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"Take your shit elsewhere" Markos says. Yeah, that'll help us in 2014.
"Go the fuck away" he says in another diary. Yeah, that'll bring people running to the Progressive movement.

People who Criticize Police and Election Boards are not the same as Moon Truthers
The progressive movement is not monolithic. It thrives when it lets in people of many different viewpoints. People who support Obama and those who criticize him. Those who support Occupy and those who criticize them. Those who are related to cops, work in the justice system, and like  cops; and those who think we're on the slow road to a police state. People on the coasts who think nothing shady happened in the 2004 election, and people in the midwest who think something shady happened and the will of Ohio voters were not carried out.

I am the Daily Kos user Broke and Unemployed. I was banned in a "purge" in November of last year because I thought that equating people who think that GOP run governments are not counting our votes correctly with moon truthers is wrong. Saying the moon landing was staged or 9/11 is an inside jobs is Conspiracy Theory. Saying that the  2004 election was rigged (there is some proof that suggests this) or that the GOP will do anything to win including suppressing votes, or that Homeland Security was helping cities (with "Democratic" mayors!) plan attacks against Occupy camps (which has now been proven) is not.

Disappearing Progressives
I've been monitoring banned accounts since my Broke and Unemployed account was banned. Very often, Kos chooses to ban users who have written hundreds of diaries for free for his website. I made a twitter account trying to find these banned users. You know what I found? Most of them disappear from the Internet and stop writing progressive blogs and doing progressive things elsewhere as well. Some of them write a few blogs somewhere else, then eventually stop. There are some notable exceptions, but it seems that when Kos chooses to ban a prolific diarist, that person disappears from the Progressive movement.

Being told to "take your shit elsewhere" does sting. I helped with OFA in 2012 and Democrats in previous years, but I haven't done anything to help Democrats since Kos decided to ban me. And when the Portage County Democratic Party calls me, I'll tell them "Democratic leaders have told me to 'take my shit elsewhere'. So I did."

I'll still vote for Democrats, and I have plans to get a group together to do voter registration drives on my own. But when the most influential Democratic blog site on the web thinks it's more important to exert its all-knowing authority than to bring people into the progressive big tent, that is a huge huge problem.

What happens at Daily Kos has ramifications in the real world.

Well played, Sir.
Why am I outing my zombie account? Not because Daily Kos admins discovered it, but because self-proclaimed diary police Mets102 and Weatherdude saw that Hubbard Squash and Broke and Unemployed were both married men in their 30's who live in Portage County, Ohio. 140,000 people live in my county so that doesn't prove anything. But when they whine to Daily Kos admins that "He's a zoooommmmmbbbiiiiieee!!!!!", they will check the IP addresses and find that yes, I am a zombie.

Anyone out there who was unfairly banned from Dkos, I encourage you to make a Zombie account. It's easy. Just use a different IP address for the first few weeks. After that you can fly under the radar, and in a few months you'll have TU status again. That's what I'll  be doing, starting the zombie process again. I was knowingly sloppy about it, "Not very gourd at this" as weatherdude says. Really I wanted to see what I could  get away with. I didn't count on so many people would be actively hunting zombie accounts.

So congrats, Mets. You've succeeded once more in making the Democratic Party more pure, free of Dirty Freaking Hippy occupiers and people who think spying on Americans is wrong and Ohioans whose will was not carried out by our electoral system in 2004. I guess Ohio is just a bunch of dumb hillbillies to you until you need us to elect your candidates. You driving people away is doing soooo much to bring in Progressives, we're gonna ROCK 2014, right?


I'll be Back!
Anyways, I'll be starting the zombie process over again shortly, and I'll be more careful this time. In a few months I'll be a TU again, and post more comments and diaries.

I had to write this in a hurry because I'm on borrowed time. My zombie account has been discovered and will be banned at any time. There's probably lots of typos in here.

