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Congressman Scott Murphy (D-NY-20) sent a letter to constituents today in which he tries to explains his November vote against the House Health Care bill.  Among his reasons--health care reforms will hurt big business, which in his part of the district means "medical device manufacturers and paper mills."  

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A lawyer working for the Columbia County Republican Party stopped the counting of absentee ballots from the Nov 2 Ancram town elections, challenging the remaining 85 ballots.   The challenges brought the counting of absentee votes on Monday to a halt, as Democrat Madeleine Israel had cut her Republican opponent’s lead to only 4 votes.  Israel was 17 votes behind on Election Day, but had received a majority of absentee votes when the vote was stopped.

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Last week, given new polls showing Kirsten Gillibrand pulling ahead of Republican incumbent John Sweeney, RCP Politics noted: "We have considerable more confidence in the Siena College survey that indicates Rep. Sweeney up 14 points than the RT Strategies/CD poll that shows Sweeney trailing by 13 points."  Never mind that sample  in the RT Strategies/CD poll was twice the size of the Seina.

Two new polls, however, confirm Gillibrand's lead, though by single, not double digits.  Time to move this upstate district out of the "Leans Republican" category.  What was it that RCP stood for, anyway?

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