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Sat Mar 29, 2014 at 10:05 PM PDT

Why, Stephen Colbert? Why?

by JD Rucker

I find Stephen Colbert as funny as they come on television and his no-holds-barred style is what has helped him to achieve his success, but I would be offended by his recent parody statement even if I wasn't an Asian American.

"I am willing to show the Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever."
It just doesn't make any sense. I recall times in my childhood when language was used in jest about me. As a rare minority in a Cross Lanes, West Virginia elementary school, it was annoying and painful when "ching chong" was used in reference to me. It doesn't matter that it was an attempt at parody. It crossed the line.

Big oil has faced major negative feedback over the years for their greed. They receive tremendous tax breaks despite being on the winning side of the profit fence while many Americans are faced with challenges putting food on the table.

Despite all of the bad PR, they continue to bank on one fact - we need them. Gas drives America in more ways than one and even though technology is advancing, some accuse big oil of stifling innovation for the sake of their bottom line. While some whimsically ask where our flying cars are, others ask why the investment hasn't been made into a stronger EV fueling infrastructure or why other the implementation of alternative fuels lags far behind the technology that would enable them.

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The fighting may continue all the way to the convention but the Republican Establishment has already installed their 6th consecutive dismal candidate. Who was the weakest of them all?


Who is the weakest GOP candidate of the last 20 years?

2%4 votes
39%78 votes
9%18 votes
6%12 votes
44%88 votes

| 200 votes | Vote | Results

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Forget the popular vote. It's meaningless (as Al Gore proved).

Forget the insane things Santorum says that turn off voters.

Forget the stupid things Romney says that turn off voters.

There are only a dozen or so states that are truly up for grabs. Pennsylvania is one of them.


Who is a bigger threat to Obama?

23%14 votes
76%46 votes

| 60 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue Feb 28, 2012 at 09:16 PM PST

Who Will Drop Out First?

by JD Rucker

Romney is in command of the board going into Super Tuesday. It's unlikely that any of the candidates will make a move before then, but once the results are in somebody is likely to fall off the map.


Who will be the next to leave the GOP race?

2%2 votes
8%6 votes
73%49 votes
14%10 votes

| 67 votes | Vote | Results

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When GOP voters start considering voting for President Obama instead of their anointed front-runner, they're facing a bigger challenge than they even know. The post below from a conservative blog is the exact sentiment the Democrats are banking on to prolong the agony of a long primary race.


Should Republicans give up on Romney?

28%17 votes
10%6 votes
61%36 votes

| 59 votes | Vote | Results

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...the Gettysburg Address, and the Declaration of Independence combined.

How is this functional? Call me naive, but can't we scrap the whole thing and start from scratch with something simpler?

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On November 18, 2008, bitter off his defeat to John McCain and McCain's defeat to Barack Obama, Mitt Romney wrote the article that could cost him this election.


Who will win Michigan?

9%25 votes
47%123 votes
4%12 votes
37%97 votes

| 257 votes | Vote | Results

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For the past few weeks, the Obama campaign has had their sights pointed squarely on Mitt Romney. In a shift, they just started throwing Rick Santorum into the mix (and under the bus) in their criticisms of GOP economic policy.

Do they really believe some of the national polls that show that Santorum has a chance at dethroning the Republican Establishment's choice for candidate?


Why is Obama's team going after Santorum?

2%1 votes
42%21 votes
42%21 votes
12%6 votes

| 49 votes | Vote | Results

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Every day we hear about this congressperson or that governor who made a silly mistake that made them look uninformed. The ignorance that has been filtering through Washington DC and at the state level has either grown in recent years or the spotlight on them has grown brighter, but either way it points to a problem with our elected officials.

Why are so many of them ignorant?

SOPA/PIPA was a good example of this ignorance as Washington tried to impose legislation that most experts felt was a huge security mistake (not to mention the whole Big Brother component) and that fight isn't over yet. If our politicians were better educated, would things be better?

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In politics, quotes are often taken out of context and put into a light that highlights a minor point within a larger commentary. It can be damaging to the candidate when they say something inappropriate and the context of the statement is hidden.

This is common.

What's not common is to attack a portion of a statement that was made to mean something completely different from the truth. That's exactly what Mitt Romney's campaign is doing in a desperate effort to halt Rick Santorum's momentum.

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It was a big night for Rick Santorum, but is it enough to make him a real contender? Admittedly, I didn't give him a chance after the recent drubbings by Mitt Romney, but is it possible for the conservatives to put a candidate up there that can go against the moderate voice of the Republican Establishment?

Probably not, but we'll see.


Who will be the Republican nominee?

71%53 votes
13%10 votes
8%6 votes
6%5 votes

| 74 votes | Vote | Results

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