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Here's the letter our member Jacqueline wrote when we joined the campaign to ban fracking. Sadly it is not dated, but it will be once we get a moratorium on fracking in California.

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When members of Environmental Action became fed up with pro-fracking spots aired by the American Natural Gas Association on NPR, they set up a mock website “” to collect their own mesages highlighting the dangers of fracking. Dozens of comments and voices were then edited into a segment intended to serve as a counterweight to the pro-fracking messages on NPR.
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Watching the government shutdown over partisan bickering is frustrating.
But it's also really bad for our planet. While national parks and forests are closed to visitors, they're open for fracking, mining and logging to continue. What's worse, almost the entire EPA has been sent home, meaning there are no cops on the beat to stop polluters from poisoning our air, water and land.

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Washington, D.C.—Today, a coalition of 276 environmental and consumer organizations including Americans Against Fracking,, Berks Gas Truth, Center for Biological Diversity, CREDO Action, Democracy for America, Environmental Action, Daily Kos, Food & Water Watch, MoveOn, Progressive Democrats of America, The Post Carbon Institute and United For Action delivered to President Obama and the Bureau of Land Management nearly 650,000 public comments asking the federal government to ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking) on public lands. This development amplifies the message sent by the 7,800 people who called the White House yesterday, urging President Obama to protect communities and their resources from the negative effects of fracking. The deadline for submitting public comments to the federal government regarding drilling and fracking on federal lands is August 23.

"Our public lands are a national treasure and a sacred trust passed by one generation of Americans to another," said Drew Hudson of Environmental Action. "Fracking on public lands threatens the drinking water of millions of people, including the President's daughters and everyone else here in Washington, D.C. It would also poison many of our last wild and pristine ecosystems. Fracking has no place on our public lands, and these citizens, more than half a million of them, are calling on the President and the Bureau of Land Management to say: ‘Yes we can ban fracking.’"

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Seth Gladstone –, 917.363.6615  

    Fracking-Harmed Residents Confront EPA and Demand Reopened Investigation of Poisoned Drinking Water with 50,000+ Petitions  

    Action Comes on Heels of Report Showing EPA Officials Ignored Evidence from Local EPA Office that Found Pollution in Dimock Drinking Water  

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The Environmental Protection Agency exists to protect people and the planet from polluters. So why are they covering up research that shows fracking pollutes groundwater - including drinking water - with dangerous levels of gas and toxic metals? Gina McCarthy may not have been in charge of the EPA when this happened, but she's inherited the scandal. And it's up to McCarthy to stand up to the frackers, and use all the science at the EPA to protect the planet.

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It's official. Thanks in part to the tens of thousands of us who signed petitions, called and wrote our Senators Gina McCarthy is the new head of the EPA after surviving a more than 150-day filibuster.

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Thu Jul 18, 2013 at 02:52 PM PDT


by Environmental Action

I read with mixed feelings the news that the Senate had decided not to "nuke' itself by enacting the completely reasonable position that a president should have the right to pick his own cabinet free from partisan interference or the general craziness we've come to call "Congress".

Why? Because I think the Senate is broken—truly broken—and no amount of reasonable people getting confirmed will change that.

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He's back! Everybody's favorite fracktivist documentarian Josh Fox has done a sequel to his breakout documentary Gasland, which basically invented the genre of fracktivist documentary. It's a tough act to follow, in that I believe Gasland is the biggest cause of people joining the fracking movement, second only to having a your own water tap catch fire, and I was dying to see it. Though HBO discouraged public screenings, I was able to cadge an invite to a nearby roof deck to watch it with the splendid backdrop of Center City Philadelphia.

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Over the holiday weekend, we sent an email out about the Bureau of Land Management's policy on wild horses. Thousands of you have responded in shock and outrage to the news that BLM claims that each wild horse needs as much land as an 800 acre strip mine or cattle ranch. It's wildly untrue, but BLM uses this flimsy excuse to claim it doesn't have room for all of America's horses. So it sells them to shady vendors who make them disappear €”often with grisly results.

But a number of members also wrote back to us with a really good point: horses (at least what we think of as horses) are not a native species to the American west. They were brought here by settlers and their impact on the ecosystems of our rangeland are to some degree un-natural. So I'm posting below the fold some more of my own thoughts to keep the conversation going and see what others think.

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Global warming is often described as an abstract, distant issue. For any of us who grew up in Wisconsin in the 1980's, it is far from that. In 1988, as the news was breaking of the dire environmental threat of global warming, even worse than the hole in the ozone layer,the worst drought since the Dust Bowl era struck. It decimated  our lovely Wisconsin summer, the pay off for enduring frigid Arctic winters, and was the starting gun on what would become a painful, dry decade. For an area that's home to most of the planet's fresh water, where the lakes are both Great and plentiful, it was scary stuff. I remember that the fire of my environmental activism was further enflamed by those long hot summers.

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100,000 voices have spoken out on oil subsidies, will Reid listen?

Daily Kos, Environmental Action, and USAction band together to demand cuts oil subsidies

Contact: Drew Hudson,

House Democrats, 16 Senators led by Robert Menendez, andPresident Obama have spoken publicly about the need to end oil subsides as part of a solution to the budget impasse and the haphazard spending cuts known as the sequester. But so far, Harry Reid and the other Senators have been silent on the issue, while Republican Paul Ryan has called for an additional $2 billion a year in oil tax breaks.So progressive organizations are demanding that oil subsidies be cut as part of any deal to balance the budget, and have gathered an impressive 100,000 citizen comments to back up the plan. And oil companies are rattled, running ads to combat any potential cuts.

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