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I am a NYC democrat, and I vote.  I think I've voted in every election since 2000 and that includes low turnout affairs like Tuesdays statewide primary.  It's clear to me that my conservaDem governor is terrified of Tim Wu getting enough votes to displace Kathy Hochul on the state ticket, but NOT for the reasons everyone thinks.  I'll present my argument as to why, in the deluded mind of Cuomo, keeping Tim Wu off the ticket is terribly important on the other side of the orange squiggly.

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Just a quick diary breaking.  There was a sit-in today in Times Sq in NYC, the so called crossroads of the world.  Thousands of activists are STILL the streets, despite the efforts of NYPD to break up the march.

UPDATE--The NYTime currently has a slideshow up of Trayvon protests from across the nation on the front page of their website. The first image of that slideshow is SO stereotypical I want to throw something.  Compare that picture to the ones posted below.  I was in the street all day and everyone I saw was peaceful and respectful.  How fair and balanced of them!

2nd UPDATE--The pic I was complaining about has now been pushed down by more recent images from Times Sq. It's now pic #4 on the NYTimes slideshow, not the first image you see when you go to their site, so there's that.

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Esquire writer Charles P. Pierce writes a pitch perfect speech that, if Mittens had the brass to deliver, would vault him back into contention.  It's satire, but like the best humor cuts to the bone and exposes the truth.  It opens with

How'd you like it? You wanted me to be authentic and you got it, both barrels, gold-plated with a lovely mahogany stock, perfect for killing varmints. Put me on a podium in front of an auditorium full of mouthbreathers I wouldn't hire to park my car and I turn into an ice sculpture. But put me in a room with sentient piles of currency, and I can relax and explain the way the world works in the only language they understand, the only language that counts. I speak Money, bitches, and if you didn't learn it when you were young, there ain't no Rosetta Stone you can use to play catch-up now. We spoke Money at home. We spoke Money at prep school. Parlez-vous franc? Sprechen sie Deutschmark? You don't speak Money, you don't speak to me, because, well:
I'm Mitt Romney, bitches, and I'm all you got left.
Follow me below the 47% fleur de lis for choice excepts.  
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There is currently a diary on the rec list that savages the Teach for America program while offering scant evidence to support the claims made.  While Teach for America is by no means perfect, a more reasoned approach is necessary for understanding its particular strengths and the potential threat it poses to teachers unions, if not education.  

Come follow me...

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Although Kos has declared 2010 primary season on corrupt Dems, Kevin Powell is jumping the gun a bit. Powell, an author and community organizer who might be best known nationally for his turn on the first season of MTV's The Real World, has decided to mount a primary challenge against Edolphus "Ed" Towns [NY-10].  Towns is one of the pharmaceutical company's best friends in congress and is also the man who handed the Bush administration a victory a few years ago by casting the decisive vote to pass CAFTA.

Towns has been in office for 25 years and represents a safe Democratic district in Brooklyn, so ousting him would send a powerful message to some of the less progressive members of the caucus to get their acts together.  Towns' defeat would also demonstrate the strength of the people powered political movement that Barack Obama is building.

But how can Powell defeat such a powerful incumbent?  Follow me below the fold.

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In the wake of his decision to have New York state embrace marriage equality, fellow Kossack Gov. David Patterson has set up a phone line to gauge support for the measure.  Anyone can call and express support, but it is vitally important that as many residents of New York State as possible call to support marriage equality.  The call is simple and takes about 5 seconds

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Someone needs to find video of this.  I'm listening to NPR at work and they just broke in with a soundbite from the AIPAC conference.

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Following up on Jeremybloom's excellent diary on Hillary's potential difficulties in NY State after her sustained and repeated attacks on the African American electorate

And in keeping with the principles of confronting Dems who refuse to Act Blue, I invite you to consider a potential challenger for Hillary in 2012

All those stating that Hillary can 'mend fences' fail to understand the antipathy that Hillary engenders in the Black community in NY.  Without  that support she cannot win.  So, if we want to keep the seat we should begin thinking about who should run against her in the primary.

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