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Mon Aug 01, 2011 at 06:02 PM PDT

Democrats as "Bad Parents"

by Granny Doc

When a child throws a mindless tantrum in the super market, do you try to calm them?  Do you give them that cereal that is 60% sugar and laced with chemicals?  Do you look nervously around, pulling a weak smile for all of the horrified by-standers, and trying to seem like a reasonable person, embarrassed and slightly mystified by this sudden display of outrageous behavior?

Or, do you do the correct thing and walk away (just around the corner of the aisle)?  Do you wait until it is clear that the display of hysterics has garnered nothing?  Do you watch, patiently, as the sobs slow, and finally stop, reappearing when the tantrum is over?

Democrats are being very bad parents.

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Tue Jul 12, 2011 at 09:35 PM PDT

What Damned Mandate?

by Granny Doc

So... I am lying on my bed in a chemo induced haze.  The TV is murmuring softly at the foot of my bed to distract me from my discomfort.  And, then I hear it again.  From Morning Joe to Martin Bashir, the imbeciles elected to Congress by the brain dead Republicans line up to proclaim, yet again, that their insane economic policies are a direct outgrowth of their "mandate" from the voters in 2010.

I can't stand it for one more minute!

I drag myself to my computer and in 30 seconds I uncover the facts.  Voter turn out, by state, published by Dr. Michael McDonald at George Mason University.  Look at the chart at the bottom of the page.

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Everyone with a star, or an oak leaf, anyone who has commanded a ship, flown a plane or led a military operation.  Every retread, political operative, and pundit with a half baked opinion, has been paraded before the anxious public to assure them that:

1.  Obama has no strategy.

2.  This looks suspiciously like_____  (Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia) fill in the country of your choice.

3.  We don't know who these rebels in Libya are!  (delivered in an breathless whine)

4.  "I don't know what's going on!"  (Several Congressional types)

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Fri Mar 18, 2011 at 09:14 AM PDT

I am seriously annoyed

by Granny Doc

When Scribe commented on the reduction in general crankiness yesterday, I confess, I didn't understand.  I therefore offer this addendum to general crankiness to keep the ball moving forward.

I like to write diaries.  I enjoy commenting but, I really like to write diaries.  I like the chance to broadcast my mutterings, get feedback from the community, and rethink my own ideas as a result.  Writing diaries is the main reason I paid for a subscription, rather than just continuing to read the works of others.

Well, this Brave New World has me stumped.

I have written a couple of diaries within the past few weeks, only to watch them disappear without much notice because I did not publish them through a "group".   A group seems to perform the function of vetting a diary and providing enough recommends to move it from obscurity to a more visible place in the stream.  It then receives as much attention as it warrants, given the value of the ideas and the writing.  It has some chance of being seen by the wider community - but not until it is approved by the editors and administrators of each group.

OK.  I'll try.  I'll gird my loins and jump into the deep end of this free-for-all community policing system.

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Well, the G8 has released its statement from its final meeting today.

Prospects of the swift establishment of a no-fly zone over Libya receded today after members of the G8 group failed to give their backing at a summit in Paris.

Various "leaders" in Washington are dithering.  Some say a no-fly-zone is "no problem".  Others "express concern" about arming and supporting a group of rag-tag rebels with no government established, and no known leaders to "deal with".  The specter of Afghanistan is raised, with the memory of the armed fighters morphing into Al Queda, and the disaster that is Iraq becoming the defining model for US intervention.

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Fri Mar 11, 2011 at 05:35 PM PST

Who would DARE to do this?

by Granny Doc

Is this the result of our new "community"?  Sharing...and all that crap?

I do not know these people.  

I have never contacted them.

  The only place they might have gotten my e-mail address is through this site.

(You will notice that it is not on my profile page!!!)

Is a list of progressive subscribers being sold?  Handed out, for free?  Or is security so lax that anyone can get personal information about any of us, any damned time they choose?

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Tue Mar 01, 2011 at 07:30 AM PST

Charlie Sheen? REALLY???

by Granny Doc

Extraordinary, world changing events are unfolding across northern Africa and the Mid-East.  People are dying as they struggle to reclaim dignity and a measure of personal and economic freedom from those, including the US, who have placed wealth and control of resources above the peoples of the world.

