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Tue Jan 21, 2014 at 04:11 PM PST

The Future is Now . . .

by Interplaydave

Check out this stats from the University of California.  It's cool to see the reporting catch up with the reality!

University of California Freshman Applications Stats


Senator Clinton . . . I am not a big fan.  To be honest, I've been holding a grudge for 14 years.  I haven't been able to let go of the disappointment, really disillusionment, of the whole Health Care Debacle in '94. Today is the day that I let go of that resentment and look Forward to the incredible possibility that, in my life time, a progressive agenda could be enacted. I follow politics for sure, but I'm not a journalist or some kind of sophisticated political operative. In fact, I'm a bit of a rarity on Kos -- a corporate type -- a management consultant with an interest in strategy and in narrative.  It's what I do for living.  


Hillary for Majority Leader of US Senate

36%39 votes
37%40 votes
13%14 votes
4%5 votes
7%8 votes

| 106 votes | Vote | Results

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The unbelievable double speak of Condi Rice and her "mentor" has reached new heights with the conflict in Lebanon.  While the rest of the world is calling out for an immediate ceasefire and end to indiscriminant killing, the White House says, in effect, "No, not until all our enemies are dead."  

This 100% support for the hardline position of Israel has resulted in the reality that one of our very few allies (if you call Lebanon that) in the Arab world is now being shredded, its population (25% so far) now refugees, its infrastructure destroyed.  The moral bankruptcy of this stance is so repugnant that even Republicans are starting to lose their cookies.  

I know that Chuck Hagel is running for President and therefore needs to distance himself from the Bushies, but this quote from a piece in CNN[] sums up the the whole ugly mess nicely.

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