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As the constitutional Midnight deadline approached, bills in the GOP Controlled House  were literally being ramrodded through by the Speaker overriding House rules and procedures. At the end, the House clerk announced the wrong bill number and then the body was made to vote on different bill with no discussion and no ability to even see the bill. Chaos ensued.

The Uptake

Adding to the confusion was the House clerk announcing a bill number that was apparently different than what lawmakers were expecting. The official house register shows the last minute vote was on HF 1437 the jobs, economic development and energy bill that had passed minutes ago in the Senate.

But the House clerk announced it was HF 1077,a summary of that bill describes it as “Technical changes to Minnesota Statutes made resulting from repeal of outdated and redundant statutes relating to public safety.” The description the House clerk gave of the bill was “an act relating to agriculture”, which is the short description listed for the jobs, economic and energy bill.

HF 1077 was referred to the House Public Safety Committee on February 19, never had a hearing and was never sent to the Senate.

Monday night was the constitutional end of session for the Minnesota Legislature. The DFL controlled Senate and GOP led House chambers faced a mandatory deadline at Midnight Tuesday.

On the last day of session, both chambers raced against the clock to finish pending legislation like the budget, bonding, and other bills to keep the government working and paid.

The House, with more members, tends to be more long winded, as customs and usage dictate every member who wishes to be heard gets an opportunity speak. This year, the GOP controlled House was led by Rookie Speaker Kurt Daudt.  

Keep in mind, the minority party in the House, the Democrats, feel no obligation to let the GOP get away with ramrodding their legislation through without some literal pokes in the eye. It is typical for the minority party to run a de facto filibuster. As of 11:00 PM, for example, Representative Purcell (D) was discussing the history of Native Americans in Minnesota to protest the exclusion of wild rice protections from the Legacy Bill.

The budget did not pass and is currently tied up in a three-way negotiations between the GOP House, DFL Senate, and  DFL Governor- Mark Dayton. Therefore, a special session was deemed inevitable going into the evening.  One of the problems for the Legislature is the State Capitol Building will be closed for renovations as soon as the session ended and will not be available for the special session.

To be fair, when the DFL (Democratic Farmer Labor Party) has been in charge of he past, it has not been uncommon for the DFL to limit debate in the last minutes before session end, especially in the face of a GOP led de facto filibusters. However, I have never seen an ending be so messed up by a Speaker, Democrat or Republican.

Contrast this chaos to the DFL Controlled Senate ending:


This is what is called a trial balloon. Bill Kristol, the biggest cheerleader behind the Iraq invasion, Sarah Palin and a host of other disasters, claimed on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopolus that George W Bush had left office with Iraq in good shape. Bill Kristol was debating with Congressman Keith Ellison.

Raw Story

As Kristol smiled and shook his head, Ellison explained, “I mean, we cannot forget that we are in the space we are in now because of that invasion that was based on falsehoods in every conceivable way, and the tremendous loss of money, treasure, and blood. And, of course, he [Jeb Bush] wants to escape that legacy.”

Ellison went to say, “I think we cannot escape how much damage the Iraq policy of George W. Bush did to his country and…” before Kristol cut him off.

When George W. Bush left office, Iraq was safe and peaceful,” Kristol lectured Ellison. “Thanks to the surge..” at which point Ellison cut Kristol off, shaking his head and saying, “Nah, nah. There was always rumblings and dangers in that place.”

This, if it is allowed to stick is the beginning of the GOP  campaign to rewrite history to portrait the situation in Iraq as fixed by 2008. The implication is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama "broke" Iraq.

Here is an earlier clip of Bill Kristol touting Iraq as a 2 month war

Rachel Maddow details a list of failed predictions by Bill Kristol.

Here is a slideshow from Mediate showing many of his failed predictions

Why do they still give this smug idiot air time?

Juan Cole lays out in 2008 the lies told by the Neocons about Iraq

1. Iraqis are safer because of Bush’s War. In fact, conditions of insecurity have helped created both an internal and external refugee problem:

 At least 4.2 million Iraqis were displaced. These included 2.2 million who were displaced within Iraq and some 2 million refugees, mostly in Syria (around 1.4 million) and Jordan (around half a million). In the last months of the year both these neighbouring states, struggling to meet the health, education and other needs of the Iraqi refugees already present, introduced visa requirements that impeded the entry of Iraqis seeking refuge. Within Iraq, most governorates barred entry to Iraqis fleeing sectarian violence elsewhere.’

