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Perusing the Canadian press this afternoon, found some results of an Ipsos-Reid poll that asked 1400 British Columbia residents who they would vote for as Prime Minister if they had U.S. nominees as well as Canadian to choose from.

Obama did quite well.

How well?

Not only do British Columbians strongly prefer Democratic candidate Barack Obama as president of the U.S. over Republican John McCain, they would also choose him as prime minister of Canada.

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Just saw this hitting the internets and figured it was something worth paying attention to, especially as the end of the economic world as we know it is starting to look more like one big attempt at cleaning out taxpayer coffers before Senor Arbusto and his pals leave the office of the Presidency.

From the Vancouver Sun:

A federal law enforcement official confirmed the FBI is now looking at 26 cases of potential corporate fraud related to the collapse of the U.S. mortgage lending industry.


The Wall Street collapse.... incompetency or deliberate abuse?

8%11 votes
90%123 votes
1%2 votes

| 136 votes | Vote | Results

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I've come to never be surprised over anything I see on CNN these days. Despite the fact that over half the people who watch the cable news network call themselves liberals, the powers that be on what used to be the most trusted name in news continue to push neocon bullshit down our throats at every opportunity.

Why? Because they know it doesn't matter how many of us watch their crappy channel, just as long as the top 0.5% of wealthy folks out there keep buying ads.

But tonight was too much. Tonight I just wanted to punch John King in the throat before coming after Suzanne Malveaux with a heavy rock.

Seriously, I'm not a violent guy, but there comes a point where any peacenik is forced to go all Billy Jack in the face of jackbooted fascism.

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Haven't seen a sign of this anywhere on dKos, so perhaps it's been flying under the radar, but this should be massive news with an election nearing... Mitt Romney's Bain Capital LLC is making a run at Clearchannel Communications with another private equity company that has had dealings with The Carlyle Group.

Clear Channel Communications Inc.'s directors accepted a revised $19.5 billion buyout offer from two private equity firms after two big shareholders indicated support for the bid.

The offer from Thomas H. Lee Partners LP and Bain Capital LLC of $39.20 a share, 20 cents higher than a previously rejected bid, was unanimously approved by Clear Channel's board, the San Antonio-based company said Friday.

Why does this matter? Let's rewind back to 1999, when George W. Bush was making a run at the Presidency.

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In the blogosphere, we’re often accused by the journalism industry as being untrustworthy, partisan, biased, unsourced, and of working in our bathrobes. Of course, such allegations are easy to make, especially if you’re one of those journalists who like to make such allegations without any actual examples of bloggers being guilty of any of the above.

In short, those alleging these crimes by bloggers are perpetrating the exact same crimes they speak of, AS they speak of them.

Sadly, that’s exactly WHY the mainstream media is suddenly feeling under attack - because they don’t do what we do - fact-check, source information, and keep an even unbiased keel in relation to facts.

Well I’m about to demonstrate two types of journalism for you. The first, which we’ll call the Katie Couric Brand of Journalism, is as follows:


Boycott CBS until Katie Couric apologizes!

14%20 votes
50%69 votes
29%41 votes
5%7 votes

| 137 votes | Vote | Results

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Sometimes you see a story in the press and you have to check the sources, just to be sure it isn't a hoax. This is one such story, and by god, it'll make you fume.

As previously diaried a few weeks back on dKos, Julie Amero was a substitute teacher who found herself in a pickle while teaching a class of 12-year-old boys.

The school computer in her classroom, which she had been told not to turn off under any circumstances, and which had no virus protection, spyware protection, and was running a 9-year-old operating system, started popping up porn ads. Not just one or two, but loads.

When Julie tried to click them off by hitting the little X on the top corner, more popped up. And more.

With the kids clamoring for a look, Julie tried to block the screen from them, but there were too many, so she ran out to the teachers' lounge and asked for help.

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Let's face it, precious few of us last night, in the deep dark recesses of our mind, didn't expect some last minute turnaround in the vote that saved Republicans in tight races.

