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Here in Connecticut, our Republicorp Senatorial candidate, Linda McMahon, has made a political issue over whether or not people can wear WWE apparel to vote on this coming Tuesday.  (For those who do not know, McMahon was the CEO of the WWE.)  A judge recently ruled that doing this is perfectly fine and people can vote wearing the apparel.

I think we can use this to our benefit...

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The Health Insurance industry does not substantively benefit from the costs of competition.  The People of the United States of America, nor humanity itself, benefit from this competition. The administration now seeks to retain that competition largely to serve an ideological Capitalist belief, not for a pragmatic reality.  We should embrace the reality of what the industry actually does and, for the betterment of humanity, toss that competition away as useless.

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Sarah Palin, during her resignation speech, claimed that she was leaving because she didn't want to be afflicted by her lame duck status and that this is not serving politics as usual.

Well, what Palin has done certainly doesn't qualify as usual, but it certainly was politics.

What she's really saying there is that if she's not running for anything else, she has no reason to govern.  What Sarah Palin is essentially telling us is something that we already know, something that "politics as usual" means to most of us: That every cycle of political service is focused, almost entirely, on forwarding the status of yourself or your party to gain or perpetuate power.  She had no interest in actually running the State of Alaska.  She had every interest in forwarding her own political ambitions.

That's what Sarah Palin is telling us.  That her decision is strictly politics as usual, even if it doesn't qualify as being strictly usual.


I was under a medically induced rock for a few weeks and am now finally coming back to watching the cable news channels.  I've heard a lot of arguments about the release of the new torture photos... but the most important argument for releasing the photos I've only heard danced around so far.  I don't know if anger over the past 8 years is just so intense or if the back-and-forth makes too much money in viewership for the media, but the answer is pretty simple... there's only one argument that needs to be made.

...and I'll make that argument below.

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Fri Nov 07, 2008 at 05:30 PM PST

Traitor Joe's Gotta Go!

by Eireknight

Watching the news since the election, the theme of Joe Lieberman's betrayal is everywhere.  Certainly "he must be punished" is a common theme.  There's also talk of what that would mean strategically (Not tactically, John) for the Democrats.

One complaint I've seen is that punishing Lieberman would be bad for the Democrats because we'd be punishing one of our own for not "walking the party line".

Wait a second here!  I disagree!  You can't not walk the party line of a party that you're not a part of...

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A few days ago, the ACLU posted an informative blog about What Not to Wear on Election Day.  The advice is great and I suggest everyone read that diary so that they don't lose their right to vote.  

We're all very enthusiastic about this campaign and we're all going to want to show our pride.  That's natural.  So what will I be doing to show my pride while still complying with no-campaigning laws?

I'll be wearing all blue.  I will stand in line quietly, without disrupting anyone, in all blue.  I think you should be wearing all blue as well.


Will you be wearing blue on election day?

79%61 votes
10%8 votes
10%8 votes

| 77 votes | Vote | Results

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President Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."  Certainly these times that we live in are worthy of considerable fear.  On this site we discuss these fears every day: The economy, the erosion of our rights, health care, rampant warfare and death, the fear of environmental change causing significant problems, and we could go on and on.  As President Roosevelt astutely noted, in a day with fears that are certainly analogous in scope to the fears that we hold today, that fear is something to be avoided.

The problem with the FISA amendments is that as a law, like so many passed over the previous seven years, it is justified and grounded in fear.  Fear that everyone and anyone could be a terrorist.  Fear that if we don't give corporations absolute immunity they won't allow us to save us or themselves.  Fear that a disconnected population of people will only see the names of legislation and vote solely on attack ads.

This kind of fear is dangerous, and should be avoided.  This country cries out for leadership, and a true leader cannot lead in a state of fear.

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