Edit: What Bill Kristol is trying to do is lay out a line of attack on Hillary Clinton. By rewriting history and making 2008 Iraq a rosy picture, he and his allies will attack Hillary saying she let Iraq get out of control.  This is why we need to attack this lie.
"Here's the truth they can't or won't report: I'm the one who has supported these troops - much more than the bloviators on Fox News,"

After a week of enduring Right Wing criticism over his comments on the American Sniper Movie, Michael Moore fought back on his Facebook page.

Raw Story posted an earlier video and story of Fox News bashing Michael Moore

In Daily Kos last week, the controversy and fallout over his initial comments was detailed here
and here

 I have truncated his post. Go to his Facebook page to view his post in it's entirely.

Michael Moore

"My 12 Years of Support for the Troops "
Well, who would know better about hating our troops than those who supported sending them into a senseless war Iraq in the first place?
And, for 4,482 of them, a senseless, unnecessary and regrettable death.
If you supported that invasion, if you voted for George W. Bush and the Republicans and Democrats who backed this war, then you are the ones who have some 'splainin' to do. Not me. You.
Because only "haters" of our brave young men and women would recklessly send them into harm's way for something that had absolutely nothing to do with defending the United States of America. Nothing. Nothing to do with 9/11. Nothing. In fact, WE, the USA, were the ones who provided Saddam with his weapons in the 1980s that he used against the Kurds. We wanted him to use them against the Iranians, but you hand a crazy guy crazy weapons, something crazy is probably going to happen. Ask Osama bin Laden about that -- what he did with the crazy training, crazy money and crazy weapons that WE gave him. Oh wait. You can't ask him. Because the new president took him out. No 150,000 troop invasion necessary. Just 12 or so Navy SEALS and two and a half choppers.

Michael Moore listed 17 activities that he has worked with veterans on.

Michael Moore goes on to detail specific areas where he has helped veterans including: affirmative action to hire vets while prohibiting business with companies that do not have such policies. He opened his movie theaters free to active duty persons.  Michael sits on the Advisory Board of the Pvt. Bradley (Chelsea) Manning Support Network. Further, he has hosted nationally acclaimed benefits for veterans, as well as taken veterans around the the country to speak up on veterans' issues. When his father passed away, he requested money be donated to a local veterans cause. Enough money was donated to build a home for a veteran's family.

Moore goes on....

So, Fox News and the other lazy media -- quit making shit up about me! You look ridiculous.  But when you hide behind falsehoods and then use them to try and manipulate the public, then all you are is afraid. Afraid of me, an unarmed American, and the truth I bring along as my sidekick. Only cowards have to lie. Be brave. Report the truth. It will feel good.
According to Michael Moore, some of his most important veteran's work he has done is to speak out against unneeded wars that have cost the lives and well being of our troops.

Michael Moore doesn't need a "partial truth" news network behind him to make his statement. He can take care of himself. I think he just dissed Fox News pretty well.

h/t's to Rolling Stone and Freak Out Nation


This is not too overtly political but I wanted to share this. I think this is a good start to change the face of home and mobile entertainment. Eventually this has the power to loosen control of the cable companies. This is not meant as Spam, but something to stick it to the cable companies and improve entertainment options.

Sling TV will murder Cable TV?

Dish told me the service is directly targeted at millennials, a crowd that has little interest in paying upwards of $100 — what pay TV typically costs — for a crop of channels that never get watched. Sling, by comparison, starts at $20 a month and offers 13 channels, including ABC Family, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, CNN, Disney Channel, ESPN, ESPN 2, Food Network, HGTV, Maker Studio, TBS, TNT, and Travel Channel.
Sling TV will allow someone to stream these 13 channels on their internet device like a Roku or Xbox. No equipment needed. No contract involved.

We have heard the stories about how poor the cable companies are in customer service. We have heard how the cable companies spent millions of dollars to line the pockets of politicians to keep their legal monopolies intact and to pass legislation favorable to their positions.