This isn't a GBCW. Kos can choose to ban me or not to ban me. This is our movement. Our rules. Without thousands of great diarists, Daily Kos would just be some dude's website, rotting in obscurity.

Hopefully one day that Progressive movement will embrace a big tent strategy and can actually start making meaningful gains. Until then, I worry about what will happen in 2014. But hey, you told me and others to take our shit elsewhere, so apparently you have some grand plan to defeat the destructive GOP without us or something.

Follow me on Twitter at @BannedByKos

See you in another life, brother.



Corporations are people in this country, huh? If so, they're the assholes of the group.

From Yahoo:

For more than 100 years, the Anna Louise Inn in downtown Cincinnati has been a safe, serene place that thousands of struggling women came to know as home.

But after losing a two-year fight with a Fortune 500 company [Western and Southern] determined to buy their beautiful, 104-year-old property and turn it into a boutique hotel — even though it wasn't for sale — the women of the Anna Louise Inn have to leave the neighborhood.

For Wendy Gonzales, 25, the Anna Louise has allowed her to escape an addiction to methamphetamine and an abusive husband who she said forced her into prostitution.

"I thank God for the Anna Louise Inn. Without it, I don't know where I would be," said Gonzales, who now works as a housekeeper at a hotel within walking distance. "It's quiet, it's peaceful. Looking out here, you don't see your average thugs walking down the street. ... It's just nice to walk out and know that you're safe."

The fight between the Anna Louise and Western and Southern has been going on since 2011. W&S wanted the property and sued the city to stop the non-profit organization from renovating it. W&S officials criticized the renovation as a "Taxpayer Bailout". Wow, way to show some compassion there.
Officials with Cincinnati Union Bethel [the nonprofit who runs the Anna Louise] said Monday on their website that their tax credits through the Ohio Housing Finance Agency were due to expire at the end of the year, and they could not be renewed if litigation was in process.
Basically, they fought as long as they could, but W&S used bullying and delay tactics to eventually get what they wanted in the end.
Under the deal with Western & Southern, the women living at the Anna Louise will stay there until a new building for them is finished, in about two years. It will be located in a shabby neighborhood on a busy street 2 miles north of where they are now.
I hate how corporations use corporatespeak to try and make terrible things look good. From  Western & Southern's press release:
."...a new hotel at the site could generate up to $400 million in economic development over 30 years. This truly is a win for everyone, and will make Lytle Park a destination like no other. It will become our most distinctive neighborhood a new special area, which will help the City attract people downtown.”
Ugh. So they're saying it's OK they bullied their way in and kicked these women out, because the economy. By attracting "people"  downtown, they mean tourists with disposable income to stay at an expensive downtown hotel. Poor folks need not apply.

Western and Southern wanted this property because it's prime real estate.

It's within walking distance of the riverfront, and the Reds and Bengals stadium, and downtown attractions. They saw dollar signs and didn't give a damn about who stood in their way. The location was a big part of the reason that Anna Louise was a good place for these women, many of them worked within walking distance. But no more.

As part of the deal, Cincinnati Union Bethel will have 2 years to build a new facility at the Mt. Auburn neighborhood, about 2 miles north, across from the United Way building. So the residents of Anna Louise will be forced out of their their nice downtown neighborhood with a park and close proximity to work. Once again, the rich win and the poor lose.

Yay. Corporations are so great, aren't they? Y'know, job creators. Don't you dare tax them.



There's a Black Squirrel bus route, a Black Squirrel Festival, and Black Squirrel Radio. There's Black Squirrel bumper stickers. Part of Kent's new multi-million dollar downtown rebuilding project is called Acorn Alley. What's up with these critters?

Still considered rare, about one in every 10,000 squirrels is black, according to experts.

Wooddell's friend, "Biff" Staples, a retired Davey Tree employee, had seen black squirrels on a business trip to Ontario, Canada. After six months of negotiations with the Canadian government , the pair drove to Ontario in February 1961 to pick up 10 squirrels trapped by Canadian wildlife authorities.

