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The last few days...Facebook has just been a mess. I've culled most of the libertarian leaning from my friends list along with right wingers. But then...someone ELSE's conversation from a friend's list will show up. And I've decided to stop being polite to them. The last one ended with me flat-out telling them 'You can have your own opinions, not your own facts'. The response was postings of right-wing interpretations of the latest CBO in an effort to prove that the Obama admin. is the OMG worst spender EVER. Then someone chimed in that he was paying for FOUR wars? Umm, huh?

Guess who said all this? Below the Baguette..

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Tue Mar 10, 2009 at 11:36 PM PDT

What Price Unity?

by GreenAutoEnthusiast

This is the best title I could think of, but in reading some of the Diaries RE: Beck/Norris/Freeper-calls-to-violence, it also made me think about some things I am seeing in my own life.

I work for a software company in their Dallas office and we serve large multinationals all over the country. Two of my coworkers are 40-ish year old wingnuts. They send Freeper emails thinking its funny. I basically called them out last week and said such emails will pretty much get deleted without opening or discussion, so don't bother anymore. They thought it was cute because now THEY get to bitch for 4 to 8 years. It's really all just a cynical, bitter game to them.

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I lurked here all through the election, learned a great deal from diaries and thread posts on subjects I didn't know about. But I have been an auto enthusiast all my young life. It's in my blood, thanks to my father, you could say. First car was a 74 VW Beetle that I bought, worked on and Modified myself. I then bought a succession of small, cool, Fuel-Efficient VW's until I bought a twin-turbo-charged Audi, and then my current ride, a Mazda.

EDIT: Full Disclosure, I DO care about my Carbon Footprint but hate boring, slow cars. I am buying the G8 Because it can do what's in the linked VID about 50 seconds in :) and I don't have to drive a lot.

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