Over 11 years ago I made a decision to do away with Cable TV and save some money. I have never looked back and regretted that decision. However, what I miss the most is the sports on channels like ESPN. Whether it be college basketball, US Soccer qualifying, or Monday Night Football, I do miss live sports on ESPN. At first you could watch ESPN3 online, but they got tricky and limited viewing to current cable subscribers only. I also miss some of the news networks like CNN and MSNBC.

The dawn of digital signals for my rabbit ear antennas has also been nice over the past 10 years. I get a crystal clear HD picture with all the broadcast channels plus some extras, including weather and kids channels.

 Hating the cable companies for their monopoly on premium television, I have disliked their collusion with cable channels to limit channels to only those broadcast by cable companies (or Satellite Companies). I have a recent story where it took 7 1/2 weeks and 20 cummulative hours on the phone to get new internet service.

Similar to the folly of the music recording industry fighting digital music in the late 90's, I have found it foolish that internet TV packages were never offered directly to "cord cutters". Cord Cutters are people who no longer use cable TV. Has not Netflix and Hulu shown there are billions of dollars of potential subscription fees available from cord cutters?

Full Disclosure: I do pay a well known cable company for high speed broadband internet connection. I also pay for Netflix and have used a $10 a month internet subscription service called Dishworld, where I can stream live international soccer via Bien Sports.

Sling TV at CES

Two days ago, Dish CEO Joe Clayton made a grand entrance to his company's CES press event. Backed by a marching band, Clayton himself walked out with a giant drum strapped to his chest. There was a good reason for his over-the-top arrival: Dish went on to publicly unveil Sling Television, an internet TV streaming service that packages ESPN, TBS, TNT, CNN, Disney Channel, and other networks for $20 per month. No contracts, and no strings attached. If ESPN should one one day disappear from Sling TV's channel lineup — or if you find yourself missing AMC and FX — you're free to bail at any time. But after trying it out here on the CES show floor, I think I've convinced myself to make a break with cable.
I am excited for this and will be willing to shell out the $20/ month. Even with Nextflix, this is still less expensive than cable. This will not be for everyone. But I will jump on this. The system is expected to be available in a couple of weeks. This will appear on platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and XBox. I have both a Roku and Fire Stick.

I have been waiting 11 years for something like this.


Remember the march to protest police brutality in Washington DC?
Remember the outrage on right wing radio and news outlets picked up a chant saying clear as day- " Kill a Cop"? I had my Facebook timeline filled with outrage after the New York shootings linking the double police homicide with the "evil" chants from Washington DC.


Fake and Fake

Baltimore Fox Affiliate Fox 45 Took the audio of the chanting and made a cut to make it seem like protesters were chanting "Kill a Cop".

Baltimore’s Fox affiliate desperately wanted to portray an anti-police brutality rally as a pro-police killing one, but they ran into a problem. No one they encountered wanted to see police murdered. Rather than drop the story, Fox went ahead and deceptively edited the footage they got to make it seem as if protesters were chanting “Kill a cop.” That’s what passes for journalism over at Fox.

The rally in question, held in Washington, D.C. and called the “National ‘Justice For All’ March,” was broadcast on C-SPAN. At one point in the video, a rally organizer can be heard chanting “We won’t stop. We can’t stop. Until the killer cops. Are in cell blocks.”

Listen for yourself below:

Here was the Fox 45 version:

Remember with Fox selectively edited a President Obama speech where he said "You didn't Build It" when referring to infrastructure and Fox made it seem like he was saying "You didn't build (your business)?  The GOP staged their entire political convention on that selective edit.

I hope what the Fox Affiliate did does not ultimately cost some lives. So goes the world of Faux News and Entertainment Group. Just another day in duplicity.

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Piss off Your mail service is constantly down. I have observed more and more conservative stories infiltrating it's home page news feed. They link stories to
pseudo journalism outfits outing UFO's and alien abductions.

Now on their home page is a story about President Obama's "love nest" and cheating on Michelle Obama. The story is written by Epoch Times.  They quote the renowned(snark) National Enquirer as source material.

This was linked this morning on the homepage under 'News".

The story is here: here  

Piss off Yahoo (I mean WND's little sister). May your business continue to go in the tank.

Remember this face over the next 2 years
Hey GOP. Newsflash: You won. We lost.

