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This was posted as an OpEd on Fighting and we are trying to build up support for this concept. With all the talk but little action on support for the troops and vets, this is a solid proposal that could net enough money to seriously address the needs of vets. They have served their country courageously and they deserve more than window dressing to give them the care they deserve.

Please read the article by Brent Budowsky and help spread the word throughout the netroots. And take the unabashedly tilted poll.

Noel Schutz, Publisher Fighting
Randy Risener, Editor, Fighting Dems News Service


Do you thing that a Soldier Bond is a worthwhile initiative?

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It has been a pleasure to see the leadership roles taken by those Fighting Dem Vets who went to Congress and Senate. Jim Webb has been amazing in the Senate, moving more boldly than is normal for freshmen Senators. And in the House Vice Admiral Sestak has been an advisor up and down the halls of Congress and makes the chickenhawks on talk shows sheepish (sorry for  the mixed metaphor!) when he speaks of commanding a battle fleet. His newly elected Fighting Dem colleagues have been equally powerful voices on the Hill. You can see a video of Joe Sestak and Patrick Murphy speaking out against escalation of the Iraq War here.And Fighting Dem activists like Jerry McNerney in California and Carol Shea-Porter in New Hampshire, both of whom are near relatives of active duty military or veterans, are the kind of grassroots Fighting Dems that go hand in hand with our vet candidates.

More below the fold

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Bernie Quigley is a prize-winning writer and has worked more than 30 years as a book and magazine editor, political commentator and book, movie, music and art reviewer. He lives in the White Mountains with his wife and four children.  He is a strong proponent of the New Democrats and believes the Fighting Dems are the vanguard. He has supported Jim Webb and Wes Clark as two who have been in the forefront of the battle for the soul of America. I would, of course, add Eric Massa who will be live blogging with the kossacks in about an hour.

Check out Bernie’s latest ruminations latest below the bump and talk to him about them. This piece was sent informally as part of an email and unfolded into an OpEd!

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The point is that ALL races matter in this mid-term election. That is true of Fighting Dem races as well as many grassroots activists who have jumped into the trenches to reclaim territory long ceded to the Republican Party. And with the momentum of the "Blue Wave" continuing, races are being upgraded constantly even as election day is upon us. The feeling of movement on the ground is not reflected in some polls that underrate Fighting Dems, nor in polls that give excessive margins of victory to FDs. The feeling is one of a roiling beneath the waters that is moving in with the tied, mounting into swells and ready to break into whitecaps at its crest. Some polls seem to catch this momentum, some less so, but the momentum is there and election day might be a surprise to many.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: This diary is a new departure for Fighting Dems. Carol Shea-Porter is not a vet, but we are expanding our horizons to include the immediate relatives of military families ?parents, spouses, children. Those candidates who have been in service families as army brats, spouses or who have children who serve or have served in the military. See the list at the end of the Diary.

Carol will be our first non-vet military family Fighting Dem to be spotlighted by Carol will be live blogging with us today. A special essay on General Clark and Carol was written especially for this occasion by the noted writer, Bernie Quigley, who will be the Guest Host for our live blogging today.

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We love polls, we hate polls, but pundits, prognosticators and pollsters are poll-driven. If your campaign has not had even an internal poll, it will be under the radar and national independent pollsters will not have any means to evaluate your campaign other than the figures from the '04 election - and in so many cases in "Red" districts that are migrating to Purple and Blue this is a travesty that marks you a long shot or a no shot. They are mostly number crunchers and that is that.

A poll by a nationally known polling agency (you see them at, and PollingReport.comis expensive, say off hand pushing $10,000 bucks. How can an under funded, understaffed, underdog, and under the radar campaigns manage a poll?

We are in the home stretch. A last minute poll might be of value. It is the candidates' call. But for what it is worth, the rest is beyond the fold.

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This diary will deliberate on the Republican Party's sinking ship in which they are losing their prime campaign fodder in the areas of national security and moral integrity. This shift in public perception has lead to a focus on the incompetence and inadequacy in management of most anything - in short, a crisis of failed leadership. General Wesley Clark put it succinctly:

"It's a ship of fools. We're on the edge of a disaster."--WES CLARK

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Independent Survey by Majority Watch: Massa 52; Kuhl 40

Corning, NY - Retired Navy Commander Eric Massa is leading incumbent Rep. Randy Kuhl by a margin of 12 percentage points in a new poll conducted by the independent organization Majority Watch. The poll showed Massa leading in the race with 52% of likely voters preferring him compared to only 40% selecting Kuhl.



24%6 votes
12%3 votes
4%1 votes
56%14 votes
4%1 votes

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Back in March-April I thought that three dozen Fighting Dem Vets would be a good bet, but now we have just a nudge under five dozen vets who are running for the House or Senate because they are fed up with this administration. True, a few are life-long Democrats, but the majority are former Republicans who feel that the GOP has left them on the issues that made them vote Republican: national security and support for our armed forces.

The 'Super Tuesday' primaries on September 12th were the last great battle for who would be the Democratic Party's nominees to face the Republican incumbents in the November Mid-term Election. We now have 56 vets who are the official nominees

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The 'Super Tuesday' primaries on September 12th are the last great battle for who will be the Dem nominees to face the Republican Incumbents in the November Mid-term Election. The following is a summary of the primary battles faced by Fighting Dem Vets. Some vets facing other Dem challengers will be casualties of the primary season and some will emerge as the official nominees. The following information is from our website

62 Fighting Dem Vets currently running.
50 are the Democratic Party nominees.
 7 have September 12th primary battles.
 4 are unopposed (and thus will be the official nominees).
 1 is a write in.

54 are certain nominees; 0-10 more are possible.
54-62 possible nominees to face Republican incumbents in the GE

A general commentary and state-by-state survey may be found below the fold.
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In what has been called the second most "Red" district in Texas, Ted Ankrum making headway against Republican incumbent Michael McCaul. This is good news for Ted, but more than that it is good news for Dems across America as it reflects the polling trends in many districts. Ted has been walking the walk (well, driving in a fuel efficiency car actually) all across this sprawling district spending his limited funds in creative ways. He won the Democratic primary runoff using post cards to reach primary voters at a minimum cost (Fighting Dem Ted Ankrum's Strategic Weapon - The Post Card) and has avoided robocalls as too expensive for the return in favor of volunteers staking yard signs far and wide. Yet despite his funding handicap (spending only about $30,000 to date) and virtually no outside support, take a look at the poll results that Ted invested in -- and hit pay dirt!! This poll has indeed caused a "blog buzz" and has been featured on (Burnt Orange Report, McBlogger, Texas Politics, Off the Kuff, and Swing State Project.

Below the fold see what Ted and the bloggers have to say about this poll.

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Fighting Dem Vets ( is pleased to sponsor this live blog by Carl Sheeler (RI-Senate). Like Jim Webb, Carl is a Fighting Dem straight-shooter; like Ned Lamont, Carl is a new face to politics. And like both of these superb candidates Carl is facing an entrenched establishment Dem in next month's primary. And Netroots bloggers are taking notice of Carl's campaign. Two recent blog interviews are worth a read. The first is Interview with Fighting Dem Carl Sheeler by David Nalle on The second is by Steve Wanczyk on Wicked Philosophy Webzine: Carl Sheeler: The Next Ned Lamont?/

Below the fold is what Carl wrote for his Fighting Dem Vets Diary today.

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