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I think I got this Kos thing down.  I will no longer make comments.  Just diaries until my Xbox 360 is returned.

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Breaking News from Illinois where an Xbox 360 has sat in the state for a week without going to it's proper destination, McAllen, Texas.  

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Apparently I have a "few things to learn" here at the Daily Kos. So enlighten me if you will.  See if I got a few things straight.

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Fri Jan 11, 2008 at 01:04 AM PST

Ned Lamont's Thread

by Jacks Smirking Revenge

A sense of humor only goes so far when it's a jab at someone you just backed, a factual jab at that.  

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It is no stretch to say that the blogs as of late have consisted of which Democratic Candidate a person supports.  So lets get to meet the people behind the candidates shall we?


Which company will you vote for?

34%14 votes
12%5 votes
48%20 votes
0%0 votes
2%1 votes
2%1 votes

| 41 votes | Vote | Results

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Note: This is not a "poor me" blog, rather it is one of empowerment (i hope) for those who either identify somewhat with the story or have problems in life that led them to political action too.  It is also a crude attempt to explain why I believe the things I believe.

The Clinton Years

At the age of 13 my mom turned to me and said "I need help with your sisters."  My Dad had left us and because he could afford a great attorney, $10 a week was seen as "an attempt to pay" child support.  Left with nowhere to turn, my mother went down to social services to get the paperwork for welfare.

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