Your time legislating for dough- voting for show has come to an end. You are no longer able to be the party of "NO". You have to actually show up for work and do something to pick up your taxpayer funded paycheck.

If you think you can pass bill after bill with zero chance of getting signed by President Obama,  you WILL be held accountable for what you are- Showboats.

Showboating is not legislating. It is corrupt, it makes a mockery of the legislative process.
Showboating is an offensive plague upon the people of the United States of America.

You will have to learn to play in the sandbox with others.

I know , you cannot help yourselves. For many of you are not truly "Representatives" of the people, but hired guns of powerful special interests. You believe your duty is to enrich your donor special interests.

We will be watching- very closely. Any misstep and we will expose any ineptitude, corruption, or radicalism.  I would check in to the Daily Kos everyday to see which the GOP legislators end up on the front page.

Oh, and by the way, from now on you WILL address your president as

President Obama,

not Barrack, not Obama, not Barrack Hussien Obama,  but President Obama.

For a special treat- watch the ending scene of Robert Redford's The Candidate.

Have fun for the next two years. Dive into showboating and corruption, and you will have awoken the sleeping lion.

Please Proceed

Kossacks! i expect everyone to double your efforts to highlight GOP activities over the next 2 years. Use the Rec tool to highlight diaries that can help retain the Presidency and gain control over Congress.

Don't forget,-These diaries become a library of opposition research for Democratic campaigns. So whether it is a local GOP dogcatcher or local right  wing councilperson, please keep the diaries coming. No story is too local.


Before I recently moved across country, I disposed of my old 2 gallon gas can. Its the small gas can you use for the lawn mower and snow blower.

1300 miles away in my new state, I looked for a heavy duty old-fashion metal gas can with a simple metal spout. I could not find it at Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot, Northern Tool, Target, or Harbor Freight Tools. The only gas cans they sell nowadays is a plastic one with a complicated thin plastic twisty spring loaded mechanism on the spout. The directions suck and so does the spout. One little twist and the thin plastic breaks, causing the seal to break.  Tip the spout towards the lawn mower and half of it spills on the ground and over your hands.

 I have an acre to mow every week with my little push mower. It requires 3 fill ups every time I mow.

Here is the typical gas can.

The story behind the regulation was there was concern about the little vent hole on old cans along with vapor escape and spilling. So a new standard was adopted in California to eliminate vapors and spills. This was supposed to help with air quality and reduce smog.   The  EPA and the Federal Government soon adopted these standards to make them nationwide.

Here is a typical blog post about this subject

ep, that's right. The new gas cans with CARB-compliant spouts require three hands (at a minimum) to operate, inevitably cause the user to spill far more gasoline with each refuel of a lawn mower than he managed to spill over the previous decade in total, and flows with the velocity of a mouse with a bad prostate. So, ingenious Californians that we are, we've resorted to throwing the useless spouts away and simply pouring the gasoline from the container into a funnel, thereby eliminating all spillage and at the same time releasing approximately ten times the amount of aromatic fumes as before CARB got involved in the man-machine relationship.
Thus having proven the wisdom of bureaucrat-designed gas cans, the Federal government then decided that they should adopt CARB's brilliant dictates and apply them across this fruited plain. And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth by Joe Sixpack, followed by many YouTube videos of how to defeat the CARB/EPA dictated-designs with drills, duct tape, a six pack, and a poorly focused video camera. Meanwhile, enterprising individuals were selling pre-ban gas cans on eBay for $80 as a new wave of all-American handymen struggled in vain with latches, clasps, and leaking connectors, finally turning in frustration to their children for solutions (just like they did when they needed to get the child-proof cap off the aspirin bottle last time).
Don't believe me yet? See this video:
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piggy bank wearing graduation cap and with money sticking out of slot
John Kline is a patriot. He is a decorated war veteran who was trusted to carry the nuclear football for President Reagan. As a Republican, the congressman for Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District uses his position of Chair of the House Committee on Education and Workforce to block any and all reform of the For Profit College Industry.

Boston Globe report on For Profit Colleges

Meanwhile , the For Profit College Industry, is able to operate without impunity, thanks to Rep. John Kline. The system he helps perpetuates encourages prospective students to enroll in a school while paying for their education using government loans and grants.

