are difficult, just sit back, grab a heaping helping of perspective and thank God you aren't Haitian.

With apologies to anyone who ever played the actual blues, I based this on my day yesterday.   All stories are true.

The Election Day Blues
(c) John Burns aka DrFrankLives

Woke up yesterday mornin'... (ba-DAH-da-dum...)
Only got a short nap. (ba-DAH-da-dum..)
Swung my bare feet outta bed (ba-DAH-da dum)
Right into dog crap...
I got the blues....
Yeah, the election day blu-uuuuuuues. Yeah.

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Every once in awhile, a politician says something stupid and perfectly encapsulates the heart of an issue.  Representative Larry Brown belittled those concerned about anti-gay bullying by calling them "queers" and "froot loops" from his Legislative email.  And the GOP leadership yawned.  

Below the fold, two simple ways to fight back. Embarrass Larry Brown, and defeat the NC GOP Minority Leader.

UPDATE:  EQUALITY NC is joining the fight.  Send some froot loops to Larry Brown

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Kaspersky keeps identifying the current banner ads as contining a trojan horse virus.

Do you screen ads to make sure they aren't vehicles for infection of member computers?  I thought you should be aware of this one, since my virus contol program goes nuts every time I open the site.

Now I'm pretty much just typing to get to the 300 character limit.  Anyway, thought you all should know.


As angry as he has made me.  As much crap as he has pulled.  He has just stepped up and done something politically difficult.

The Republicans attempted to use his own amendment against the bill.  He voted the right way today, and then he went further.  He rose and spoke to defeat the Republicans' motion.  

This required no small measure of political courage.

Thank him here.


THere is a diary on this site which is unworthy of either of the other serious candidates for the NC Senate seat.  I am quite certain it could not have been approved by either of the gentlemen running against Elaine Marshall.

I posted this diary to counteract the negative effect that the title of that P.O.S. diary might have.  Elaine Marshall did not "skip out" on the NAACP forum.  She was scheduled to attend but the event was rescheduled due to snow.  The new date conflicted with her mother's 90th birthday.  Elaine, who recently lost her husband to cancer, decided to spend today with her mother, in Maryland.

The organizers were aware of the conflict.

The person that wrote the diary is aware of very little, it seems.


Somewhere in High Point, in the mind of a 40 year old black man, is the angry face of a white barber spitting hatred.  Worse for me, in that man's mind is the face of a young blond white boy - me - sitting in a chair he could not sit in, getting his hair cut by hatred.

You tell me.  How long?  

Not long.  Only fifty years since the Sit-Ins began at the Woolworth's in Greensboro, NC.  Last year, about this time, I posted this diary two days before Inauguration Day, and it got buried.  On this important anniversary, I thought it might be worth posting again.  

Read on, and if you're ever in Greensboro, please visit the brand new International Civil Rights Center & Museum, housed in that same Woolworth's.

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Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 10:31 AM PST

Get Some Balls

by DrFrankLives

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Worst campaign in the history of the Democratic Party, and I mean that.  I very much mean to include in that analysis the Dukakis campaign (not co-incidentally also a self-entitled Democrat from Massachusetts).  I thought nothing could top the wreck that was the most recent gubernatorial campaign in Virginia, but Queen Martha topped it.

Nice work.  

Did Bob Shrum run this thing?


Martha Choakley

35%21 votes
51%31 votes
13%8 votes

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