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Haven't had time to post here in a while, although do keep up with my semi-daily lurking. Here is something I put together to show the context in which I see the most recent developments on the marijuana front. Things are still looking up, don't let the media narrative dampen your optimism!

If you guys enjoy my stuff and want to be up to date on this subject please check out the blog. We are working hard to make it into the best possible marijuana news and opinion site and response has been pretty damn good so far. If anyone is interested in guest blogging for us we are always looking for good writers so feel free to send me a message. Thanks!

There is no victory against your own people...


What is the best indicator of the future of cannabis?

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Thu Jun 16, 2011 at 04:56 PM PDT

The War on The Fourth Amendment

by Gr33nerPastures

Hardly a day goes by when our government does not attempt to overstep its authority, however, recent legal and policy developments are pointing towards an insidious and coordinated power grab targeted at the Fourth Amendment. There can be no doubt that eliminating that amendment’s protections against warrantless searches would be a major victory for the forces of authoritarianism. The zones of privacy that it creates are one of the few things standing in the way of an increasingly aggressive police and security apparatus determined to assert complete authority over the lives of citizens. If this onslaught is not repelled, and soon, it can very easily snowball into a systematic dismantling of the rights and privileges that our society too often takes for granted.


How will this all play out?

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The federal government does support the marijuana industry, just not the one you think.

The East Bay Express reported last week that the DEA has been quietly giving out licenses for large-scale marijuana growing operations to a number of unnamed companies. But these actions have nothing to do with the real medical marijuana industry, which is still a favorite target for DEA persecution; instead they are designed to enable a total coup by the pharmaceutical industry. Until now, the belief was that there was only one DEA licensed and operated marijuana farm which existed mainly to provide research material. However, in a letter to the East Bay Express, the DEA revealed that

“there are 64 active DEA registrations (reflecting 55 companies) for manufacturers that have listed drug code 7370 (THC, Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, dronabinol and others) and drug code 7371 (TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL, ORGANIC) on their DEA record.”
In other words, 55 companies have active licenses for producing organic THC; which means growing marijuana.

Will Big Pharma take over medical marijuana?

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Marijuana legalization, properly implemented, is such a profound repudiation of many evils infecting our government that its realization becomes a moral and logical imperative. It would be a strike against many of the government’s more unsavory control structures and a challenge to what can only be described as the public’s begrudging acceptance of a tolerable level of repression. The prohibition of marijuana is much more than simply a case of bad law; it is part of many of the population control mechanisms that the authorities have come to depend on. The forces of liberty and justice can effectively use the marijuana issue to undermine key components of the powers lined against them.


The War on Drugs is:

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As a companion piece to this Diary about research revealing that private prisons actually cost more, here is a diary expanding on the thoroughly unsavory reality of for-profit prisons. I highlight their particular opposition to marijuana reform and involvement in the wave draconian anti-immigration laws as useful focus points for advocates of these causes. Anything that drives public awareness and opposition to this industry is a win for justice and civil rights.

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While many will cite Raich v. Gonzales as the definitive medical marijuana court opinion, the annals of the Alaska Supreme Court contain a judicial decision which is, in my opinion, a far wiser look at the issue. Chief Justice Rabinowitz demolishes the government's position on marijuana in this opinion which I believe should be required reading for advocates looking to reframe the legal thoughts surrounding marijuana.

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Some thoughts of mine about the way city authorities have been going after the medical marijuana community and acting as if there is some mandated compliance with federal authorities. On to the Muckraking! Thanks in advance for all musings and comments, all the well reasoned responses to my first diary were a pleasure.

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Very long time lurker here. As part of a remarkable convergence of passions and talents, I recently began blogging for, a marijuana legalization website. Having had DailyKos among my regular daily reads for years, I would love to share my thoughts with the fine people over here and finally become more involved in this wonderful community. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my musings.

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