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This Headline was made to catch your attention!  President Elect Obama was hacked.  And I was attacked by a GOP Troll in response to my diary: Sarah Palin is Preparing for 2012 Presidential Run

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I awoke this morning following my most recent routine of checking my twitter feeds @FriendFeed. (not a New Years Resolution but a recent obsession)  I used to check my emails first!  This morning I decided to use the TweekDeck service to see if I recieved any replies to my reachout to invite responders to my New Blog.  Be Cultural.    Part of this new routine is to search keywords on Tweekdeck to follow conversations accross the Twitter World.  I got one reply:

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I left the United States in 1996 and drove to Belize, Central America.  I left the United States for many reasons.  First and foremost was because of Racism. The second reason, related to the first, is that my life had been threatened directly by the Grand Cyclops of the N.C. Klan.

I published a weekly rag named Multi-Cultural Digest in 1995 which caused controversy in Asheville, North Carolina.  The controversy centered on the front page of our premier copy, a old black and white photograph of a white man and a black woman holding hands. The man wearing a cowboy hat with gun in his belt held hands with his wife, a black woman with apron and bonnet who held a Bible in her other hand. I sub-captioned the picture "Nothing New Under the Sun".  This created a stir locally and caused the KKK to lure me into a meeting with their leader, wherein my life was threatened by his associate, introduced to me as Horace Greeley. (go figure)

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