With Burns closing in on Tester, you thought there'd suddenly be a big shift to the red man, didn't you? You thought Allen would suddenly 'find' 10,000 votes, didn't you?

I know I did.

I know, after 2000 and 2004, I expected any close race to suddenly and unexpectedly swing red, and I expected we'd take weeks going through individual county returns, finding irregularities everywhere.

But that never happened. Why? Here's my take.


what was most responsible for the Democratic win?

62%69 votes
3%4 votes
1%2 votes
32%36 votes

| 111 votes | Vote | Results

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So the Reverend Jerry Falwell went on national (cable) TV last night and, according to Crooks and Liars, denied ever having met the now disgraced former leader of the largest evangelical movement in the world, Ted Haggard.

Reverend Jerry Falwell appeared on the Situation Room last night to talk about the midterm elections and the evangelical vote. When Paula Zahn asked him about the allegations surrounding Ted Haggard , Falwell said "I don't know him...I haven't met him" and played down his influence in the evangelical movement as negligible.

For video evidence of this, Crooks and Liars has the details.

So why should you care if Falwell and Haggard have never met? Oh, maybe because they have. Maybe because they met a lot... in the Oval Office, no less.


Who's worse? Falwell, Haggard or Zahn?

17%31 votes
0%1 votes
25%46 votes
56%101 votes

| 179 votes | Vote | Results

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Mon Oct 30, 2006 at 04:14 PM PST

Wolf Blitzer's career epitaph.

by HollywoodOz

Wolf Blitzer has been serving up a little fightback to Lynne Cheney today on CNN, after she chose to use his interview last Friday to question his patriotism for daring suggest her husband approved of torture.

Even though he, in black and white, did.

Of course, this is what happens when you spend five years cupping the balls of every Republican on national TV - eventually they figure they can do whatever they want to you, and what are you gonna do, fight back?

So without further ado, I give you Leslie "Wolf" Blitzer's career epitaph:


Can you ever believe a word Leslie 'Wolf' Blitzer ever says again?

2%74 votes
10%312 votes
11%347 votes
75%2212 votes

| 2945 votes | Vote | Results

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I run an editorial services company in Vancouver BC - a company called Unreel Media. It's not a bad company, as far as company's go. Makes a little profit, keeps thirty writers in rent and food, but it has an added benefit to dozens - perhaps hundreds - of other people, all over the world... a benefit that few companies I know of could boast.

See, my company is also a money lender. No, we're not loan sharks, and we're not a payday loan outfit. Rather, we give loans to people in places like the Sudan and Tanzania, Samoa and Cambodia, Honduars and Bulgaria, in the form of business loans for entrepreneurs who wish to get themselves and their families out of poverty forever.


Kiva: Are you in?

20%7 votes
14%5 votes
28%10 votes
37%13 votes

| 35 votes | Vote | Results

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Was just sitting watching South Park when I noticed a couple of emails had hit my inbox. I knew they were there, because the new mail icon was up, but they took some finding because they were misdated.

Anyway, what's interesting about these emails is they seem to be concerted efforts to get Air America listeners to downlaod a trojan.

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I've often thought to myself, if I were born in Nicaragua or Zambia or Bangladesh, how exactly would I have ever been able to 'pull myself up by the bootstraps' (as Conservatives often claim poor people should) and get ahead in this world. I mean, you can be a hard-working guy in a country like Tanzania, but without an economy around you to take advantage of, you're basically limited to providing for your family - if that.

Get a second job? There are no second jobs. Save a little money for the future? There are no banks to save in. Get an education? In many third world countries, education is the biggest single expense for a family, so much so that most have no chance to get one.

Long time Kos readers may have already seen mention of an organization called Kiva previously on this site, and it's with the above dilemma in mind that I shine a little more light on this great organization today.

Never heard of it? Well you should, because Kiva makes it possible for you, sitting at home in your La-Z-Boy, to become a virtual venture capitalist for small businessmen and women in the developing world.

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