City Pages: Kline is a Higher Ed Whore

Tuition can run up to four times the cost of conventional schools, often for substandard programs. Drop-out rates are into the stratosphere, with more than half of all students defaulting on their loans.

Recruiters have repeatedly been caught deceiving students to keep the turnstiles moving. It's a business especially known for preying on poor, guileless kids and soldiers with military benefits.

To top it off: Taxpayers are footing the bill. More than 80 percent of the industry's revenues come from student loans and grants.

This shouldn't surprise anyone, says Bill Allison of the Sunlight Foundation, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit dedicated to transparency in government.

"The business model is very much geared toward the federal student loan as basically the main lifeblood of their operations. Next to defense, I can't think of another industry besides for-profit colleges that's almost entirely dependent on federal policy and federal tax dollars." The problems have been public knowledge for years.

In 2010, a U.S. Senate committee on education delivered a damning report on for-profit colleges. There were few kind words. In page after page, the schools were depicted as exploitive and predatory, wrapped in the vestments of an altruistic mission.

2010 US Senate Report on For Profit Colleges

The City Pages report goes on to detail John Kline blocking legislation to scuttle simple reforms like forcing schools to divulge graduation rates. Other bills Kline blocked would have forced the Non Profit Industry to admit 10% of students who did not pay with student loans to show some students thought the education valuable enough to pay with own money.

Also - Rep. John Kline negotiated with the White House to keep student loan interest rates inflated.

More poor choices by Kline:

In early 2011, the Department of Education sought new "gainful employment" rules. Among the proposed regulations: At least 35 percent of a school's former students had to be paying on their student debt. If not, their federal education funds would be pulled.

It was a timid move by any definition. A school could have a default rate of 65 percent and still keep its federal cash. But at least the purest diploma mills would be yanked from the public teat.

Kline thought otherwise. In what would become a fortified line of defense, he moved to protect the industry's worst offenders, introducing an amendment to tear funding from the Department of Education so it couldn't enforce the rules.

Mere days after the victory, Kline's for-profit fans showed their appreciation with a fundraiser. Those attending the soiree at the Capitol Hill Club — hosted by the Association for Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU), the industry's lobbying arm — were required to drop $2,500 to "sponsor" the evening, though a $1,000 donation could get you in on the cheap.

Per the City Pages
Representative John Kline has taken $900,000 from the For Profit Education lobby in this election cycle- More than the total fundraising by his Democratic opponent Mike Obermueller.

The University of Phoenix has received over 1 billion dollars since 2009 from the 2009 GI Bill which gave expanded education opportunities to veterans. However, Phoenix's overall graduation rate is less than 15%.

Kline has argued for years against earmarks. How about millions of taxpayer dollars being sucked out of student's pockets and into the hands of For Profit College heads?

We need to FLIPKLINE

Please consider contributing to Kline's opponent Mike Obermueller today!


A Koch Brothers group is trying to get Thom Tillis elected to US Senate in North Carolina by steering younger voters to the 3rd Party Libertarian "Weed" Candidate.
The strategy is meant to siphon young votes away from Tillis's opponent- Democratic Incumbent Kay Hagan.

From the National Journal:

A Republican group connected to the billionaire Koch brothers is making a last-ditch effort to push the GOP Senate candidate in North Carolina across the finish line by urging young voters to get behind the marijuana-supporting libertarian in the race.

The American Future Fund, which is running the online ad campaign, touts third-party contender Sean Haugh as the only one in the Senate contest who supports legalizing marijuana and opposes war.

Thom Tillis and his allies know they are way behind in polling for the youngest demographic. That is why they have made it more difficult for young people to vote by trying to remove polling places set up on college campuses, and by removing same day registration, something many college students traditionally take advantage of.

The voter suppression has not worked well enough yet, so Thom Tillis and his allies have a new tact... Envision all young people as pot smokers and steer them towards a third party candidate for potheads.


Little Eric Dean's time on earth was spent in hell. His Stepmother is in prison for the rest of her life for her abuse that killed little Eric Dean.  This is a horrible situation. This was a failure of government, especially at the county level to protect this child. Some say there is blame to go around at the state level for a new law that dealt with how multiple abuse claims were handled.

