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The choices facing us are stark. One option, the one I favor, is to free ourselves of both fossil fuels and the political influence bought with fossil fuel money.

We must invest in new technology and renewable energy because new American jobs depend on it. China has now jumped ahead to become the world's largest manufacturer of wind turbines and solar panels - they are adding 100,000 new jobs a year in renewable energy as a result.

We could have what China has, too, but not going at things the way we have been.

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  EnergizeUS is all about local energy jobs and the manufacturing needed to support that. EnergizeUS coalition member and Arizona Senate candidate Rodney Glassman has a background in arid land management and he immediately keyed in on the water issues associated with energy production.

  This isn’t well known yet, but it is a very serious concern, and one we’d do well to address sooner rather than later.

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 Lately we’ve been hearing a lot of excuses: people are unemployed because they’re lazy. They’re unemployed because they have skills mismatch.

  The real reason people are unemployed is that the jobs they have the skills to perform have been exported at every possible opportunity for the last thirty years. We’ve retrained and retrained and retrained while this has gone on, until now they only industries left are training ... or going further into debt funding education in the next career that will be offshored as soon as someone figures out how.

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Jim Holbert, Kentucky District 5’s House candidate provided us with his campaign platform, five sets of well organized bullet points, and he had appended another little section just for EnergizeUS.

This is the sort of discipline we’ve come to expect from the military candidates we see and Jim’s background as an Army and Coast Guard pilot, used to performing a preflight checks, is clearly apparent.

It’s a pleasure to put together an introductory piece like this when given such well organized source material.

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Investment in mass transit yields four times as many jobs per dollar as investment in oil development – it’s a simple choice for policymakers

  We got a nice little basket of information from Congressman Grijalva’s staff on energy and job creation. That quote above was the money shot - he is all too aware of the effect the billion dollars a day we send overseas for oil has on our economy, both this quarter, and the effect it’ll have over the next quarter century.

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Energize US is a coalition of candidates united around one central message: we can fix our economy and put Americans back to work in good paying jobs by focusing our attention on renewable energy and conservation.  Today's diary is the first in a series that will be introducing you one by one to the members of the coalition.

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 We hear talk about local energy production jobs and the young people along with those who want to retrain into a new industry get excited, but what does it all mean? What sort of jobs are there?

  This little photo diary will give you some sense of what is possible.

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 There will be no recovery without jobs. It's just that simple. We've watched for thirty long years as the manufacturing jobs that made America strong were spirited away to countries with lax environmental regulations and little or no protection for their citizens. American workers were forced to compete with three hundred million underemployed Chinese who were willing to work for $132 a month.

 We have to buy it here. We have to make it here. And unless those doing the making are themselves making it our downward spiral will continue.

  We can make this change and local energy production is the first step we should take.

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