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To open early voting in Ohio on Tuesday evening, Michelle Obama rallied a raucous crowd of nearly 7,000 people in Cincinnati at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

In response, the Romney campaign held its own event in Cincinnati:

Republicans countered Michelle Obama’s visit with a Commit to Mitt event Tuesday encouraging Romney supporters to vote early, as well. The Commit to Mitt bus tour will cross the state “emphasizing how the Romney-Ryan plan for the middle class will result in lower taxes, less government spending, more economic growth and a stronger middle class with 12 million new jobs,” Romney spokesman Christopher Maloney said.
And how many attended?
An early voting event for the former Massachusetts governor on Tuesday in downtown Cincinnati drew roughly 45 supporters.
To recap, that's 7,000 to 45. Not exactly an effective counterpunch.

Now, make no mistake, the Romney campaign has a robust ground game in Ohio, with over 40 offices backed by those ever-present SUPER PACs.

However, in a world of increasing statistical signs pointing toward a potential Obama win in Ohio, sometimes it's the anecdotal signs which are most striking.

Sometimes, it's the personal, emotional notes which are the great reveal:

The crowd – estimated at 6,800 by fire officials – was unquestionably fired up.

“The rally was just motivating and exciting,” Meeka Owens of North Avondale said afterward. “You could feel the heartbeat of the city.”

Heartbeat. A word worth considering as November 6 draws near.

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Here are the latest numbers out of Iowa.


Are you pleased with the numbers you are seeing out of Iowa?

73%60 votes
20%17 votes
6%5 votes

| 82 votes | Vote | Results

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Reposted from Posh (and not so Posh) Thoughts by ThatPoshGirl

Early voting is in full swing now. Ohio started in-person voting yesterday and more than 15,000 people showed up to vote. The majority of them were in left-leaning Franklin County, where college students actually camped out over night to be the first to vote.

Of the 15,942 people who voted in Ohio yesterday [and those votes were reported], 10,311 were in Franklin County. That is 65% [of the reported votes]. In 2008, Franklin county made up about 10% of the electorate in Ohio. According to Dr. McDonald, 1.8% of Franklin county eligible voters had already voted by the time polls closed last night.

I still only have voting demographics on three states: IA, NC and ME. ME has only received a handful of votes, so I am not doing anything with it, yet.

I hope that next week the polling will give us information on who is early voting in OH and elsewhere.

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Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 02:29 PM PDT

I voted today! AZ ballot

by chloris creator

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I just voted and wanted to share with those who might care: my fellow kossacks.

If you know the voting schedules you may think, hey, how did she vote in Arizona?  Isn’t it too soon?


Your voting plan for the 2012 general election

9%7 votes
59%43 votes
25%18 votes
0%0 votes
5%4 votes

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