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Here's the tweet I initiated this with:

It's obviously based upon the wildly successful #ALSIceBucketChallenge that's raised millions of dollars for that worthy cause. Let's apply the same viral marketing to get people to vote.

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UPDATE: I just wanted to thank everyone who recommended this post, and shared it via social media. You have made this diary my "Avatar."

Yesterday, I posted a comment laying out several reasons why the GOP was basically walking into a trap on the Bowe Bergdahl story. It got such a positive response, that I decided to expand it into this diary. (You can follow me on twitter @hesiod2k11).

Since I posted the comment, there have been a few developments that even add MORE to my argument. So, without further ado....

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Amateur neurologist, Karl Rove, drew attention to himself by suggesting that Hillary Clinton may have suffered a brain injury due to her famous concussion that occurred just before her #Banghazi testimony.

Unwittingly, perhaps, Rove may have provided an explanation for why the George W. Bush administration was such a disaster, and why Bush basically let Vice President Dick Cheney, and Rove, run the country for nearly 8 years.

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Here is what Steve Israel said after Alex Sink lost the Florida 13 special election, despite the fact that the Libertarian candidate received almost 5% of the vote:

"If Alex Sink decides to run, she will win November."
I'll give you all a few moments to pick your jaws up off the floor.
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Someone managed to secretly record the following dinner conversation between former NY City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani and Senator Lindsey Graham. My crack team has prepared the below transcript for your benefit. I post it, without further comment.

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I know other diaries are addressing the historic vote by Volkswagen auto plant workers in Tennessee to unionize and be represented by the UAW this week.

But I wanted to highlight a humorous, and ironic, side story that has emerged out of that fight.

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This column by Ron Fournier got my blood boiling this morning.

He, once again, elevates the alleged "debt crisis" over the actual economic crises we are facing right now. Even though the "debt crisis" -- even if you assume that the U.S. government, which prints the world's reserve currency can even HAVE a "debt crisis," -- won't be a problem for at least 10 years.

What if "Fix the Debt" and the Pete Peterson scolds were running the country during WWII?

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Time to inflict the maximum amount of political pain on the Republicans as humanly possible. Here's my proposal. The Republicans claim they want to "pay for" the Unemployment Insurance extension.


Let's pay for it by increasing the estate tax. The tax, if you recall, that falls on estates before they are transferred to the inheritors who did nothing but exist to justify receiving that wealth.

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Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats -- exasperated with GOP obstruction -- are on the verge of finally killing the odious filibuster. Yesterday, I pointed out why there was no practical downside to this move.

But, as is typical for the timid Democrats, they are only doing it in a half-assed way.

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When you enter into a negotiation, you have to understand your bottom line position. That's the line you won't cross to make a deal, no matter what. But, as important as understanding your own position is, you also have to know what the other side's bottom line is.

This is far trickier. But, a skilled negotiator gathers as much intelligence and information about his negotiating partners as he can, and makes educated and logical guesses about where they ultimately stand.

If you do this basic analysis for the whole Filibuster showdown taking place in the U.S. Senate right now, the OBVIOUS thing for the Democrats to do is to kill the filibuster on Presidential nominees, right now. Don't wait. Why? Because there is absolutely no realistic downside to that strategy. For my reasoning, take the jump.

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The 5-year old lukemia patient who, right now, is having the day of his young life dressed as Batkid in the City of San Francisco thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation?

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Every single day, the consequences of the disasterous 2010 election become more and more apparent.

GOP-controlled Legislatures and Governors in states across the country have spent the past 2 and a half years gutting environmental laws, workers rights, abortion rights and even voting rights.

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