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Recently, I've argued in favor of peace between Israel and the Palestinian people. And I still desire peace. However, I made the mistake of equating Israel and Hamas, and believed that Israel was acting mostly in self defense - Even if they seemed to be using an unnecessary amount of force, they had been fired upon. But what they're doing in the West Bank? Well, I didn't realize how bad it was until today. It goes beyond self defense. It goes beyond even oppression. The red line for everyone should be the intentional harming of children, and Israel has crossed that line.

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Sad, but not completely unexpected news. Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York, has asked the Working Families Party to put Cuomo on their line. The WFP can still win, but things are a bit complicated from here in my opinion. Complicated as in a possible Republican Governor in New York.
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It amazes me that Republicans can do pretty much whatever they want and still win in some areas. From opposing a Medicaid Expansion that will cost their states literally nothing for the first two years, and then next to nothing from then on, to supporting armed insurrection, to openly cracking jokes and taking political jabs at Democrats over their(Democrat's) concern about 300 little girls being kidnapped, to being not-so-subtle about why they're passing voter ID laws, to a whole host of other batshit crazy things they do, the Repubs just seem opposed to human decency.

They seem to have absolutely no agenda other than serving the 1%. That's all there is. They don't even have a religious agenda, as is seen in their refusal to listen to Pope Francis or anything Jesus ever said, that's simply a phony issue they throw up to make more people vote for them. Which brings me to a question; Why does anyone vote for Republicans? 99% of the population gains absolutely nothing from them. They don't have any issue on their side. The economic issues are turning in our favor, and the social issues are, for the most part, gone and on our side. The only issue that isn't 100% toxic to them (As in voters aren't OVERWHELMINGLY against them) is abortion but we all know what happens when they talk about that. (I highly doubt I need a Todd Akin link for that.)

So why vote Republican? Is it some sense of self-righteousness that motivates these people to vote for their 'Faith' and throw the middle class and the poor to the curb? Or is it because the Democrats often fail at articulating our message? I'm honestly leaning towards a mixture of the two and a few others. But if Democrats run on their ideas they will win in probably 60-70% of seats. We just have to find an extremely effective way to make every race about issues instead of religion and partisanship.

I'll end my rant on a positive note; Even with how many people the Republicans have brainwashed, they still can't win this year if we show up and vote. They can't win if our candidates run on ideas. So, to everyone here; Show up. Vote. Doesn't matter what state or district you're in, help propel the Democrats into as many seats as possible and help rid this country of the blight that is the Republican Party. And to the candidates, be strong. Don't hide from any of your progressive or liberal ideas, stand tall and be proud of them. Because if you're honest and don't run away from the issues it will only help you, and you'll likely win. And even if you don't, you'll give the Republicans a run for their money in even the reddest of seats.


So I'll start off by saying I'm well aware that the Supreme Court may just strike down every SSM ban in the country soon with the Utah case. God knows Kennedy wants it, if he didn't I can't imagine why he would've voted with the minority to say Prop 8 had standing given his record.

With that said, however, we need to be prepared to continue the fights without any courts, should the Supremes hamstring the federal judiciary's ability to spread Equality. We need legislatures and ballot initiatives to pass. Legislatures are fights we're obviously ALREADY going to fight, so I'll let someone else make a diary about top targets for that.

Instead, I'll just list what states I think are some ripe opportunities for ballot initiatives. This has benefits for our legislature races, too, since it'll give our voters a reason to turn out in 2014/2016, even if the initiatives don't pass. So follow me below the orange squiggle!


How many more states do you think will individually legalize SSM before it's simply nationally legalized, either by congress or Supreme Court?

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63%7 votes
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