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I found this to be eye opening and perspective inducing:

Solis charged that Pinochet was responsible in 36 cases of "forced disappearances," a murder and 23 cases of torture committed in the jail.

36 disappearances?

1 murder??!!??

23 cases of torture?

That's it!?! That's all they need to try (and likely convict ) this inhuman monster? This is what constitutes a torture trial?

OK, then I guess convicting Bush Jr. and Cheney should take all of 15 minutes, right?

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Under the settlement, Williams admits no wrongdoing. He did not face criminal charges in the case, says Channing Phillips, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office within the Justice Department.

Just one more of the infinite reasons Bush must be forced from office.

It will not be enough simply to remove Congressional Republicans.

Armstrong Williams used PROPAGANDA (yes, real prosecuteable propaganda) to sell Bush's political agenda to the American people, and he disguised it as news.

Armstrong Williams is a criminal. But not anymore.

Armstrong Williams, thanks to Bush, settled his propaganda case; he's not guilty of anything.

Settled? A propaganda case? You agree to pay so that we won't investigate your propaganda?

That's justice in Bush-world?

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