Black squirrels were taken from somewhere else, but they've found a new home in Kent. They're everywhere now.

Aww, cute little guys. We take them for granted now, and squirrels may be considered a pest to some, but it just wouldn't be Kent without the black squirrels.


While America was watching Boston this week, a Satan sandwich was being passed in Washington. The House passed CISPA, which shreds the 4th Amendment and takes away your right to online privacy. This is a big deal. Popoular outrage killed SOPA last year, so Congress is trying again. If you don't know what CISPA is, there's a good FAQ here. To sum it up:

CISPA, by contrast [to SOPA], would allow Americans' personal information to be vacuumed up by government agencies for cybersecurity and law enforcement purposes, as long as Internet and telecommunications companies agreed. In that respect, at least, its impact is broader.
Over 90 Democrats voted for this!

14 Members of the Progressive Caucus voted for this!
The progressive Caucus. The Democrats that we're supposed to be able to count on to, you know, act like Democrats.

11 Democrats co-sponsored this bill! Wow!

The overt cluelessness displayed here just boggles the mind. Co-sponsor Rep. Ruppersberger from Maryland bragged about CISPA on his website as "an important step forward"... I guess it's a step forward for collecting corporate donations.

I'm especially disappointed in some of these congressmen/women in particular. Emmanuel Cleaver voted for this "sugar coated Satan sandwich". Tammy Duckworth, after all the support we gave her. Steny Hoyer and James Clyburn, the #2 and #3 Dems in the House. Marcy Kaptur in my own state of Ohio. After this I hope Kucinich primaries her in 2014.

I would like to thank my own representative Tim Ryan for voting against this. He's one of the more underrated Democrats in the House. We're lucky to have him.

There's already a rec-listed diary about the response from Anonymous and social media on the Internet; you should check it out if you haven't already. But I thought we needed a comprehensive list of who voted for CISPA and sold us out for some campaign donations from Hollywood.

Below I listed Dems who voted for CISPA by state, along with Democratic co-sponsors and members of the "Progressive" Caucus. In case you are represented by a Republican, Republicans who voted for this are listed at the bottom, not sorted by state. I'm not quite as mad about them. We already know Republicans represent corporate interests. But the Democrats are supposed to fight for the rest of us. This time the listed Democrats and Progressives not only failed in doing that, they didn't even try.

If you don't like how your rep. voted, call or write him/her! Let them know we do not support this. And make sure your senator knows how you feel before they vote on this.

Look below the orange squiggly for the list.

Continue Reading

I found out about this from The Troubador's diary at the top of the rec list. You should read it. From the Charleston Gazette:

A student at George Washington High School asked for an injunction in Kanawha Circuit Court against the school's principal Monday, after she alleges he threatened to call the college where she's been accepted and tell them she has "bad character" for speaking up against an abstinence-only assembly held at the school last week.

Katelyn Campbell, the school's student body vice president, refused to attend an assembly where Christian speaker Pam Stenzel told GW students "condoms aren't safe" and warned that any type of sexual contact would lead to sexually transmitted diseases and cause women to be infertile, according to an audio recording of her presentation.

Troubador's diary focuses on Katelyn Campbell and her brave struggle against this
slut-shaming and misinformation. But when I looked into the actual content of this "abstinence only" presentation, I was appalled at what I found.
Campbell said several students had recorded the presentation, where Stenzel allegedly made comments like, "If you take birth control, your mother probably hates you" and "I could look at any one of you in the eyes right now and tell if you're going to be promiscuous."
Wow. This was at a public high school. It was paid for with our tax dollars.
According to Speaker Mix, a database to help people book public speakers for events, Stenzel charges between $4,000 and $6,000 for an appearance.
Before her rant at George Washington, Stenzel spoke at Riverside HS.
Riverside freshman Lindsey Hawks said Monday that the presentation made her feel "really uncomfortable."

