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The title of this diary is version of the many variations of the meme pushed (mostly by white, conservative men) any time an African-American is unjustly killed by a cop or otherwise-aggressive white person these days.

Most of us know this reaction is wrong, and not just because it's a strawman; it's clearly racist and not brought forth in good faith. Many of us, including myself, might struggle to put into words exactly WHY it's wrong and a shitty comparison.

I thought on how to verbalize the right response to this despicable meme again today with the news of the North Charleston cop shooting a fleeing, unarmed black man in the back 8 times. My conclusion below the squig:

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Senator Harkin insists the votes were there for Single Payor or a Public Option in 2009. This diary reviews his comments, but makes no attempt to evaluate their integrity.

Unsurprisingly, those who cannot forget 2008-2009 (even though it's almost 2015) are crowing 'SEEE WE TOLD YOU!!!'

Let's examine the honest case, however; I believe based on the below that Harkin is wrong.  

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Daily Kos was fun today.

Lots of users, including Kos himself, 'know' why we lost, or are pretty sure if we had 'just done this', 'just said that', 'hadn't done this', etc.

Truth-tellers, or soothsayers?

Let's look at some real facts below the squig.

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Several pollsters like the Republicans to take the Senate after this election (and I don't mean 'prefer'), and it was a bit depressing to think about what the next 2 years will look like with that being the case. It won't go well for the GOP, either.

Hear me out on this:

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Sat Oct 11, 2014 at 05:17 AM PDT


by GoGoGoEverton

Lovely 'GOOOOD MORNING!!!!' article posted by the Richmond-Times Dispatch today:

Let's Make People Work Longer, Says Brat AND Trammell

Kindly, GFY, both of you.


Which option do you support?

3%18 votes
93%496 votes
1%7 votes
1%9 votes

| 530 votes | Vote | Results

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I retrieved this from ">LiveLeak. However, I've confirmed its authenticity via several other online sources.

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Doug Gottlieb.

Doug is as close to a shock-jock as you can be on national sports radio...after having a show that followed Colin Cowherd and the SVP show on national ESPN radio for a long time, he now has a radio show on CBS radio (just renewed and promoted to the money slot) and is a college basketball analyst for CBS.

About half of his shows consist of Doug talking smack about sports and sports figures, his cynical 'Really?' being his signature phrase. A lot of his tweets are like that, too...he essentially trolls teams and players when he's live-tweeting events.

Welp, he definitely crossed the line today, though it's difficult to say we didn't see it coming.


Doug Gottlieb's comparison of Manziel's 'money' and Sam's kiss:

17%3 votes
23%4 votes
17%3 votes
41%7 votes

| 17 votes | Vote | Results

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Here is a link to a larger map.

There was an interesting map moving around the internet, ultimately gleaned from the US census of 2010 that showed the 2nd most-spoken language beyond Spanish in the United States; it was diaried here as well (if someone will provide the link, I'll include it.) Now, we have a by-state map of the 2nd most prevalent religion being followed in the US:

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NOPE, just a pie diary. We on Daily Kos can debate the people in the diary title till we turn blue, and the public polling as far as 1. if people even know who they are and 2. what their opinion of them is won't change at all.

However, we can make delicious pies and share them with our neighbors and friends.

Here are my favorite kinds with accompanying recipes, below the great orange vortex galaxy:

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Link to the story.

20+ kids were hurt in a stabbing attack at a Pennsylvania school today; the stabber, apparently a student at the same school, has been arrested.

As of 947am EST on Daily Kos, not one diary on the reclist or recent diaries about it.

There's one about Bitcoins.

One about Rick Scott, Star Trek, etc.

Nothing about the stabbing.

I can only assume that this attack doesn't fit anyone's political narratives and therefore isn't important enough to mention...which can only cause one to question whether or not it's really progressive empathy that is driving us to take on the question of school mass shootings.

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Pretty Pictures

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Not self-indentified moderates or centrists.

Not self-identified 'conservative' Dems (what does that even mean?)

Liberals do, at 87%.


Lots of other interesting returns on that one as well, it's definitely worth a read.

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