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Every year I get a one week paid vacation.  This year I'm spending 3 days of it traveling to Wisconsin to witness the recall of Scott Walker. My co-workers are stunned, they keep saying:  "A Wisconsin election wont impact you Luchia, you are crazy to waste 3 of your 5 vacation days there. Not to mention the amount of money you're spending just to get there!" It's true a Wisconsin election won't directly affect me since I'm a New York resident still, I feel compelled to go.  I want to meet the hard working people who took to the streets in record numbers after Kochsucker Walker took away the collective bargaining rights of public sector unions. I also want to help them GOTV during their final hours of battle. I'm not a union member.  I've never even had a union job but I am deeply grateful for unions because I benefit from everything they fought and died for.  Below is a picture of me on Mayday 2012.  I made a huge pro-union sign and proudly marched through the streets of Manhattan with it.  I wanted people to think about why we get paid time and half when we work more than 40 hours per week.  My hope was that they would begin to see unions in a more positive light instead of the 'thugs' they are constantly portrayed to be.

     Thank a Union
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I nominated Jesse LaGreca for a 2012 Netroots Nation Scholarship and he has been doing great. Now, that there are only a few hours left to vote however he's lost his lead. If you've already voted for him, thank you so much!

If you haven't voted for him yet, please take a minute to do so here--> You can also read his nomination if you have a few extra minutes. Thank you in advance for your time. It's because of Jesse that I found Daily Kos. He spoke so highly of all of you and the information you share here that I just had to check it out. Time does not permit me to post diaries but I'm very grateful to all of you who do. I've learned a lot since becoming a member in December.

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