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Mon Dec 06, 2010 at 09:31 PM PST

Let ALL the Bush tax cuts expire.

by Hind2

With Obama being Obama yet again we are seeing that this president is not much more than a HUGE disappointment.  He is basically now repeating republican talking points on a major issue.  We need a grass roots effort to simply ask all democrats to vote down any bill that extends the cuts to the wealthiest EVEN IF IT MEANS LETTING ALL THE TAX CUTS EXPIRE!

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Mon Jul 12, 2010 at 06:56 AM PDT

Best Places to Live?

by Hind2

Browsing through CNN Money's best places to live I started to notice a trend.  It seemed that the majority of the towns in the top 20 had, let's say, a certain racial makeup.  However, CNN did not consider the racial makeup of a town rather they considered unemployment rate, school systems, crime and other things.  Here is a look at the top 10:

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Fri Jun 11, 2010 at 07:38 PM PDT

Maddow on Maher....

by Hind2

Just a quick diary to let you all know that Maddow is fucking crushing Bill Frist on Real Time.  Maher would have crushed Frist by himself, had he made sure and avoided all talk about vaccines, but with Maddow he is really looking like a blubbering idiot.

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This is not inflammatory.  If you don't think any sort of peak oil/energy, health, food, financial or climate crisis is coming than you can politely leave this diary.  

However, if you are like me and you are beginning to realize that for various reasons our society is going to change drastically in the next 20 years what are you doing to prepare?

PS.  Even if you don't believe in widespread collapse in the next 20 years planning is never a bad thing...

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Mon Jan 04, 2010 at 09:42 PM PST

One tired RNs View of healthcare.

by Hind2

I just finished working six twelve hour shifts in a busy urban Emergency Room.  I say that to give you a little view of where I am coming from and to make an excuse for my terrible grammar and spelling.  

There are a lot of issues with health care.  The one I am going to talk about/rant about is physicians and patients, particularly in the Emergency room.

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It seems there are a lot of people on here who have justified their position on late term abortions by surmising that the vast majority of these abortions are done due to genetic anomalies.  However, I have searched and searched and also asked for data suggesting this and nobody has delivered.

So what if it turns out to be a myth?  Are you still supportive?  If so then why even use that argument?  

More over the fold.

oice is a morality that takes you morally out of the picture."

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Another day another half dozen people or so, some of which I would have to google to know who they are, have endorsed Obama.  While this is fine and dandy it is really meaningless at this point.  

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Thu Jan 31, 2008 at 11:25 AM PST

Why I will ALMOST vote Obama.

by Hind2

I made few friends on here when I have said that more likely than not I will end up NOT voting.  Its not out of laziness or apathy but out of my personal opinion that the lesser of two evils is still evil... and at the end of the day I would rather sit out.

However, Obama has peeked my interest but one opinion of his is really rubbing me the wrong way.  His stance on weed.

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Tue Sep 11, 2007 at 05:28 AM PDT

Buy new Kanye West Album TODAY!

by Hind2

There should be several reasons why you want to buy the new Kanye West album.... the beats, the message and so on.  If you need more reasons here ya go....

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Thu Jun 21, 2007 at 08:03 PM PDT

You= The establishment.

by Hind2

When are the rich, white and privaledged left simply going to admit it?  I get blasted on here for saying I dont vote.  I get blasted for saying that I think Al Gore and Edwards and the lot have over the top lifestyles.  

Why?  Why are most, if not all, on the left afraid to admit that they benefit from the financial system that fucks so many?

More below....

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Listening to Richardson on the Moveon town hall meeting really got me angry.  Angry because even the party politics are turning into the money driven yaya that has become teh presidential election.  The same money issues that prevent a third voice from ever being heard.  The same voice that would have prevented a young Bill Clinton from ever seeing teh white house back in the day if the system was as it is today.

So here is my proposal.  A fund be set up for whoever gets the nomination.  No longer donate to individual campaigns which automatically rules out someone with a small wallet but great ideas from being heard.  I am not for or against any candidate at this point.  


The idea of a fund for donations is

42%6 votes
57%8 votes

| 14 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue Apr 03, 2007 at 06:25 AM PDT

If you believe "Loose Change"......

by Hind2

You are no better than the global warming deniers that use pseudo science and sketchy sources to define their points.  Lets get a few things striaght.  I do not think the Bush administration did everything in their power to prevent 9-11.  I do not think what followed in regards to how they handled the situation was something to be proud of.  However, there are facts that completely and totally debunk the "proof" given in "Loose Change" and we have a stake in clearly stating our parties position on that movie and differentiating ourselves from those who still choose to believe is such a straw man.....


Do you believe the "facts" of "Loose Change"?

28%11 votes
26%10 votes
44%17 votes

| 38 votes | Vote | Results

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