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I was outraged today to read in a Daily Mail article about John Grisham’s recent bout of verbal diarrhea, wherein he just couldn’t express passionately enough his outrage over prisons now filled with guys [his] age. Sixty-year-old white men in prison who've never harmed anybody, would never touch a child. According to the article, in an interview in The Telegraph, Grisham laments the criminalization of the porno viewing victims of an overly harsh American criminal justice system. And here I was thinking we still had a long way to go in this country, not to mention in the world, toward eradicating sexual abuse and trafficking, child porn, etc.  Silly me.  But I digress.   Unpacking that one statement alone, among Grisham’s other racist, sexist, classist, cringe worthy, and depression inducing statements would require several diaries.  And the Telegraph has not even released the entire interview yet (stay tuned this weekend).  Alas...I am only one, frustratingly slow, diarist.  Nevertheless, the sadness and anger I’m feeling right now compels me to at least attempt to respond to the most immediately asinine aspects of Mr. Grisham’s unrighteous rant.  Follow me below the jump if you’re interested in seeing the five question cross examination I’m dying to conduct on Mr. Grisham.

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I just responded to a comment in the Front Page diary titled Chief Jackson contradicts Chief Jackson on details of robbery, shooting of unarmed teen.  

I am posting that comment and my response below the squigly and asking everyone to FIRST view the video that ALLEGEDLY shows him stealing from a convenience store before consuming any additional media about this case.  The spin is most definitely ON.

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I was encouraged reading the comments of a diary that was recently on the rec list where many commenters identifying themselves as white showed understanding and empathy with regard to the daily struggle that African American’s still face to walk, talk, bike, purchase, drive, be heroic, be smart, be stupid, be arrested, not be arrested, have pets, and just plain be human while black.

I am also appreciative of the view expressed in some comments that all humans, regardless of race, should be treated with basic human dignity and that those who are, should not be viewed as “privileged”.  Makes sense right?  Well..sort of. Follow me below the jump if you think there might be something missing.

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I'm not sure why I didn't know about this last year but evidently it has become the new normal in some areas of this country.

Traditionally fire protection has been paid for through taxes with everyone receiving equal protection.  However, some areas are now replacing the traditional model with a fee-for-service system in which each owner is required to “pay their own way.”  Those who forget to pay, refuse to pay, or simply cannot pay are not given any services.  

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While women, children and men are getting their brains blown out in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and all around this world, yesterday on "Hardball with Chris Matthews," three old men were sitting around a newsroom dangerously near tears in their repeated expressions of sympathy and dismay at the "tragedy" of Mark "don’t cry for me Argentina" Sanford throwing his political career down the toilet by not only cheating on his wife while in office but also deserting his post as Governor during his impromptu, south of the border, booty call. AAAAARGGGGGHHHH!

Witness Tweety’s pain below the fold:

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The contraception issue in the stimulus package was a lure. The republicans swallowed it and now Obama gets to not compromise on aspects of this package, and future proposals, that HE feels are non-negotiables.

It's interesting that many on this site want to judge the effectiveness of this long term strategy before we even see the preliminary results. There has been much gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair, accusations of treachery,  and of "caving for the sake of caving". Are there really so few of us that see this as a strategic move on the President's part?

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