With a Democratic Majority and Governor Mark Dayton facing reelection, this sounded like the perfect tragedy for the Minnesota GOP and Republican Governor Candidate Jeff Johnson to capitalize on.

Family of Eric Dean calls on GOP to take down TV ad

In an emotional phone interview this evening, Yvonne Dean, the mother of Eric's father David, said Governor Mark Dayton was not to blame for Eric's death and was highly critical of the advertisement, calling it "unfair." Dean said the "system failed Eric at the county could that be Governor Dayton's fault?"  
Dean, who self-identified herself as Republican, said "I just can't believe somebody would use [Eric's death] for political gain," adding "I am awestruck that they have done something like this." Dean said "to use our family's tragedy, is crossing the line."
A picture of Eric is featured in the ad, but Dean said the family was not consulted or notified by anyone from the Republican Party of Minnesota that his image would be used. Dean said she "would not have allowed" Eric's image to appear in the advertisement, adding "a political campaign is not the proper place at all for those images to be used."

The Chairman of the Minnesota GOP is Keith Downey, a former GOP legislator.
He must be competing for GOP'r of the year with his Deputy, Chris Fields, who used the Robin William's death to try to get people to vote for his candidate in the GOP primary.

My cat's nickname is Nanu Nanu. The world is lucky Robin Williams was able to share his genius with so many.

— Ellen C. Anderson (@ellencanderson) August 11, 2014

Deputy GOP Chair Chris Fields responded
@ellencanderson how very 80's. Want an economy like we had in 80's under Reagan...Vote @Jeff4Gov tomorrow in the primary.

— chris fields (@ChrisFieldsMN) August 11, 2014

Chris Fields then went off on a 2 hour twitter rant defending his tweet. He apologized 2 days later and deleted his tweets after the story went national.
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Wed Oct 22, 2014 at 04:16 PM PDT

UNC admits widespread academic fraud

by Intheknow

From the Washington Post
An eight-month probe has estimated that the “shadow curriculum” that existed at the University of North Carolina from 1993 to 2011 offered a grade-point boost from phony coursework to more than 3,100 students, including a disproportionately high percentage of student-athletes.

The report, released Wednesday after an investigation led by attorney and former Department of Justice official Kenneth Wainstein, also provided the deepest reading to date on the link between student-athlete counselors and the Department of African and Afro-American Studies. In particular, it details a slide presentation to the North Carolina football staff in November 2009 that warned coaches that the “shadow curriculum” would desist because of the retirement of its designer.

One slide from the presentation noted that counselors from the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes (ASPSA) read: “We put (athletes) in classes that met degree requirements in which:

— They didn’t go to class

The scandal involves athletes being encouraged by school officials to take these fake classes. The University has tried to shield the basketball coach by stating Roy Williams did not know about these fake classes.

The NCAA is currently performing a separate investigation.

Questions for the future.

Will UNC have to forfeit games and seasons going back 20 years including the 2005 and 2009 National Basketball Championships?

Will "graduates" who took these specific classes have their degrees stripped, forcing the, to retake courses?

Will the athletic programs face huge sanctions including loss of scholarships, ban on  postseason play and even suspensions of seasons/death penalty?

I have observed denials by the UNC Cfficials while demonizing whistleblowers.

For reference- a previous cheating scandal at another university

A smaller but similar situation occurred in at the University of Minnesota involving the  1997 Final Four basketball team.

This at the time was called by the NCAA "One of the worst cheating scandals of the previous 20 years." Minnesota started punishing itself by reducing scholarships before the NCAA came down with sanctions and therefore avoided postseason bans.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - The University of Minnesota escaped the harshest sanctions possible for widespread academic fraud in its men's basketball program because of its vigorous response to the scandal, the NCAA said.

  Minnesota was slapped with four years probation and other penalties, but escaped the punishment it had feared most, a ban on postseason play.

Members of the NCAA's infractions committee said that even though the Minnesota scandal was among the most serious cases of academic fraud in 20 years, they were convinced the school was "deeply ashamed." "You have to determine whether you caught the attention of the university and whether it caught the attention of others," said committee chairman Jack Friedenthal, a law professor at George Washington University. "The University of Minnesota is and should be deeply ashamed of what happened.

I never saw anyone at the University of Minnesota blame a whistleblower.

UNC needs to face the harshest penalties by the NCAA.

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