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Hans Blix tsk tsks the U.S. again.

We're in the second week of a month-long conference to review the 1970 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, and already the very nomination of John Bolton as our UN ambassador is earning us scolding from other camps. Some of the he-said/she-said after the jump...

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Fri Apr 22, 2005 at 10:46 AM PDT

Destroy Civilization to Save the Planet?

by Irony

The latest post on Rigorous Intuition sparked in me the beginnings of paranoia (okay, the beginnings were already there) regarding a common fascination among the moneyed elite: population control. Now, even compassionate individuals have moments of, "we're wrecking the planet and it's industrialized society's fault" schadenfreude, but last time I looked around my dingy apartment living room at my motley collection of friends, we weren't in the position to do anything about industrialized society.

Some people are, and they're not all that quiet about it.

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Tue Apr 19, 2005 at 03:43 PM PDT

Ratzinger and Pedophilia in the Church

by Irony

Although discussion has raged since this afternoon regarding Benedict XVI and his past Nazi affiliations, I find his present to be slightly more worrisome. As Tim Boucher points out in this blog entry:

Ratzinger is also the author of a May 2001 letter to bishops stating that the "Crimine solicitationies" law (regarding strict secrecy in sex abuse cases) is still in effect.

The law to which Ratzinger's letter referred was issued by Pope John XXIII 40 years ago (a link to the PDF of the document can be found in Boucher's entry). The law itself is chilling, as it describes a mandatory condition of secrecy for both the perpetrators and victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests.

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Thu Apr 14, 2005 at 08:57 AM PDT

Fake Universities and 9/11 Terrorists

by Irony

When is a Professor not a Professor? When his PhD comes from a university that doesn't exist. Besides regretting being jealous that someone else can purchase a degree on the cheap while I toiled in the liberal arts for four (okay five) years, why should anyone care?

We should care when a fake university provides a diploma to a man who housed two of the 9/11 hijackers. We should care when respected media outlets like the LA Times report without questioning that the man is a Professor who housed the two hijackers as "students." We should care when that "Professor" makes repeated and false claims that he was never an FBI Informant, even though it's been proven he was.

Of course, somebody does care...

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