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Still a good 50+ precincts to report out of Fairfax County.  Obama now up by ~4,000 votes.  Looks like the President will win every battleground state -- minus NC (with Ohio now in the bag and Florida soon to be).


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Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 08:16 PM PST

Obama Re-Elected: MSNBC!!!

by GernBlanzten






This will be a short diary.  I'll get right to the point--because time is growing short.

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It wouldn't take much of a search through the recent archives of DailyKos to discern that, to put it kindly, I have been relatively disappointed with the first (almost) full-year of the Obama administration.  My comments have largely expressed disappointment, and I've felt disillusioned enough not to contribute but a single diary to this website in the past dozen or so months.  On the disappointment side of the ledger for me and not necessarilly in this order: (1) the waste of political capital bailing out the Wall Street criminals; (2) the fruitless and futile and all-too lengthy public pursuit of GOP support for the health care measure; (3) the failure (in my view) to fight hard enough for a public option in the health care bill; (4) a continuation of some Bush era policies that heavily weighed in favor of national security over privacy issues.  I wasn't happy with much of this.  I'm still not.


Which wolf will you feed in 2010?

77%24 votes
3%1 votes
19%6 votes

| 31 votes | Vote | Results

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I'll make this short and simple -- since the message itself is short and simple.  David Broder needs to shape up (pun intended).


David Broder is

49%27 votes
7%4 votes
34%19 votes
1%1 votes
7%4 votes
0%0 votes

| 55 votes | Vote | Results

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Maybe he doesn't want it.

Some would say he is too old (he is 76).

Others might simply think that there are more qualified other candidates out there.

But frankly, it has baffled me that the name of the former governor of New York, Mario Cuomo, has not been mentioned in articles speculating on who will fill the senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton come January 2009.  

 Update --  Wow ... I'm surprised.  Lot of ageism-type comments floating around on this thread.  ("Old retread" ... "too old" ... "no retreads")  He is 76, people!  A lot of 70- and 80-plus year olds have a lot they can still contribute to this great country.  Please think it over a bit before you toss these "pearls" out for others to consider.  Just a thought.


Who should be appointed the next Senator from New York?

15%25 votes
14%22 votes
17%27 votes
23%37 votes
29%46 votes

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So, with Willie "Compost" Platt III referring to Barack Obama's middle name "Hussein" at a rally in Lehigh, Pa., today ...

Which of course follows immediately on the heels of Sheriff Mike "Short Cock" Scott's reference at Sarah "Six- Colleges-in-Six-years" Palin's rally in Florida yesterday ...

(Really Mike, to use your exact words -- "there was no intention" to insinuate anything here -- nothing at all!!!)


Of all the middle names mentioned, your favorite is:

48%58 votes
8%10 votes
3%4 votes
5%6 votes
0%0 votes
26%32 votes
7%9 votes

| 119 votes | Vote | Results

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I'm 46 years old.  Came politically of age in 1980--casting my first presidential vote for Jimmy Carter in that election.  He lost to a guy who sold the American people on the notion that government is the problem, that the unbridled ingenuity of American business and the unquestioned wisdom of the free markets is intellectually unassailable.  People bought that notion hook, line and sinker, and make no mistake:  these notions have continued to hold sway over the American voting public for the last 28 years.

The question is now--do they continue to hold sway?  Is it to be expected of all of us that we hold our own destinies in our own hands?  That one facing personal adversity has only one's self to rely upon?  That it is up to all of us when tough times hit, as they inevitably do, to pick ourselves up by our own bootstraps and set our lives right.

And herein lies the source of my anger.

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All this talk about Chet Edwards caused me to recall a very fun interview with/story on John Cougar Mellencamp.

If you want to interrupt all the tension here (who will Obama pick?!!) with some laughter, read the exerpt below.

Just a hilarious little tidbit of a story.

Here's the linky!


Chet is ...

8%5 votes
26%16 votes
13%8 votes
21%13 votes
30%18 votes

| 60 votes | Vote | Results

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Omertà is a popular attitude, common in areas of southern Italy, such as Sicily, Calabria, and Campania, where criminal organizations like the Mafia, 'Ndrangheta, and Camorra are strong. A common definition is the "code of silence".

That definition from wikipedia

It's also popular in other places--one such place being Washington, D.C.

In the great Mario Puzo's "Godfather" book and movies, those persons who broke the "code of silence" were punished severely--usually paying with their lives.  

It appears, however, that Scott McClellan will be forced to pay in a different way--at the tip of a spear that he once used to wield.  With a public pushback from those still loyal to Party over country, from those who have stuck rigidly and loyally to the code, and whose very freedom from consequence depends on their continued honor of the Code.

Today, and below the jump, we have direct comment on this from Scott McClellan hinmself:

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EDIT:  thought I'd turn this into a MOJO thread for all the great lost-cancelled shows out there.  So drink up!

Second EDIT:  Here's the part that gets me:  if a show averages 8 million viewers on the network, why wouldn't one of the cable networks be all over it?  If the show has a committed fan-base, it seems to me like a win-win!

I don't watch much television.  But I do this every once in awhile -- get hooked by a show that I eagerly look forward to every week.  

Most recently, it was Moonlight, which was cancelled just a few days ago by CBS.  It was averaging almost 8 million viewers, and winning (for the most part) its Friday time-slot.  Won a People's Choice award, too, apparently.  But it got the axe anyhow.

Before that, for me, it was "Over There" which was cancelled despite what I considered to be tremendous acting and story-lines.

Any other Kossacks here bemoaning the loss of "Moonlight"?


I watched Moonlight, and it ...

50%63 votes
29%37 votes
19%24 votes

| 124 votes | Vote | Results

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Al Gore announced today that he will make a sequel to the Academy Award winning film An Inconvenient Truth.

The former US Vice President said: "I will make a sequel to the 2006 documentary 'An Inconvenient Truth' and despite earths 'rising fever', I am hopeful for a happy ending".

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