"She was attacking and bashing the girls more. She was saying that it was all our faults. She was just crazy," Hawks said. "She said things like, 'It's your parents fault for putting you on birth control' and that birth control makes you more sexually active and more likely to get STDs."

Cierra Henderson, a Riverside freshman who also attended the event, said Stenzel said, "If you're on birth control, your parents hate you."

In another article from the Charleston Gazette
[George Washington HS principal] Aulenbacher and members of the school's staff blocked the gym entrance and told students who tried to leave that they had to stay the entire time, according to the complaint.
Students were offended. But one school board member doesn't think that's a problem.
However, Kanawha County school board member Becky Jordon, who attended the assembly, said dozens of students left the assembly and "complained before they even heard [Stenzel] speak."

Jordon also did not stay for the entire assembly but said what she heard was not inappropriate for students.

"As a parent and a board member, I was glad she was there. Kids all over Kanawha County need to hear her message," she said. "I'm just sad it couldn't have been in all high schools and middle schools. Kids need to understand that what they think is one night of fun can change their lives forever."

Wow. Let me repeat that: She said "I'm just sad it couldn't have been in all high schools and middle schools." These people want this offensive crap in every high school. In the high school that maybe your kids go to.

It should be encouraging that a a few brave students aren't having it.

Students took to social media during the assembly, posting messages to Twitter like, "She doesn't like you if you're not a virgin" and "I hope people are calling in about the sex ed speaker this morning. Shaming girls for having sex isn't teaching abstinence."
As for Kaetlyn Campbell, the college she applied to had this to say on Twitter:
Wellesley College @Wellesley

Katelyn Campbell, #Wellesley is excited to welcome you this fall.

The phrase "Abstinence Only" does not accurately  convey the offensive, appalling, factually wrong bullshit that these zealots who call themselves 'educators' are feeding to our kids. What teens are hearing in "Abstinence" education is offensive, abusive and intimidating. It's wrong. And it needs to stop.

Edit: One commenter has suggested that the speaker was paid for by Believe in West Virginia and not by taxpayers. The Gazette articles were ambiguous about this. I may not be able to look into this until later this afternoon. But the reality is that are kids are being force fed this Abstinence crap, and these are public schools.

Discuss This is exactly what it sounds like.

From ABC News:

A Florida police sergeant was fired for allegedly bringing Trayvon Martin shooting targets he purchased on the Internet to a firearms training session.

Sgt. Ron King, who had been with the Cape Canaveral Port Authority since January 2011, was fired Thursday, authorities said.

This is just so despicable that words fail.
On April 4, when two fellow cops discovered King intended to use the Trayvon Martin shooting targets in their weapons exercise, they told him “they didn’t think it was appropriate,” said John Walsh, CEO of the Cape Canaveral Port Authority. The next day, he said the officers informed the Port Authority Police Chief, who called in internal affairs.
It's messed up that there are cops out there like Ron King. I don't even really know what to say.

There is a small silver lining here: Ron King was turned in by fellow cops who decided that shooting at targets that look like Trayvon Martin was "inappropriate" and decided they had to say something. In other words, the Blue Wall was broken here. We need more good cops out there with the courage to stand up when bad cops do terrible things like this.

Authorities declined to say whether any of the targets were used.

“We want to apologize to the community and the family of Trayvon Martin and don’t feel that this is tolerable or acceptable in any level. It’s something that we’d never want the Port Authority to be involved in and we truly apologize to the families for the pain that they even had to hear about something like this and had to relive their son’s death again,” [Cape Canaveral Port Authority CEO] Walsh said.

Ron King was fired. Not put on paid leave, or unpaid leave, or suspension. He was fired. Nobody who can do something like this should ever wear a badge.

Edit: There was a  rec-listed diary by noweasels yesterday that has more information about this. Sorry, not sure how I missed that.

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