It is spreading to Iraq.  China is cracking down on foreign reporters, beating and arresting them as they try to show the world the depth and width of the Human Revolution we are witnessing.

Here in America I have not heard one single report on the Democratic Senate walk out in Wisconsin that was not "Fair and Balanced".

And yet, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News continue to try and convince me that the whole world is hanging, breathlessly on the ravings of a drug addled entertainer, who shoots off his mouth.

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Fri Feb 25, 2011 at 10:42 AM PST

A foray into cranky

by Granny Doc

I'm pretty old school, having messed with computer machines pre-tubes.  As a result I have developed a large number of habits that have served me well.  One of the most tenacious is the habit of cleaning out my various files when they are no longer of any use to me.  (This is the result of saving computing and storage space in "the olden days".)

I purge my history file daily, monitor the available disk space weekly, and banish random cookies on a regular basis.

While exploring, today, I tried to eliminate a couple of diarists that I had "hot linked" over the years.  I started with Barack Obama, who last left a diary here in 2006.  When I clicked on delete the stupid system froze on, and, for all I know may still be sitting there spinning it's wheels.

If "delete" is an option, perhaps the item selected should, in fact, go away?


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Fri Feb 11, 2011 at 12:22 PM PST

Nothing but food...

by Granny Doc

I am getting damned tired of us sitting on the sidelines and bitching about the lunatic Republican "policies" that will cripple our Democracy, if enacted.  They want all of the government's political energy to be devoted to eliminating any, and all, regulations and policies that may in any way curb the unfettered greed of the corporatist community that runs our government.  They will cheerfully impoverish millions of citizens to protect the US credit rating, so business will not have to fork over any of their capital, extracted from the US taxpayer, to offset the debt incurred on their behalf.  They answer only to the Jamie Dimonof this world, and never to the people of America.

Watching the people of Egypt, rise up and reclaim their lives from the regime that stole approximately 50% of every dollar that changed hands in their country (heard on CNN, 2/10/11 - that's where that 70 billion Mubarak has stashed away came from); seeing the power of people to effect real change, I am proposing that we, the American citizens, wrest control from the billionaires in a simple way.

Just stop spending on anything but the basics of food that are needed to keep us alive and healthy.

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...but now, I really must humble myself in a craven desire to help finance one of the greatest television channels in existence, LinkTV.

The Al Jezeera feed from Cairo and Alexanderia have been spectacular, even after their Egyptian offices were trashed, and their reporters beaten by Pro-Mubarak thugs.

The series they present, such as the one linked below, offer real adult discussion on very complex issues, with pointed questions and sophisticated answers.  A genuine shock on any television channel.

WHO SPEAKS FOR ISLAM hosted by Ray Suarez, a series exploring Islam in an age when Muslim extremists are laying claim to the religion. As Suarez interviews an elite panel  of researchers, scholars, Hollywood producers and actors, they debate — and often debunk – preconceived notions about Islamic law, the status of women in predominantly Muslim countries, attitudes about free speech and democracy, and portrayals of Muslims in Hollywood.

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For a week now, I have been puzzling over the various comments, and attempts to gin up hysteria, pervading the media coverage of the popular uprising in Cairo.  There was something askew, leaking through in such small doses, that I could not put into words what was bothering me.  Then, this morning, Chuck Todd said it,  "A peaceful movement without a leader."

Imagine the horror of that!!

It is possible for millions of people to gather and without some jacknape with an AK47 threatening them, they can police themselves.

The BBC and CNN have reported that groups are searching those who want to join the demonstration and, if they find weapons they turn that individual and their guns, over to the military.  If they are not armed, they shake their hands and escort them to the center of the square.  

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Mon Jan 17, 2011 at 09:12 AM PST

The End is Near or GBCBS

by Granny Doc

I will not be able to participate in DKos4.

I have been over to the site on 4 different occasions and I am unable to navigate with any of the electronic equipment I currently own.

My PC flat screen is 21 inches and will only display about 65% of the width of the home page and subsequent pages, without constant scrolling back and forth.  Using the "Zoom" function to shrink the display makes the text too small to read!

Further, there is so much "stuff" on the page that I have to constantly scroll up and down to read any content. Indeed, I am reminded of early web pages that tried to put every bell and whistle "right there" to grab attention with little concern for ease of navigation.

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