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Thu May 24, 2007 at 10:02 PM PDT

**** You - I'm On Strike

by EcoAero

I am having trouble understanding how we went from winning the debate to whimpering in the corner broken and beaten. It happened so fast.

It was just yesterday I was out protesting Bush with 2,000 of the coolest people I've ever met. I was so focused on that, I had no idea that I was about to go from politically optimistic to betrayed and disillusioned.

Are the ANSWER people right when they say the democrats really don't want to end the war, and are just playing their assigned role, and are a critical part of keeping the war going?

I think Congress is irrelevant. They are not representative of America. Things happen too fast now. We need congress 2.0


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This has been a great year for me at college. I didn't get arrested, I didn't go to the hospital for alcohol poisoning or contract any STD's. Despite not locking my bike almost all year it wasn't even stolen. These are respectable achievements for anyone in Bush's America, because the people are hurting for money and when that happens your car stereo gets stolen. It's not that I expected to get arrested, or was even doing anything wrong but this is also after all a time when you can get arrested for wearing a t-shirt. Cindy Sheehan was arrested for a t-shirt with the number of Americans dead in Iraq. Since she wore that shirt a thousand American troops have died needlessly.  People have been arrested in malls for wearing anti-war shirts. I was arrested for wearing a t-shirt when I was 17, but that's another story and those charges were bullshit and never prosecuted.

So for me it was a great year. I partied, I met a lot of people, I was seduced by a bikini clad temptress into oatmeal wrestling in a kiddie pool on spring weekend (huge party weekend).  I'm on the escalator to graduation, success and the suburbs. In the past year in Iraq on the other hand tens maybe hundreds of thousands of people have died of violence or disease and I didn't even get arrested protesting it.


should we impeach Bush now or in six months?

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(cross-published in todays Daily Campus)


This is a great day to be young, progressive and an American. Our six year national nightmare is finally over. The theocrats and war pigs have been resoundingly ridiculed and refused re-election. And the election was a total shut-out, we didn't lose one seat, not one. It's good to win,  winning makes our progressive movement stronger. America hates losers, and today the biggest loser of all is George W. Bush.

In district after district America cast Bush's Congress to the curb.  A realignment has taken place in the political consciousness of America. Conservatism as we know it is dead. The only way Republicans can ever win again is by coming over to our side on the issues.



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Wed Oct 11, 2006 at 08:38 AM PDT

UCONN Could be Lamont Powerhouse

by EcoAero

(cross-published in today's UCONN daily campus)

When the former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO forces, General Wesley Clark, came to  UCONN last Friday he said "When I graduated from West Point, we didn't know where UCONN was, now you're a powerhouse athletically. The question is, are you going to be a powerhouse politically and help to change this country?" How can we meet the General's challenge? We can register  to vote, and then turn out in massive numbers on November 7th. We can change this country by demanding an end to the occupation of Iraq by voting for Ned Lamont. The reason National political celebrities like Lamont & Clark came to UCONN is because they know in a close election UCONN can make the difference. Stay the course means staying forever. The same masterful public relations marketing techniques used to sell America on invasion are now being used to sell America on staying. They lied to get us to go to war, now they're lying to keep us in Iraq. They lie to us about who we are fighting, why we are fighting them, and how long we plan to stay.

more on the flip


is the idea that Iraqis dont want us there reason alone to justify redeployment?

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(cross-published in tomorrows UCONN Daily Campus)

The conservative Republican Bush Administration holds power for two more years, barring resignation or impeachment. How much more damage can Bush & Cheney do in the next two years? That depends on what happens in the November 7th midterm elections. The whole House of Representatives and one third of the Senate are up for grabs. If the Republicans maintain majority control of both Houses, the next two years will be dangerous indeed. If Democrats work hard, get out the vote and retake the Legislative branch, Bush and Cheney can be contained for the remainder of their term. Their numerous scandals will investigated. A big Democratic win in November means accountability, oversight, and checks and balances will spare America from the wrath of Bush's conservative policies, and you know he's saving his most dangerous and radical policies for the last two years.


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(cross-published today in UCONN's The Daily Campus)

The College Republicans are probably best known for making Ann Coulter $16,000 richer to come here and tell us that if she had a gay son, she would tell him he's adopted. But providing easy money to Ann Coulter is not all they are known for.  Some famous former College Republicans include super conservative lobbyist & admitted felon Jack Abramoff, as well as the almost-indicted Karl Rove.  Yesterday's college republican is today's indicted or un-indicted co-conspirator.

The Current College Republican national organization has had their own share of ethics troubles. From the Washington Post: "The College Republican National Committee is under fire for using front organizations to collect millions of dollars in contributions, including money from elderly people with dementia." This particular fund raising scandal included sending out requests for money under false and misleading letterheads that misrepresented who was actually asking for money.  The median age of the solicited donors was 85.


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Last night I went to the meeting of College Democrats at the Univserity of Connecticut and I have a lot of good news to report.

We had a full room of smart & motivated people who want to volunteer to get democrats elected this november. Dean's 50 state strategy was also being carried out right here. Dean has sent one of his own people to help us register voters and get out the vote to elect Lamont & Joe Courtney.

They talked about how we are going to be building up the party, centralising voter ID efforts so time & money aren't wasted. This year we're going to be knocking on dorm rooms and getting students to the polls. The outlook is long term and goes beyond 2006, and I love it.

More on this & a piece on the college republicans & fun with guns On the flip


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I'm 21 and a student at the University of Connecticut. I am volunteering for the important campaigns, but I also care very deeply about advocating liberal/left ideas in order to do my part to move the political center of gravity in this country. I agree with David Sirota about the importance of having an ideological movement instead of "partisan war syndrome". Which is why in tomorrow's main campus newspaper, The Daily Campus I have my first commentary piece coming out on 9/11 five years later, the failures of conservatism & Bush and the disturbing cynicism they have created in this country, where according to an august poll 36% of Americans have become so disillusioned with government that they believe it is likely that the government allowed 9/11 to happen to start a mid-east war. It is about how we got to such a horrible place and it puts the blame on conservatism.

I think this is Crashing the Gate in that it is getting our ideas out there by simply getting involved and using existing infrastructure

Will you read it and give me feedback? It is not long.


Should I use the term liberal or progressive?

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