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Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 12:36 PM PDT

Greatest Mark Foley Video Ever!

by Fulbright

A blog about local Arkansas Politics  The Blog From Greasy Creek has the funniest video I have seen about the text message exchanges between Rep. Foley and teenage friend.

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Much like Abramoff, I know there has to be Congressional candidates all over the ocuntry praying that they never took a public photo with Congressman Mark "The Sexual Predator" Foley.

This could be the biggest scandal of the decade...

Republicans 2006: Vote for Hypocricy

On the one-year anniversary of his administration's magnificent response to Hurricane Katrina and the day before W. launches a a new PR strategy that is sure to turn the War in Iraq around!!

Bush takes time to celebrate and raise money with Arkansas Gubernatorial candidate Asa! Hutchinson and party with NBA Journeyman Joe Kleine!

Joe Kleine, a former Arkansas Razorback basketball player, is hosting the mid-day fundraiser at his house.

Its big news in Arkansas...Arkansas Times: "Prince of New Orleans"

"What better way to re-build public housing and category 5 levees than to raise money for the former House manager of Bill Clinton's impeachment?"

I can't think of any...

Oh wait maybe... Daily Kosers can log onto the Arkansas Democratic Party website and help the Democrats counter the George W fundraising machine

Arkansas Democratic Party

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Thu Apr 27, 2006 at 02:24 PM PDT

John Kerry's First Wife

by Fulbright

Apologies for the earlier appears Julia Thorne, John Kerry's first wife has passed away. I hate to be the bearer of absolutey horrible news but I have heard John Kerry's first wife may have passed away this afternoon.

I really don't want to be the guy who starts a ramapnt internet rumor but I was given this information confidentially from a very close friend of mine.

Can anybody tell me if this horrible news is true?

very concerned and saddened

I think this administration pulled an amazing bait & switch yesterday.  The President stood by Scott McClellan as he made the announcement in the most eye catching and formal of settings as possible and yesterday and today the gossip heats up about Tony Snow being the possible replacement.  

While the "President" pushed McClellan out the front door, Karl Rove quietly slipped out the back door. The Rove story is about 10x greater on the Richter scale yet it seems like a page six side note in most newspapers today.

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Talk about mandatory reading! The article "With One Filing, Prosecutor Puts Bush in Spotlight" by David E. Sanger and David Johnston in yesterday's New York Times was absolutely breath taking.  Finally someone in Washington has overcone the failure of imagination and put a narrative and motive behind the criminal and unpatriotic activity of the Bush White House.

Mr. Fitzgerald's filing talks not of an effort to level with Americans but of "a plan to discredit, punish or seek revenge against Mr. Wilson." It concludes, "It is hard to conceive of what evidence there could be that would disprove the existence of White House efforts to 'punish Wilson.' "

"Let justice be done though the heavens fall"

Quite possibly the most unlikley hero in my lifetime Patrick J. Fitzgerald has I think nailed the underlying crime relating to the Vice Presidnet's office and its attempt to discredit Ambassador Joseph Wilson

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Thu Apr 06, 2006 at 10:09 AM PDT

Enzi Bill: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

by Fulbright

Enzi Legislation Threatens Massachusetts Style Healthcare Initiatives & Women's Rights

In the name of making health insurance more affordable for small businesses (which I think any American would support), the Enzi legislation would very deceptively undercut all state laws regarding minimum coverage mandates.  These mandates provide essential consumer protections and many like the pending legislation in Massachusetts are landmark achievements in the battle for reforming healthcare in America.

The New York Times 4/5/06:

the 145-page Massachusetts legislation -- passed by the Democrat-controlled House in a 155-2 vote and unanimously approved by the state Senate -- underscores how states are exploring their own ways of fixing the problem

The Enzi legislation, which could be on the Senate floor in late April, would directly threaten the progress made in Massachusetts.

The Enzi Bill would undercut all of these hard fought state healthcare initiatives in one fell swoop.  This maybe the ultimate height of hypocrisy for the Conservative movement in America and its long revered mantra of "State's Rights."  

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Just when you think the healthcare crisis could not get any worse in America...

Catholic Hospitals are not only NOT living up to their Christian ideal they are also falling well short of the United States Tax Code.

There have been numerous cases of Cathoic Hospitals not only refusing out right to care for uninsured patients but severely overcharging them when they do perform medical services.

It looks like Catholic Hospitals, officially registered as non-profit entities, are also dishing out enormous sums of money to their hospital administrators.  These hopsitals have enormous finanacial endowments yet they choose to make a "profit" of the backs of the uninsured in America.

An article in the Sun Times, two weeks ago, highlighted how out of hand the problem has become with the Catholic Hospitals in Chicago.

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