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Talk about wanting it both ways.  Because President Obama and the Dems haven't caved into their demands over the debt ceiling, and because they don't want the economy to tank while they're using it as a threat, the GOP is out in full force claiming now that a default wouldn't be a big deal at all.  

So if it's not a big deal - than why do they use it as their ultimate leverage?  Obviously they know it's terrible results, and knows that President Obama and the Dems know, so want to threaten Obama and Dems with it, but don't want to be seen threatening great hurt on the American and World economies by using it - so they tell their rubes that it's really not a big deal.  

They're literally wanting it both ways - and the MSM doesn't seem to all out such a glaring inconsistency.  

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Huffpo reports -

President Obama met Tuesday afternoon with a small group of conservative reporters, columnists and commentators for an off-the-record discussion.

The group, according to a source familiar with the meeting, included Wall Street Journal editorial page editor Paul Gigot, National Review Washington editor Robert Costa, Washington Examiner columnist Byron York, syndicated columnists Kathleen Parker and Washington Post columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer.

Obama and the journalists talked for about 90 minutes in the Roosevelt room.

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Discussing which poll-tested buzzwords to use at pressers and in interviews and how they think Dems/Obama "we won't negotiate" wasn't poll-tested by Dems and won't sell well and that as long as McConnell and GOP say "We want to defund Obamacare, but are willing to back off and negotiate not on other issues"  they think they'll win.  Interesting that Paul has to correct himself and mention that "we don't want this..."

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David Weigel has this over at Slate that Chris Christie gave a speech to the National Republican Committee, one in which he demanded be off-the-record.  Seems though somebody taped it and leaked it to Politico.  

Could this be Christie's "47% speech" moment?  

Here's what he was recorded saying -

"We have the endorsement of 24 building-trade unions,” he said. “We have an opportunity as a political party to drive a wedge in the union movement, and the laboratory where that’s happening right now is in my state.”
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We all know that he gave up the leverage of the Bush Tax Cuts, well the 16% of them, making permanent the rest (can we now call them the Obama tax cuts now?) while punting on the sequester trigger cuts for two months, the ol' kick the can down the road maneuver that congress loves.  And no deal was made on the debt ceiling either which should be up in early March as well - so Pres has sailed us into the perfect storm of GOP hostage taking.  

Or did he?  

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Conventional wisdom (or hope) has current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton likely to run - but what if she is really looking to retire like she has claimed many times?  

John Kerry is giving up his Senate seat that was his for life for what at most is a four year gig.  His senate seat schedule is up in 2014 and then not again until 2020 meaning if Scott Brown wins his seat (special and then 2014 GE) Kerry couldn't challenge for it until 2020 where Brown would be entrenched himself, and no way Kerry would primary challenge any Democrat should we hold his seat (Markey, Capuano) and isn't about to primary Warren in 2018.  

John Kerry will be 73 years old in 2016, old by today's standard, but not historically.  Really Pres Obama running at 47yo was the anomaly.  Romney is 65 years old, McCain was 72 for his run, Ronald Reagan was 70 years old a month after inauguration, Bill Clinton was 47 as well, Bob Dole won party nomination at 73, George HW Bush was 65yo.  Dems seem to nominate younger candidates - GOP doesn't seem to have issue with 65+ crowd.  

Kerry could be looking to retire in 2016, but had indicated in the past year that he would run for re-election of his seat in 2014, meaning he was looking to be in the Senate until 2020 at the very least. He never struck me as a guy looking to retire and relax, but more a Senate lifer.  


Should Kerry run again in 2016 for Presidency

64%364 votes
22%128 votes
13%75 votes

| 567 votes | Vote | Results

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Here's mine.  Leave yours in the comments.  

Secretary of State - John Kerry.  Rice has been hurt by Benghazi, fairly or not.  I think this role needs a bit more "star power" for lack of a better term.  This will open up his Senate seat though, but I figure Deval Patrick will name Barney Frank for the interim spot and run himself for the Senate spot.  (Clinton will leave in February)

Secretary of Defense - Chuck Hagel.  Michelle Fournoy is another with real potential however GOP and MIC will be out crying that Obama is making the country less safe with the DoD cutbacks AND the cavemen will already have trouble seeing a woman in the SecDef role to begin with - might be a fight Obama passes on having.  Hagel is a Scowcroft disciple as is Pres Obama, was a harsh critic of Bush in regards to Iraq and has been publicly critical of Israel in the past during their conflicts with Lebanon.  (Panetta will leave in the late Spring - just long enough for new SoS to be at full speed)

Secretary of the Treasury - Jack Lew.  No way Prez can go with a Wall Street Bankster here.  Lew is an old Washington hand that Prez trusts but who knows his stuff as well.  (Geithner will leave in February - almost left in late 2011 IIRC)

Attorney General - Janet Napolitano.  She wants the gig, and after working 18 hour days for the last four years she probably has earned the spot.  Deval Patrick is another possibility here.  

Interior - Salazar wants to move back home to take care of a special needs grandchild.  No names here, just hope it's not an big oil man former Sen/Gov from the Western states.  

Labor - Hilda Solis will stay on.  

HHS - Sebelius will stay on.  2014 is a HUGE year for Obamacare.  

Agriculture - Vilsack could stay on, but with Christie losing her house race he might be ready to leave Washington.  He was open to staying on when Christie would have been joining him in Washington.  

Commerce - I think this cabinet spot could be swallowed up elsewhere.

HUD - Donovan will stay on

Education - Unfortunately Duncan is here to stay and will be an 8 yr guy.  

Transportation - LaHood if he wants to stay.  Mayor Villagarosa otherwise.  

Energy - Chu is definitely out.  Dorgan would be a solid pick if he could be talked back.  

Veteran Affairs - Shinseki will stay on.

Homeland Security - Napolitano moved to AG, it will be Ray Kelly's spot if he wants it.  


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To start it off - Here is Politico's , bottom right -

Please vote in the poll and post LINKS to any others you come across.  If you live in swing states, check local papers and post links here.  

I can't seem to find any snap polls - maybe they've all moved to twitter or facebook or something.  

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Why else would they be releasing nothing but web ads to try and combat the Romney/Ryan frame that Pres Obama cut $700B from Medicare?  It boggles the mind.  

So either you think Axelrod, Plouffe and Co have lost their minds or something else is going on here.  

Are they out of money? Have they spent all their primary monies and have to wait until the Convention to get the locked away GE money?


Why is Obama Campaign only releasing Web Ads?

32%22 votes
10%7 votes
2%2 votes
13%9 votes
26%18 votes
14%10 votes

| 68 votes | Vote | Results

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The ad in question - Released yesterday, August 2nd -

In 24 hours the ad has been viewed 103, 438 times on Youtube, which means it's getting passed around a bit.  This is important.  

I know we detest self-anointed fact checkers in the media, but they're a good tool to use nonetheless when they find in our favor.  So with this ad getting aired and somewhat of a hit on the youtube channel it will be important to prove it's veracity to skeptics and right wingers looking to call it false.  Enter Washington Post's Glenn Kessler.  

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