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Thu Mar 12, 2015 at 11:32 AM PDT

Just Stop

by GreenMother

You ever been fighting for a cause for so long, that you just get so tired of what feels like the obvious--and by obvious, I mean Captain Obvious wearing safety orange, being ignored?

That you not only have to repeat yourself, but you are repeating yourself about the dumbest, elementary bullshit?

I am referring directly to the OU Frat Scandal, but these thoughts could easily be applied to a multitude of other situations and forms of discrimination and inequality.

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My kids and I were out doing last minute preparations for the snowy, icy weather today. As usual, we were listening to Science Friday. That's when we heard the news. That Leonard Nimoy had shuffled off this earthly coil to what I hope is a sumptuous, spiritual reward for a generous, teaching- soul, who used every ounce of his being to exemplify what the world could be like, in the best ways possible.

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The topic of this diary is epigenetics, and Alzheimers Disease (aka AD) — it's about neuroplasticity, nutrition, supplementation, and self care.

If this interests you, you join me through the orange portal. Because in the thickness of all this horrible darkness, to me this is a tiny but significant light that shines for a lot of people in the world.

a block of nine abstract depictions of disabilities
KosAbility is a Sunday 7 pm eastkost/4 pm leftkost volunteer diarist community of, by & for people living with disabilities, who love someone with a disability, or who want to know more about the issues. Our use of "disability" includes temporary as well as permanent health/medical conditions — from small, gnawing problems to major, life-threatening ones. Our use of "love someone" extends to cherished members of other species.

Our discussions are open threads in the context of this community. Feel free to comment on the diary topic, ask questions of the diarist or generally to everyone, share something you've learned, tell bad jokes, post photos, or rage about your situation. Our only rule is to be kind; trolls will be spayed or neutered. If you are interested in contributing a diary, contact series coordinator postmodernista.
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Sun Nov 30, 2014 at 09:43 AM PST

Slaps Head, Walks Away Muttering

by GreenMother

My oldest child shared with us (the parental unit), a video of another albeit, wildly different home school mom, "debunking" evolution.

All I can say is that, you are entitled to your own opinion, but not to your own facts. This is one of those "we aren't all like that person" diaries. We, being home schoolers.

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From my home state too.

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Fri Oct 17, 2014 at 06:58 AM PDT

Don't make me pull the car over.

by GreenMother

Any of you old timers remember being a kid, and having your parents threaten that one? With the antics of the people who worked at a certain Texas hospital--I am having several moments a day like that.

Where children act so nasty, and refuse to behave to such a degree, that the only thing you can do is pull the car over, turn around and go back home.

Another person was quarantined on a cruise ship going to Belize. I haven't even finished my goddamn coffee yet and this is the first headline I see in the morning. Like the other selfish nurse wasn't bad enough with her fever and her planes, this guy is on a cruise ship that went to another country.

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Ever heard of this concept, called "The Law of Diminishing Returns"? Surely there is a concept that is the equal and opposite version of that notion. I can't for the life of me think of what that could be.

Think of yourself at a copy shop. You take a really poor quality paper and you reproduce it at a copy machine. Which in turn makes an even worse reproduction, and then you take that version and copy it, which in turn makes a version that is three times as bad. And each time you make a copy of the new, latest copy of that poor quality paper, the flaws become more exaggerated so that whatever was originally written or typed on the original document is barely legible.

That sort of thing came to mind when I found the following information. That, and the concept of a "leadership vacuum."

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I read an article about a mommy blogger, who complained that some of Target's clothing was inappropriate for little girls. She posted a followup too. I happen to agree with her, and would add that many places that sell little girls clothing, are selling items that look more at home on a cougar than a little girl. I read another entry at the Huffpo in which someone accused people like that Mommy Blogger of having nothing more than a dirty mind, that the clothing was cute and not inappropriate at all and if someone looks at a child and sees some kind of sexual connotation, that's on them.

Um---Not so fast there Super Denial Person.

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Fri Aug 01, 2014 at 04:36 AM PDT

Otzi The Iceman

by GreenMother

A recent discovery was made regarding Otzi the Iceman. It's that he had heart disease and shows a genetic predisposition for heart disease. Very interesting, and worthy of study. However in the Huffpo write up of this story, the following comment was made:

Despite spending years hiking in hilly terrain, it seems Ötzi couldn't walk off his genetic predisposition to heart disease.
"He didn't smoke; he was very active; he walked a lot; he was not obese," Zink said. "But nevertheless, he already developed some atherosclerosis."
I would dispute that. Otzi did smoke. He spent all his life around open wood burning fires to keep warm, to cook food, and to provide light. And that means airborne particulate matter that would have impacted his genetic issues regarding heart disease.

This is the sixth time I have tried to write this diary. Each time it has turned into the kind of paint peeling rant that would require you the reader--to wear a welding mask as a protective measure. It is safe to say, in a fully sarcastic voice, that I am a wee bit annoyed right now with the constant barrage of STOOPID I see all around me, regarding the topic of this diary.

Also know, that dealing with cancer is terrifying. That is what is behind all this is fear, indignation, hurt, and disappointment. Because I truly believe, perceive, that we as a nation could do so much better by cancer patients, any medical patients at all really. So what I offer you are just a few suggestions out of many more I could make, but just cannot fit into one diary. You don't have to agree with me, but consider where I am coming from. Oh and the anger--that's all me telling you how I see it. That's me being impatient with humanity, for not seeing what I believe is obvious to those with a reasonable education in health and medicine and nutrition. This is me screaming out to the universe to all that need to hear me--Why the Hell Do you Put People Through This, when there are ways to reduce their pain, and suffering or even alleviate some or all of their conditions? WHY!

So put on your fire retardant gear and jump through the orange portal and take a walk on my wild side. And if you are disappointed that I didn't curse more or make nasty commentary more, then I will have succeeded in some small amount of self control during the writing of this diary. It will be a testament to my affection for this site.

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Tue Jul 29, 2014 at 08:51 AM PDT

In Memory of Margot Adler

by GreenMother

I don't really care what you think of NPR or why in this moment. Because this isn't really about that. This is about an important woman in my life, the Author of Drawing Down the Moon, a Pagan Scholar and a public figure that I admired deeply.

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Sat Jun 28, 2014 at 05:00 PM PDT

This Weeks War on Women

by GreenMother

Amazing after all these years, we have to pass a law, to call for an end to gender bias regarding medical research. But sadly here it is. It doesn't surprise me personally, after all my medical trials and tribulations, but it doesn't make me feel real good about the immediate future, because medical trials take time, and that means we all get to deal with the research that's available now, which is mostly based on male physiology.

I have seen this mentioned before. No one wants to deal with the hormonal fluctuations of females in testing. Oh well boo-fucking-hoo scientist people-cry me a goddamn river. I don't suppose it's too late to warn readers that some snark may be involved.

New Law calls for an end to bias on medical research.

Follow me through the orange vesica piscis if you want to see more on the War on Women.

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