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To what may well be the most constructive and least internecine diary of the day.

What Would You do to Create Jobs?  by CatM

(I'd insert the moonfaced stick figure guy asking the title question, but I've still never gotten around to setting up a photo account.)

So take a break from the fighting (and the phonebanking, if you're still at it) and toss some ideas for job creation around.


Whatever past history you might have with ThisIsMyTime, whatever you might think about him/her as a person, or of past diaries written, please go recommend and tip his current diary, The Faces of Famine, and if at all possible, use one of the donation links to help Oxfam with famine relief.


Given that we have Garden Blogging (ala Saturday Morning), and groups for Living Simply and Urban Homesteading onsite now, I decided to share my experiences with growing and harvesting a low maintenance, small footprint, versatile and tasty food - Garlic.  A lot of people are hesitant about their abilities to grow anything, but are feeling pinched in the pocketbook and dubious about buying foods imported from third world conditions.  Below the fleur de kos, I'll expand upon my experiences with selecting a type of garlic, buying the starter cloves, preparing them, planting them, tending them, and harvesting them.  I've also kicked in some links to other diarists' work onsite about garlic.

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I'm pretty sick and tired of hearing deficit hawks of both major parties spewing that nonsense about how the country needs to 'act like a family' in terms of not spending more than they make, etc.

So I propose a set of actions, listed below the fleur de Kos.

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Not much to say, with the Yankees down 1-0 early in a game against Tampa Bay, Jeter was second up to the plate after Gardner was thrown out out first base.  Price tossed a strike, 3 balls, and 2 fouls before Jeter finally caught a low ball with a nice bit of upward momentum, getting both his 3000th hit and a solid homerun to tie the game up.  Announcers noted that the only other 3000 club hitter to HR on his 3000th was Wade Boggs.

This concludes your moment of baseball trivia, although I wouldn't be surprised if Keith Olbermann has more to say about it on his next show, since he's such a big baseball fan.


Sat May 07, 2011 at 04:55 PM PDT

DK Pie Wars - It's genetic.

by Ezekial 23 20

Nature or Nurture?  It looks like Nature strikes again.

As noted in Born to be Happy by Jeremy Laurance, writing for the New Zealand Herald, research published between 2009 and the present has linked a gene to people's 'base state' of optimism and happiness or pessimism and gloominess.

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Truly final update Go read a much better diary on the topic that oddly isn't getting much traffic.

Second Update (For those too lazy to read to the bottom before they comment)  I am only speaking of the public reactions, presented to the country live on TV.
(end update)

He isn't 'celebrating', he isn't 'cheering', he isn't even 'smiling'.  He knows that this was a necessary outcome, that if Osama resisted capture, he might have to be killed.  That the world would be a safer place once Osama was caught or killed.  

A lot of people could learn a thing or two from the President.

I've seen the 'rabid dog' line a couple of times now.  Yes, you kill a rabid dog.  But you don't stand around cheering, waving flags, and chanting 'USA, USA' after you do it.  You acknowledge having completed a necessary, but ugly task, and maybe take satisfaction if it was done cleanly, and that everyone else will now be safe from it.

If you're 'cheering', if you're 'celebrating', if you're 'jubilant', you might want to sit down and ask yourself whose ideas inform such feelings.  Which side of the political spectrum celebrates death?

Is the world a better place without him?  I certainly say yes.  And I'm glad he's finally been killed.  But I'm not going to cheer death, and neither will President Obama.

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Thu Apr 14, 2011 at 10:40 AM PDT

Nato bombing Libya?

by Ezekial 23 20

Well, mea culpa diaries seem to be the theme of the week, so I'll add my own.

I thought maybe, maybe, Western powers could actually stick to what they said they were going to do militarily without 'mission creep'.  I didn't want to see a massacre in Libya, as Quaddafi seemed to be promising, so I supported the military intervention that appeared to be 'bounded' in scope, giving the benefit of the doubt that President Obama actually did simply care about saving lives.  (And I still think he does, but we transferred control over to NATO, which means we don't control the scope any more...)

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Sun Mar 27, 2011 at 08:29 AM PDT

Read Juan Cole today. (on Libya)

by Ezekial 23 20

That's pretty much it.

Juan Cole: An Open Letter to the Left on Libya.

Someone posted the link in the 7am openthread, and I thank them.

Juan says, clearly and concisely, what many on site believe, and deconstructs a number of the exact arguments that have popped up on site in opposition to the Libyan Intervention.

And, in related news, the BBC reports that, thanks to the intervention, rebels have retaken a number of towns they had lost, and have moved westward.  One diarist onsite even suggests they're starting to threaten Tripoli, but I didn't see any links provided as to where that specific info arose.


As part of our class on family nursing, we have a unit on 'diversity'.  As part of that unit, we had to read and respond to Frances E. Kendall's 'Understanding White Privilege'.

The responses of many of the rest of my class (composed entirely of people who already have their licenses as Registered Nurses) were as depressing as many of you can likely expect.

I haven't read all of the comments yet, but the denial, sometimes vehement, of the existence of white privilege is outnumbering even tepid acknowledgements of its existence by about 9-1 so far.

Among a class full of licensed healthcare professionals, all of whom have had at least some exposure to 'diversity training' in earlier classes.

I'm enclosing my own post below.

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Sun Feb 20, 2011 at 03:30 PM PST

Lot of BS coming out of Libya...

by Ezekial 23 20

CNN has a running translation going on atm of one of Gaddafi's sons on Libyan TV with a ticker below with 'breaking news' statements.  They're claiming ...

'Illegal immigrants' are among the protesters.

The protesters are taking drugs.

'Everyone' has weapons, protesters have stolen tanks, machine guns.

All those protesters are going to cause civil war.

The foreign investors will pull out, services will disappear, etc, etc, etc.

The country will collapse if you dare protest, basically.

Oh, and 'Europe and the US' will 'not allow' an Islamic emirate, and will occupy the country.

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Which, of course, is going to screw with everyone's 'following', my mojo, my group permissions, etc, etc, as I'd be returning to my old, inactive original UID, which has my surname in it.  I'm thinking with the switch to DK4 it's time to get away from the nom de plume and stand up, even if it leaves the possibility of making my job search more difficult.

Thoughts, suggestions?

(BTW, I like pink fairy armadillos, which, when last I checked, were on the verge of extinction.  But noting that gives me an excuse to put 'pink fairy armadillo' in my tags.  Mwuahahah.)


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