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I have recently started a blog at Some Moore Ideas where I will be putting forth proposals to address some of the long term problems facing our country, as well as offering commentary regarding political developments and issues of public interest.

Several days ago, I posted a commentary on Speaker John Boehner's invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress without notifying the Obama administration before doing so. In this commentary, entitled Boehner Is Playing a Very Dangerous Game,
I begin by discussing what the possible effects could be of Boehner's attempts to sabotage the negotiations with Iran about halting Iran's nuclear weapons development program. While I was researching this, several other things came to mind which I outlined in the last part of the post.

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It seems that whenever someone tries to address the serious problems of income inequality in this country, someone from Faux Noise or the Tea Party will declare that it is “Class Warfare”. As soon as those two words are mentioned, Democrats cringe and retreat from what they had been proposing so that little, if anything, is accomplished.


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I think that this latest failure of Congress to do its duty under the Constitution regarding this new war against ISIS/ISIL is going to cost the Republicans at the polls in November.

Most Americans understand that the power to declare war is the most important power which the Congress has under the Constitution. Many of these people are going to see the decision to adjourn Congress until after the elections, especially the House after only being in session for eight days following a five week vacation, as an act of political cowardice and a dereliction of their duty under the Constitution.

Once people realize how Congress has been derelict in exercising its duty in the all important matters of war and peace, they will begin to take a deeper look at the dreadful record of this Congress. When they do that, they will realize how besides shirking their duty regarding war and peace, Congress has accomplished very little in other areas of major concerns, such as the well being of the great majority of the American people and the issues of economic fairness to those who have not experienced the benefits enjoyed by the wealthiest since the reign of Ronald Reagan. Hopefully the American people will begin to see how much of that failure to act on behalf of the majority of their constituents is due to Republican obstructionism.

I think that the Democratic candidates for the House and Senate should continuously bombard their Republican opponents, especially the incumbents, to pressure their leadership to call Congress back into session to vote on the new war before the elections. The message the Democrats should use is "Force Congress to do its duty under the Constitution and to do it now! "

The beauty of this simple unified message from Democratic candidates is that it can then be adapted and used in a multitude of ways depending upon the specific race and issues. It can be used to go after the Republican obstructionists for trying to do the bidding of their masters, the Koch brothers, while failing to enact other legislation which would have benefited their constituents. Issues that can be worked into this message include raising the minimum wage, equal pay for women, education reform, forcing a government shutdown and threatening another one should the GOP regain control of the Senate and failure to address climate change, among many others.

I believe this can be a winning message for Democrats going into the November elections. Not only will it help to energize the Democratic base, but I think it would be effective in appealing to independent voters as well. I may be overly optimistic, but I think that if the Democrats can put enough pressure on the GOP, and the Republican leadership does not call Congress back into session to address the war, that Democrats may even pick up a seat or two in the House and lose a maximum of two seats in the Senate. It's something to consider.


The United States is facing a number of increasingly serious economic issues, but political gridlock in Washington makes it nearly impossible for these problems to have any kind of resolution before the they reach critical mass. The Keynesian model for addressing the problems of an economy teetering on the brink of recession, stubbornly high unemployment and a decaying infrastructure by increasing fiscal spending are running into the seemingly insoluble problem of significantly reducing the national debt. The purpose of this short paper is to propose a possible solution to the problems of a decaying infrastructure, which will help reduce the number of people who are unemployed, without adding to the national debt.

The infrastructure in the United States has deteriorated to the point where it now threatens the future economic survival of our country. This has occurred through long term neglect and the refusal of our governmental leaders to address this problem, which has now become a serious crisis. Unfortunately, the government's financial problems limit what can be done using currently available tax money, so it is imperative that other means be found to finance these repairs before the infrastructure reaches an even more critical point.

My proposal is that the federal government establishes a special fund to pay for infrastructure repairs toward which individuals and businesses can voluntarily contribute. These contributions would be partially tax deductible (say 50% to 60%) so that the government would not lose all of the tax revenues they would otherwise receive and which would expand the amount of financing available for this goal.

As an additional incentive to get people and businesses to contribute, contributors could go to a web site and enter their home or business zip code, then choose one of five or ten projects listed within a certain distance of their zip code where they can designate where half of their contribution could go. The remaining half would then go to where it is needed most, which could include the projects selected by the individual or business. Once enough money is available to fully fund a listed project, that project could be removed from the web site and others would be added.

This proposal would accomplish several things. It would expand the amount of money available to rehabilitate the infrastructure in this country, increasing the number of people with jobs, without increasing taxes or increasing the deficit. By being able to designate where half of their contributions will be used, the American people will feel more empowered as they will have a direct say in where half of the money they contribute will be used. This will enable them to feel that they have made a real difference in helping our country, therefore encouraging them and others to contribute more money for other projects, which will be to their long term benefit.

This proposal should be a win – win situation for everyone involved. Democrats will be able to stimulate the economy and create new jobs, Republicans will be able to say that this does not add to the national debt, the unemployed will gain new jobs, and most of all, the American people will gain the benefits of an improved infrastructure.


As the debate continues to rage about the best way to reduce the federal deficit, I would like to put forward a proposal which will provide a new source of revenue for the federal government. This new source of revenue will not only begin to reduce the size of the federal deficit, but it will address one of the long term systemic causes of our current economic situation, which will improve the economy in the long term as well.

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